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Apple's supply chain best practices

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Although Apple has the best supply chain in the world, the company has highlighted how new technologies, such as Big Data and cloud-based supply chain analytics, can de-risk supply chains.

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Top Stories TodayIESA, TEEMA move toward India-Taiwan electronics cooperation

The organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote ESDM industry co-operation and investment promotion to benefit both Indian and Taiwan companies.

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University Lectures
Logic in computer science: Unification

Syntactic unification deals with finding substitutions to make two or more terms syntactically identical.

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Top Tech WatchFlaw in computer vision could jeopardise security

Cornell researchers found that computers, like humans, can be fooled by optical illusions, which raises security concerns and opens new avenues for research in computer vision.

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Upcoming Industry Events
The expo been planned to provide an upbeat, pioneering and value based platform for showcasing latest power back up solutions under one roof.
LED & Lighting Expo focuses on the lighting designing technological advancements of the LED industry.


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