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Qualcomm scores design wins in Fire

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The chipmaker is the primary provider of many of the key ICs, and both Invensense and OmniVision are noted for their role in delivering Amazon's Dynamic Perspective display technology.

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Top Stories TodayGoogle, Facebook rivalry highlights data centre networking

Revenues for the carrier IP telephony market grew about 19 per cent in 1Q14 and are likely to increase in the coming year driven by the rise of Voice over LTE, according to Dell'Oro.

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Interoperability drives smart appliances growth
The continuous evolution of the Internet, driven by ever increasing volumes of online information, commerce and social networking, can potentially open more immediate opportunities for the widespread penetration of automated homes.
University Lectures
Logic in computer science: Unification

Syntactic unification deals with finding substitutions to make two or more terms syntactically identical.

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Getting past the introversion barrier
28/05/2014 by eeLife

...Software engineering is often on the list of 'best careers' for introverts...

Implementing reverse battery protection
28/05/2014 by Break Points

In a recent column I tackled how one is unlikely to get the full capacity from a coin cell...

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Top Tech WatchTopological insulator helps flip magnetisation in memory

Bismuth selenide topological insulators aid in having electrical currents exert a torque on an adjacent magnetic layer, which could lead to memory technologies that use the least possible energy.

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Upcoming Industry Events
Three specialised events catering to individual needs of India's manufacturing industry.
Leading fair for electronic components, systems and applications.
Creating awareness about smart card and allied technologies available in India.
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