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2005-08-08 Solve the complexity issues in network system design with a packet processing language model
SBC system providers are rising to the challenge of network system complexity by providing equipment with the necessary performance.
2006-12-19 Securing IP communications (4)
Here is look at the IP Security Protocol, what it is, how it works, the modes used to establish a secure communication channel between network nodes, and more.
2014-11-10 Electronic security: In transit
In this third instalment, we explain how to assess the chain that links the various parts of a network message path and how to ensure that data is secure.
2010-11-15 TI, Freescale battle over base station SoCs
Texas Instruments Inc. and Freescale Semiconductor are battling over base station SoCs for dominance in the emerging cellular base station market.
2014-10-17 The right automotive data transport: MOST vs Ethernet
As more functions are added to each vehicle, these domains must communicate with one another, and sometimes there needs to be coordination among multiple domains.
2006-12-12 Securing IP communications (3)
This paper presents public key encryption methods, including a discussion of RSA encryption and the Diffie-Hellman key exchange.
2013-06-19 MOST150, AVB as next-gen car infotainment networks
Read about the potential of MOST150 and AVB as the prevalent networking technologies for the coming years in automotive infotainment.
2009-09-09 Microchip Wireless (MiWi) media access controller—MiMAC
This application note defines the Microchip MAC layer, MiMAC, for communication protocols and transceivers supported by Microchip for short-range, low data rate and low-power wireless applications.
2004-05-04 Flash loader utility using ZTP
Flash loader utility using ZTP
2014-10-03 Car systems: MOST, Ethernet or both at once?
In cars where additional functions require domains to communicate with each other, designers are on the hunt for a network can best serve as communication backbone between systems.
2003-04-04 AVR308: Software LIN Slave
AVR308: Software LIN Slave
2012-01-02 A primer on power line communication
In this overview of power line communication, we discuss its segments, applications, and challenges.
2004-04-16 Wireless sensors streamline data
Wireless sensors streamline data
2013-12-17 Use fastpath software to boost home network router
Know how to use a fast path implementation of the Linux OS to boost performance of a Small Office/Home Office traffic router design.
2015-12-30 USB Type-C: Is it merely just hype?
What makes USB Type-C appealing enough to change the connectors that everyone has been using for a decade? And what are the implications for embedded designers?
2005-08-29 Solve the complexity crisis in network system design
SBC system providers are rising to the challenge by providing equipment with the necessary performance
2013-07-05 Role of MOST in future vehicle connectivity
Learn about the various aspects of the future network communication in cars.
2000-12-01 Infiniband requires design trade-offs
As the Internet explosion continued unabated over the last five years, the IT industry has struggled to keep up with the relentless demand for higher bandwidth, availability and decreased cost. PCI has been the workhorse of the computer I/O systems that link server Mips to terabytes of storage and GBps of Internet transmission bandwidth.
2013-04-05 Evolution of Ethernet in automotive realm
Learn about new network topologies as well as components, and look into the evolutionary path of Ethernet into automotive applications.
2005-09-23 Ensuring QoS in oversubscribed networks
In today's networks, not all packets created equal.
2013-05-09 Employing IP, Ethernet in automotives
Know the new challenges to automotive OEMs, suppliers and development tool producers as the Internet Protocol and Ethernet make their way into motor vehicles.
2016-04-06 Design methodologies for next-gen IoT sensors
In this article, we take a holistic view of the IoT sensor solution and discuss design methodologies that address the system and module requirements.
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