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What is Y capacitor?
A "Y" capacitor is used in line-bypass applications. Typically between the hot line and ground or neutral and ground in North American applications and between L-1 or L-2 and ground in European and other power-line applications. The definition for "Y" capacitor application is: "where damage to the capacitor may involve the danger of electrical shock." The "Y" classification is divided into four sub-classifications, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 as defined by EN132400.
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2008-12-26 Programmable analogue high current source, PSoC style
The configuration of PsoC switched capacitor blocks allows construction of a programmable current source.
2009-04-02 Programmable analogue high current source in PSoC
Learn how to build a programmable current source using a single switched capacitor block.
2013-03-26 Power tip: Flyback primary switch snubber design
In this article, we examine how to design a flyback primary switch snubber.
2004-11-01 Power management trends in 3G cellphones
Manufacturers are now adopting switching regulators over the simpler, but less efficient, linear low-dropout regulators in 3G cellphones.
2005-05-02 PolyPhase for step-up conversion
The benefits of PolyPhase operation are now available for high-power step-up conversion. Read more
2010-02-04 PHR-ST capacitors come in large case sizes
Vishay has enhanced its 101/102 PHR-ST capacitors to offer a high rated ripple current to 49.1 A at + 85 °C, and a long useful life of 10,000 h to 15,000 h at + 85 °C.
2003-05-28 Packaging Options
This application note describes the different packaging options available for the company's line of ceramic capacitors.
2003-04-16 Package efficiency: A boost to power MOSFETs
DirectFET technology has radically reduced package resistance and inductance, and facilitated a large reduction in the thermal resistance.
2002-05-09 Output ripple filter
This application note describes a general-purpose ripple filter circuit that can reduce voltage ripple on some dc/dc converters up to 27dB.
2007-06-16 Negative swing eliminates 'pop' from audio
One of the major advantages of negative-swing systems is they can dramatically reduce the occurrence of audio pops and clicks associated with routing of audio signals.
2009-08-04 MPU supervisor suits low-voltage monitoring
The MAX16055 hex-voltage microprocessor supervisor from Maxim boasts integrated reset timing.
2010-10-19 Motherboard standardises system protection features
GIGABYTE Technology Co. Ltd standardises the Xpress Recovery 2, DualBIOS and solid capacitor features on all its motherboards offering better system protection.
2008-07-11 More power with PhaseCap
Harald Vetter explains the unique features of PhaseCap capacitor making it suitable for power factor correction.
2013-05-20 MLCCs tout 100nF capacitance, 630V rated voltage
The CGA series devices from TDK are automotive-grade C0G mid-voltage multilayer ceramic chip capacitors that operate from -55°C to 125°C with temperature coefficient of 0 ±30ppm/°C max.
2010-10-28 MLCCs offer 0.15mm thickness
AVX Corp. extends its UT series of multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) family with low profile, fine copper termination (FCT) devices.
2010-12-29 MLCC arrays promise enhanced EMI performance
AVX Corp. debuts a line of multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) arrays that it claims shrink the circuit footprint, enhance EMI performance and improve overall manufacturing speed.
2008-07-17 MKV capacitors: Rugged types for rough conditions
This application note discusses the features and benefits of the MKV self-healing capacitor technology.
2010-02-18 Low-ESR tantalum capacitors target safety-critical apps
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. rolls out a series of TANTAMOUNT solid tantalum chip capacitors with a low ESR of 0.25Ω at + 25°C and 100kHz.
2012-06-29 Low ESR MLCCs provide from 0.5pF to 240pF
Syfer Technology releases a range of RoHS compliant Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (MLCC) with equivalent series resistance down to 0.1Ω at 1GHz.
2002-05-06 LND1 Series: Off-line compact universal linear regulator
This application note illustrates an off-line compact universal linear regulator, its circuit description, calculations for component values and alternative applications.
2012-02-21 LMZ10503 / LMZ10504 demo board quick start quide
Learn about the features and applications of LMZ10503/4 Simple Switcher power module.
2011-06-20 LM8850 evaluation board application note
The LM8850 evaluation board is a working demonstration of a step-up DC-DC converter that has been optimised for use with a super-capacitor.
2000-12-20 Link circuit design with dry MKK capacitors
This application note presents some design procedures on component selection and scaling of self-healing, gas-impregnated MKK DC capacitors to allow users to work out optimum circuit designs right from the project planning stage.
2009-09-23 Linear regulators drive low ESR capacitors
Diodes Inc. is offering a range of low drop out linear regulators (LDOs) designed to drive low ESR 1µF MLCC capacitors to improve control loop stability and transient response.
2011-06-15 Li-Ion battery IC controls supercapacitor charge
TI debuts the bq33100, a fully integrated Li-ion battery management IC that provides comprehensive features for managing supercapacitor charge control.
2006-06-27 LGA caps deliver 'extremely low' ESL
AVX Corp. a land-grid array capacitor that offers extremely low equivalent series inductance.
2008-10-28 Learn about camera phone flash units
Read this comparison of supercapacitor-based LED flash with xenon flash solutions.
2009-09-16 LDO delivers up to 100mA output current
Linear Technology Corp. is offering a high-voltage, low-noise, low-dropout voltage linear regulator that offers precision, programmable current limit and diagnostic capability.
2007-05-23 L-C protection devices suit 3G mobile phones
Semtech has developed EClamp239xP series of inductor-capacitor (L-C) protection devices for high-performance colour LCD interfaces in GSM and CDMA-based 3G handsets.
2006-05-23 Kemet's military-approved capacitors have 100% surge current testing
Kemet Corp. has announced the launch of its T409, T419 and T429 capacitors qualified to MIL-PRF-55365/4 and /11, Styles CWR09, CWR19 and CWR29.

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