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What is an LED driver?
Regardless of type, size, or power, all LEDs work best when driven with a constant current source since LED colour changes with small variations in driving current. LEDs often support varying system voltages and forward voltages, which can cause variations in LED brightness and colour.
An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of your LED or array of LEDs. There are currently no industry standards (as of 2009), so understanding the electrical characteristics of your LED or array is critical in selecting or designing a driver circuit. Drivers should be current-regulated (deliver a consistent current over a range of load voltages). Drivers may also offer dimming by means of pulse width modulation (PWM) circuits. Drivers may have more than one channel for separate control of different LEDs or arrays.
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2013-11-19 Zhaga Consortium releases LED light engine specification
Luminaires built using interchangeable, Zhaga-based LED light sources enable manufacturers to switch from one supplier to another without changing the design of the luminaire
2006-06-02 Zetex unveils new mini LED driver
Zetex Semiconductors has introduced mini LED driver requires a single external resistor to set its output current, simplifying LED driving.
2007-03-27 WLED driver integrates Schottky diode on chip
Linear Tech's LT3591 white LED driver features an integrated Schottky diode on chip, eliminating both the added cost and space required by an external diode.
2007-04-04 WLED driver features internal Schottky diode
Micrel has launched the MIC3289, a 1.2MHz PWM WLED driver featuring internal Schottky diode and true single-wire digital interface for brightness control and enable function
2008-06-16 WLED driver brightens notebook LCD displays
TI announces a six-channel, 40-V WLED driver with a built-in boost regulator and 1.5-A FET
2008-09-16 White LED flash drivers brighten DSCs
Choosing the right LED flash driver can seem like a daunting task if certain types of questions are not addressed early in the design cycle. By examining some issues and concerns early, many future headaches can be prevented.
2007-04-24 White LED drivers powers two drivers simultaneously
Suitable for dual display phones, the SP6415 white LED driver can be configured to automatically turn off the sub-display when the phone is open.
2006-04-03 White LED drivers feature dual-gain architecture
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced three inductorless white LED drivers for display backlighting in cell phones, PDAs, portable gaming devices and MP3 media players
2007-06-21 White LED drivers feature 1µA shutdown current
Vishay Intertechnology's two new 1.25MHz current-mode boost converters feature 90 per cent efficiency, less than 1µA shutdown current and a small footprint.
2006-01-02 White LED driver outputs current pulse up to 350mA
ON Semiconductor's driver for high-brightness LEDs offers automatic operating modes of 1X, 1.5X and 2X to deliver up to 90 per cent efficiency
2006-03-08 White LED driver offers low-cost solution
Allegro MicroSystems has unveiled a high efficiency charge pump white LED driver that promises a simple, low-cost white LED driver solution for portable electronics display apps.
2006-03-09 White LED driver integrates Schottky diode
Linear Technology has announced the LT3491, a constant current white LED driver, which features an integrated Schottky diode on-chip.
2005-08-10 White LED driver includes programmable oscillator frequency
National Semiconductor has launched an inductive-boost series white LED driver that features programmable oscillator frequency.
2005-08-24 White LED driver delivers 500mA
Linear Technology rolled out a fractional charge pump, white LED driver that delivers up to 500mA of LED current.
2009-09-22 White LED driver circuits for offline applications using standard PWM controllers
This application note discusses techniques for powering LEDs directly from the AC mains, not only to develop the requisite voltage and current, but also to deliver power from the AC mains with near unity power factor while using off-the-shelf constant frequency PWM controllers.
2011-10-17 Waterproof LED drivers tout 90% efficiency
XP Power releases the DLG series of constant voltage and constant current LED drivers that are waterproof to a depth of one metre and tout up to 90 per cent power efficiency
2008-04-17 Utilising a White LED Driver to Cost-Effectively Drive Power Limited Xenon Flashes in Digital Cameras and Camera Phones
This article depicts the basics of the xenon concept and gives details on a typical low power/low cost flash application.
2008-07-28 Utilising a white led driver to cost-effectively drive power limited xenon flashes in digital cameras and camera phones
This article depicts the basics of the xenon concept and details a typical low power/low cost flash application.
2005-06-10 Using the TPS61042 white-light LED driver as a boost converter
Although designed to be a white-light LED driver, the TPS61042 can be configured as a discontinuous, hysteretically controlled boost converter with a 500-mA peak switch current.
2004-12-02 Using the ATAR510 microcontroller as an LCD/LED driver
This app note describes the attachment of an LCD and LED to the ATAR510 microcontroller
2013-06-26 Using SSL21101T flexible focus flyback LED driver
Find out how to design a mains LED driver using the NXP SSL21101T LED Driver IC in flyback mode.
2009-01-16 Using LTC3220/LTC3220-1 ULED driver
Learn how to program and use the features of the LTC3220/LTC3220-1 universal LED driver.
2009-01-27 Using LTC3219 ULED driver
LTC3219 is a 250mA LED driver which illuminates 9 Universal LEDs (ULEDs).
2012-02-02 Using LM3492 LED driver for AR111 app
Read about the LM3492 demonstration board designed for converting nominal 12VAC from electronic transformer output to drive seven series connected LEDs at 360-mA average current.
2012-01-30 Using LM3448 isolated flyback LED driver
Read about a demonstration board that highlights the performance of a LM3448 based flyback LED driver solution.
2007-04-20 Using current source drivers to boost series-connected LED output
This article examines the design of a constant-current LED driver that can be used for driving a string of series-connected LEDs.
2009-05-06 Use SSL2101 dimmable mains LED driver
Know how to design a mains dimmable LED driver using the NXP SSL2101 LED driver IC in flyback mode.
2009-05-04 Use photo flash LED driver
SSL3250A is an asynchronous boost photo flash dual LED driver for mobile applications.
2009-01-02 Use LED drivers to communicate with MCU
Know some assembly language techniques for MAX6951/MAX6950 LED drivers using the MAXQ2000's SPI peripheral
2008-02-01 Use inductive converter LED drivers
Mid-size LCD panel applications and devices with LCD backlighting require LED drivers to deliver a regulated current to the LEDs across all operating conditions to achieve maximum efficiency and display quality
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