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What is MCU?
A MicroController Unit, also refered to as µC or simply microcontroller, is a single chip that contains a processor, RAM, ROM, clock and I/O control unit.
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2005-11-22 ZiLOG's new Crimzon MCU offers on-chip "learning" capability
ZiLOG's ZLP12840 Crimzon MCU family offers an 'on-chip' ability to learn codes from other infrared remote controls via a learning circuit.
2008-05-13 Zilog works with ARM for 32bit MCU line
Zilog Inc. licenses ARM's processor to develop its new family of 32bit MCUs.
2007-12-18 Zilog touts its first 1.8V flash MCU
Zilog has released its first 1.8V low power, 8bit embedded flash MCU that provides customers a rich set of analogue and digital peripherals, multiple flash memory configurations up to 24Kbytes and a low BOM.
2007-12-27 Zilog tips 1.8V flash MCU with extended peripherals
Zilog has released its first 1.8V low power, 8bit embedded flash MCU with extended peripherals based on its eZ8 CPU core.
2006-07-13 ZigBee-compliant protocol stack developed for Freescale MCU
Mindteck has announced the successful development of BeeStack, to be used with Freescale's HCS08 microcontroller and MC1319X series of RF data modems.
2009-12-14 Wireless MCU extends battery life in Zigbee apps
Combining Atmel's IEEE802.15.4 2.4GHz transceiver with an AVR MCU on one chip saves space and cuts costs.
2012-05-30 Winners of TI MCU Design contest announced...
Maven Systems' team has won the first prize for their project titled 'Wireless Security Hub based on TI's MSP430 microcontroller'.
2006-10-27 Winbond launches 8bit MCU, 32bit SoC at eMEX
Winbond has now launched its highly integrated W90P710 and W90N745 general purpose system-on-chip (SoC) in combination with a comprehensive development suite.
2008-01-28 Via unveils 64bit x86-based MCU
Via Technologies has introduced its latest x86-based microprocessor that claims to pave the way for new, low-power systems.
2010-03-16 Variety of sensors, 32bit MCU packed in single IMU sol'n
STMicroelectronics has launched the first members in its iNEMO family of multi-sensor Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) devices that combines variety of sensors and 32bit MCU. ST's STEVAL-MKI062V1 iNEMO module integrates six different sensors and a 32bit MCU and it is available as a 4.5cm x 5cm evaluation board with firmware library, PC GUI and software solutions.
2011-09-30 Utilise run length encoding in MPC5645S MCU
Learn about run length encoding, a method that enables data compression for information in which symbols are repeated constantly.
2011-08-31 Utilise eTPU2, eQADC for PWM control on MCU
Know how to use the "enhanced Timing Processor" (eTPU2) PWM driver from the eTPU2 general function set to demonstrate an open-loop LED dimmer control system.
2011-11-03 Using wait control bit of R8C/M12A MCU
Learn about the transition to wait mode and return from wait mode using the wait control bit of the R8C/M12A Group.
2009-01-13 Using SPI on MAXQ3180 MCU
Here's sample code for implementing serial perpheral interface in on MAXQ3180 MCU .
2011-09-06 Using S12GN32 MCU for light control, protection
Understand the control and protection capabilities S12GN32.
2011-09-12 Using oscillator stop detection in MCU
Here's a method for turning on an error warning LED when the main clock stops and an oscillator stop detection interrupt is generated.
2009-02-26 Using MCU's Flash utility
Know the application information for LPC2000 flash utility with the Keil MCB2100 and IAR LPC210x Kickstart evaluation boards.
2009-03-12 Using MCU's capacitive sensing module
Read about the CSM that allows the user to design a capacitive sensing system without an external oscillator circuit.
2011-12-13 Using high-end timer transfer unit on MCU
Learn about TMS570LS series microcontrollers and its programmable built-in self test (PBIST) architecture.
2013-05-24 User's guide for DS4830 optical MCU
Know some of the resources and features that the DS4830 provides for monitoring and controlling an optical system.
2009-03-16 Use MCU's external bus interface
The external bus interface can be used to interface to external memory or peripherals such as memory mapped displays.
2009-01-02 Use LED drivers to communicate with MCU
Know some assembly language techniques for MAX6951/MAX6950 LED drivers using the MAXQ2000's SPI peripheral.
2011-08-08 Use an MCU-based method to wake up a capacitive touch-sensing system
Learn how to design a system that rapidly wakes up from sleep or standby mode without diminishing its performance or using up a lot of power.
2007-09-01 Use an MCU's low-power modes in foreground/background systems
The proper use of an embedded MCU's low-power/sleep modes is critical to a design's success.
2007-09-01 Use an MCU's low-power modes in foreground/background systems
The proper use of an embedded MCU's low-power/sleep modes is critical to a design's success.
2007-10-04 Use an MCU's low-power modes in foreground/background
The proper use of an embedded MCU's low-power/sleep modes is critical to a design's success.
2006-08-04 Use an 8bit MCU to build yourself a PI controller
This article shows how, using specific libraries that enable an 8bit microcontroller to perform arithmetic operations with 16- and 32bit precision, you can implement a proportional-integral (PI) controller.
2011-08-16 Use a module in MCU to write touch sensing software
Learn how to develop a touch sensing design using the touch sensing input module in MCUs.
2010-05-10 USB-packed MCU targets low-power apps
Maxim Integrated Products unveils the MAXQ622, a USB transceiver integrated16bit RISC that delivers intelligent supply monitoring.
2006-01-12 USB-IF certifies Atmel Flash MCU's USB 2.0 interface
Atmel Corp. has announced that it has been granted certification by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for its AT91SAM7S64 ARM-based 32-bit Flash microcontroller.

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