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Made-in-India tablet ships to U.S.

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Innominds teamed up with silicon vendors, electronics manufacturing and service providers to deliver this "made-in–India" tablet in a cost-effective manner.

Today India Vital Stats
Top Stories TodaySupercomputer performance growth slows down

The latest ranking of the world's top 500 supercomputers reflects a trend to slight change and slackening growth in performance.

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Spotlight: Smart Grid Technology
Is it time for India's power grid to get smarter?
Our power system is among the five largest in the world, yet 25 per cent of the population still lives in the dark. So where did we go wrong?
University Lectures
Logic in computer science: Unification

Syntactic unification deals with finding substitutions to make two or more terms syntactically identical.

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CDOs replacing CIOs? Quite unlikely
14/11/2014 by eeLife

A provocative analyst prediction can really get people talking.

Semicon M&A, takeover & impacts!
09/11/2014 by asicwithankit

Mergers and acquisition are common in today��s global market.

Should we get information for free?
07/11/2014 by eeLife

Several days ago, when I was having problems with one of my antique analogue meters, someone suggested replacing the failed movement with a servo.

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Top Tech WatchDye-sensitised cells as alternative to Si PV cells

Rice University scientists developed a cathode from nanotubes that are bonded seamlessly to graphene, and replaces expensive and brittle platinum-based materials often used in earlier versions.

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Upcoming Industry Events
A showcase of the largest range of lighting products.
The summit will deliberate on the extensive use of advanced materials in energy, food, healthcare, medicine and nano fabrication.
The expo aims to address all the questions related to the science, technology and application of LEDs and solid-state lighting.


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