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What is a MOSFET?
Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor, or simply MOSFET, is the most commonly used field effect transistor for both analog and digital circuits. It is composed of two channels: n-type or p-type semiconductor materials, accordingly referred to as NMOSFET and PMOSFET.
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2006-02-08 Zetex introduces MOSFET for pre-bias supply circuitry
Zetex has introduced a high-voltage MOSFET to handle the requirements of pre-bias supply circuitry. It is a 450V enhancement mode n-channel device used in simple linear regulators to supply pulse width modulator ICs at start-up, and is disabled once the converter is fully on.
2011-05-30 Z-FET SiC MOSFET ups energy efficiency
Cree Inc. unveils its latest 1200V Z-FET device which provides silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET energy conservation to 3-10kW solar, power supply and motor drive applications.
2013-09-09 Vishay expands MOSFET line
The -12V, -20V and -30V TrenchFET Gen III p-channel MOSFETs, available in a 2 x 2mm PowerPAK SC-70 package, are aimed at smartphones, tablets, mobile computing devices, HDDs and SSDs.
2009-12-16 Ultra-efficient power MOSFET saves space
STMicroelectronics claims that its ultra-efficient MDmesh V power MOSFET in the TO-247 size package will deliver the lowest on-state resistance for 650V MOSFETs.
2013-07-30 Toshiba expands high-current MOSFET line-up
Aimed at the switches of high-current charging circuits, including 2-cell batteries, the ultra-compact MOSFETs are geared for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
2009-05-13 Tiny MOSFET boasts low on-resistance
The Si7615DN offers an on-resistance of 3.9 mΩ at 10 V, 5.5 mΩ at 4.5 V, and 9.8 mΩ at 2.5 V.
2008-06-12 Three-phase MOSFET pre-driver targets automotive apps
Allegro introduces a new automotive grade three-phase MOSFET pre-driver targeted at automotive and industrial applications.
2001-07-03 Thermal Performance Of Power MOSFET Packages
This paper introduces the PowerPAK family of power MOSFET packages, which provide increased levels of performance for a given footprint and profile.
2003-06-27 System Simulation Using Power MOSFET Quasi-Dynamic Model
System Simulation Using Power MOSFET Quasi-Dynamic Model
2003-06-27 System Simulation Using Power MOSFET Quasi-Dynamic Model
This application note examines the Quasi-Dynamic model of power MOSFETs and its effects on device thermal response.
2013-03-15 Superjunction power MOSFET boasts higher efficiency
The MDmesh II Plus Low Qg family is highly resistant to the effects of large and sudden changes in applied voltage, which can damage transistors and cause spurious switching.
2006-02-01 ST tailors high-current power MOSFET for auto market
STMicroelectronics (ST) has announced a high-current power MOSFET, which is said to benefit from ST's proprietary STripFET technology to achieve very low on-resistance.
2005-10-21 ST offers the best of BJT and MOSFET in one single transistor
ST introduced a family of hybrid EBST designed for industrial three-phase auxiliary power supplies and Single-Ended Primary Inductance Converters (SEPIC) used as power factor pre-regulators in industrial lighting apps.
2015-02-06 ST intros 1.2kV silicon-carbide power MOSFET
The SCT20N120 permits switching frequencies up to three times higher than similar-rated silicon IGBTs allow, enabling designers to specify smaller external components and save size, weight and BOM.
2015-06-01 Space-saving IGBT/MOSFET driver targets high-voltage apps
Vishay's VOL3120 MOSFET driver is ideal for high-voltage applications. It operates with 15V to 32V power supply and a -4°C to 100°C temperature range.
2011-08-19 Single BISS/MOSFET solution measures 2x2x0.65mm
NXP unveils the PBSM5240PF, a single BISS/MOSFET power management solution measuring only 2mm x 2mm x 0.65mm and 25 per cent improved thermal performance.
2009-12-17 Self-protected MOSFET drivers target automotives
ON Semiconductor debuts the NCV840x family of low-side, self-protected MOSFETs suited for switching applications for automotive and industrial environments.
2010-06-10 Selecting the suitable MOSFET for your design
In an application such as a load switch in a server power supply, the switching aspects of a MOSFET matter little. Selecting a MOSFET requires the engineer to use their expertise in scrutinizing different specifications for individual applications.
2012-05-28 RF power MOSFET boasts 92% efficiency at 1kW
Microsemi's DRF1400 is a half-bridge topology RF power MOSFET that boasts efficiency greater than 92 per cent at 1kW.
2009-08-28 RF MOSFET delivers 300W power at 175MHz
Microsemi Corp. has beefed up its portfolio with a two chip push-pull matched pair transistor product.
2013-05-02 Quad-MOSFET sol'n aimed at active bridge apps
Fairchild Semiconductor’s FDMQ86530L claims to improve the conduction loss and efficiency of the conventional diode bridge providing a ten-fold improvement in power dissipation.
2010-02-25 PWM controller packs MOSFET control outputs
TI debuts the UCC28950, a phase-shifted full-bridge PWM controller with synchronous MOSFET control outputs and light load power management.
2013-09-20 Process integrates GeSn MOSFET on silicon
KULeuven, Imec and AIST developed a solid phase epitaxy process to incorporate germanium tin metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor devices on silicon.
2011-06-20 PQFN 2x2mm MOSFET provides high power density
International Rectifier reveals its HEXFET MOSFET silicon in a PQFN 2x2mm package offering ultra-compact, high density and efficient solution targeted at lower power applications.
2012-01-26 Power tip: Discretes as alternative to integrated MOSFET drivers (Part 2)
Here's a continuation of the discussion on simple FET gate drive circuits. It also looks into synchronous rectifier drives.
2011-12-20 Power tip: Discretes as alternative to integrated MOSFET drivers (Part 1)
Here's why the humble, inexpensive discrete transistor can be a cost- and performance-effective option, and better in some ways than a more-highly integrated component.
2006-12-06 Power MOSFET Tutorial (2)
This article is the second of a two-part tutorial discussing power MOSFETs and how to make the right selection for your application, explaining the pros and cons of a high-voltage N-channel MOSFET.
2006-12-05 Power MOSFET Tutorial (1)
This article is the first of a two-part tutorial discussing power MOSFETs and how to make the right selection for your application, explaining the pros and cons of a high-voltage N-channel MOSFET.
2011-01-21 Power MOSFET touts lowest on-resistance
Vishay Intertechnology debuts an 8V TrenchFET power MOSFET, the SiA427DJ in a thermally enhanced PowerPAK SC-70 package claiming the lowest p-channel device on-resistance.
2009-01-23 Power MOSFET touts backside insulation
The Si8422DB is optimised for power amplifier, battery, and load switching in portable devices.
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