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Bumpy journey for driverless cars

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Traveling in the future will no longer involve a driver. According to an expert, driverless cars will rule the highways as soon as carmakers perfect the technology that is safer than the human driver.

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Top Stories TodayTSMC, HiSilicon unveil 16nm FinFET chip

TSMC's 16nm FinFET process promises impressive speed and power improvements as well as leakage reduction. It has twice the gate density of TSMC's 28nm HPM process.

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Spotlight: Wearable Technology
Bring down prices of wearable devices
Prices of wearables need to get lower if manufacturers and technology companies want these devices to succeed in Asian countries like China and India, an analyst said.
University Lectures
Logic in computer science: Unification

Syntactic unification deals with finding substitutions to make two or more terms syntactically identical.

Blogs Discuss Jobs
Getting past the introversion barrier
28/05/2014 by eeLife

...Software engineering is often on the list of 'best careers' for introverts...

Implementing reverse battery protection
28/05/2014 by Break Points

In a recent column I tackled how one is unlikely to get the full capacity from a coin cell...

Initial peek at Arduino Zero
23/05/2014 by Clive Maxfield

I first dabbled with Arduino microcontroller development platforms last year in the form of the Rainbowduino...

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Top Tech WatchSolar dish intensifies sun rays, produces drinkable water

The solar dish converts up to 80 per cent of energy, generating between 12kW and 20kW of electricity, and produces up to 40L of drinkable water, with the use of a chip cooling system.

Application Notes
Upcoming Industry Events
Creating awareness about smart card and allied technologies available in India.
A showcase of the largest range of lighting products.
The summit will deliberate on the extensive use of advanced materials in energy, food, healthcare, medicine and nano fabrication.
The expo aims to address all the questions related to the science, technology and application of LEDs and solid-state lighting.


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