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9 memory products that shift car apps into high gear

The smarter, connected cars will be evermore hungry for memory to support a wide range of applications, including those that require near-instant boot up. So here's a checklist of recent memory product introductions suitable for automotive use.

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Young people worry about losing their jobs to robots

An Infosys-commissioned survey found that many young people believe robots or smart systems will be able to do their jobs within a decade.

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Foxconn to expand facilities, products in India

At present, the contract manufacturer has facilities in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. It has also started building a new plant in Maharashtra with a $5-million investment.

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Next-gen tech to drive car sales in coming years

Globally, the sales volume of the automotive industry will increase from today's $3.5 billion to $6.7 billion by 2030, according to a forecast from McKinsey and the Stanford University.


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Novel approach to solar power yields energy 24/7

The proposed hydricity concept from Purdue University's researchers represents a potential breakthrough solution for continuous and efficient power generation.

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DFT boot camp, Part 4: Built-in self-test

LBIST can have many implementations, but most depend on generating pseudo-random patterns as stimulus for the logic.



Infographic - Drones

03/12/2015 by Mistral

Want to know more about Drones? Have a look at the Infographic by Mistral explaining what Drones are all about!

Understanding the concept of PoP (Package-on-Package) technology

01/12/2015 by Mistral

Over the past decade the embedded world has undergone tremendous change. With the advent of mobile phones, smart lifestyle gadget like wearables, health...

Infographic - Smart Home, Smart Engineering

25/11/2015 by Mistral

An Infographic from Mistral which explores the world of Smart Home Engineering.

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Use Power Supply WebDesigner for reliable wide-input flyback power switch designs

This Webinar addresses the high-voltage integrated flyback power switch in detail, discusses wide input voltage flyback converter design techniques and present ways to complete and optimize a design by using Fairchild's Power Supply WebDesigner tools.


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