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India to get free Internet access

1 2 3 4 5 introduced a mobile app that allows basic access to sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, and others dedicated to weather, job listings and health.

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Top Stories TodaySensors, machine vision boost industry acceptance of ADAS

The arrival of autonomous driving will be the single biggest driver for the uptake of ADAS, which will be a critical component of driverless car technology.

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Spotlight: Alternative Energy
Seeking light at the end of the tunnel
Analysts predict that profit from adoption of solar power in India will take about five years to arrive. Whether this is accurate or not, the progress of solar adoption in India over the years shows a vitality that is not going to slow down anytime soon.
University Lectures
Logic in computer science: Unification

Syntactic unification deals with finding substitutions to make two or more terms syntactically identical.

Blogs Discuss Jobs
Getting past the introversion barrier
28/05/2014 by eeLife

...Software engineering is often on the list of 'best careers' for introverts...

Implementing reverse battery protection
28/05/2014 by Break Points

In a recent column I tackled how one is unlikely to get the full capacity from a coin cell...

Initial peek at Arduino Zero
23/05/2014 by Clive Maxfield

I first dabbled with Arduino microcontroller development platforms last year in the form of the Rainbowduino...

Tech Watch TearDown Tech Papers
Top Tech WatchTunnelling microscope zooms in on magnetic structures

Atomic-scale imaging of magnetic structures could find use in probing materials in order to shed light on the relationship between magnetism and superconductivity.

Application Notes
Upcoming Industry Events
Three specialised events catering to individual needs of India's manufacturing industry.
Leading fair for electronic components, systems and applications.
Creating awareness about smart card and allied technologies available in India.
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