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What is DRAM?
Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) is a type of random access memory that stores each bit of data in a separate capacitor within an IC. Since real capacitors leak charge, the information eventually fades unless the capacitor charge is refreshed periodically. Because of this refresh requirement, it is a dynamic memory as opposed to SRAM and other static memory. And unlike non-volatile firmware chips, both DRAM and SRAM lose their content when the power is turned off.
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2007-08-20 Xbox 360 to use TSMC 90nm embedded DRAM
TSMC has announced that Microsoft has selected the TSMC 90nm eDRAM process for its graphics-rich Xbox 360.
2006-11-01 Winbond releases 256Mb low power DRAM
Winbond has launched a range of low power DRAM memory components designed to meet the needs of mobile devices.
2009-01-21 Troubled DRAM maker sells fab gear to TSMC
ProMOS Technologies Inc. has sold Rs.88.86 crore (NT$580 million) worth of fab gear to TSMC.
2009-05-18 Trade group says Taiwan's DRAM plan still unclear
According to the U.S.-Taiwan Business Council, Taiwan's DRAM plan could do more harm than good.
2008-02-22 Toshiba touts fastest circuit tech for embedded DRAM
Toshiba touts the world's fastest circuit tech for embedded DRAM for System LSI.
2005-12-15 Toshiba fabricates 128Mb capacitor-less DRAM
Toshiba has fabricated a 128Mb capacitor-less DRAM on an SOI wafer and verified its operation.
2007-03-22 Toshiba and Hynix settle DRAM, NAND patent dispute
Hynix Semiconductor Inc. and Toshiba Corp. settled this week a longstanding patent dispute over DRAM and NAND technology with an agreement on semiconductor cross-licensing and product supply.
2008-05-28 Tessera settles with respondent in DRAM suit
Tessera Technologies has settled with the first respondent in its ITC action against several DRAM manufacturers.
2010-06-22 Taiwan vendor recovers in Q1 DRAM rankings
South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Hynix Semiconductor Inc. together owned more than 50 per cent of the fast-expanding DRAM market in Q1, according to the rankings from iSuppli Corp.
2005-11-09 Taiwan moves up in Q3 DRAM rankings
The overall DRAM rankings were relatively unchanged in the third quarter of 2005, although Taiwan's providers were the big winners in the period, according to Gartner Dataquest Inc
2009-03-13 Taiwan DRAM venture may fall apart
It's hard to believe that Taiwan's DRAM makers will cooperate with the memory venture or any other government plan.
2006-10-18 Taiwan DRAM makers outdo foreign counterparts
According to industry sources, DRAM manufacturers from Taiwan have reportedly been keeping up with their foreign counterparts in terms of output at their 12-inch fabs.
2009-01-23 Taiwan DRAM makers merge talks heat up
Talks to consolidate Taiwan's DRAM industry heat up with players meeting gov't officials in a bid to reach deals soon.
2006-12-20 Taiwan DRAM makers expect strong market in 2007
Taiwan's club of second-tier DRAM suppliers is betting big on a strong memory market in 2007, as evidenced by the flurry of announcements regarding billion-dollar investments.
2011-06-13 Tablets boost DRAM demand
IHS reports indicate that tablets will consume exponentially more DRAM in the years ahead, particularly if bookseller Amazon introduces its own tablet to rival iPad, as has been rumoured.
2010-06-11 STT-RAM to take on DRAM, flash
Spin transfer torque random access memory (STT-RAM) technology developer Grandis Inc. seeks to replace DRAM, and eventually, NAND, with its next-generation MRAM.
2008-06-27 Spansion rolls DRAM replacement for data centres
NOR-flash vendor Spansion Inc. has announced out a new class of memory targeting to replace DRAMs in the data centre.
2014-04-21 Smartphone peak season to drive mobile DRAM price
For 2Q14, smartphone shipments are seen to grow 5.2 per cent QoQ, while the quarterly shipment growth for Chinese brand handsets will exceed 10 per cent, said DRAMeXchange.
2006-05-12 Samsung, Hynix, Infineon settle DRAM price fixing suit
Samsung, Hynix and Infineon have agreed to pay fines totalling Rs.721.76 crore ($160 million) to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging DRAM price fixing.
2011-11-30 Samsung wins in weak DRAM market
Samsung, Micron outperforms the DRAM industry with increase in their market revenue in the difficult third quarter.
2014-01-02 Samsung unveils industry's first 8Gb LPDDR4 mobile DRAM
The 8Gb LPDDR4 mobile DRAM claims to provide the highest level of density, performance and energy efficiency aimed at mobile memory applications.
2010-05-19 Samsung tops DRAM for Q1
Gartner Inc.'s has revealed the list of winners and losers in the DRAM market for Q1 with Samsung at the helm followed by Micron, Powerchip, ProMOS in the winners list and Hynix, Elpida, Nanya and Winbond in the losers.
2013-05-03 Samsung starts producing 4Gb LPDDR3 DRAM
Samsung claims that its 20nm-class 4Gb mobile DRAM showcases their ability to deliver well-differentiated, high-performance, high-density memory to customers in a timely manner.
2012-09-19 Samsung starts producing 30nm LPDDR3 DRAM
The new 2GB LPDDR3 mobile memory can transfer data at up to 1600Mbit/s per pin, which is 50% faster than a LPDDR2 DRAM.
2012-05-21 Samsung starts mass production of 20nm DRAM chips
Korean giant Samsung has begun producing 4 GB low power DDR2 (LPDDR2) memory using its 20nm-class process node.
2007-03-05 Samsung starts mass production of 1Gbit DRAM at 60nm
Capitalizing on the increasing demand for large density DRAMs, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has started mass production of the industry's 'first' 1Gbit DDR2 DRAM using 60nm process technology. The 60nm 1Gbit DRAM-based modules from Samsung include 512MB, 1GB and 2GB densities supporting either 667Mbps or 800Mbps speeds with customer validation.
2007-02-08 Samsung settles litigation on DRAM price fixing
Samsung Electronics has agreed to pay Rs.407.88 crore ($90 million) to settle litigation brought by 41 U.S. states pertaining to the company's alleged participation in a global DRAM price-fixing conspiracy.
2007-01-03 Samsung reveals 'first' gigabit-density mobile DRAM
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed the industry's first 1Gb mobile dynamic random access memory (DRAM) for mobile products, using 80nm process technology.
2006-12-29 Samsung president pleads guilty in DRAM price fixing probe
The president of Samsung Semiconductor Inc. has agreed to plead guilty regarding an ongoing U.S. Justice Department investigation into DRAM price fixing in 2001 and 2002. Based on the report, the U.S. Justice Department maintains that Young Hwan Park participated in the conspiracy while he was a sales VP at Samsung.
2009-02-02 Samsung makes first 4-Gbit DDR3 DRAM
The first 4Gbit DDR3 DRAM chip operates at 1.35V and has a maximum data transmission speed of 1.6Gbps.
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