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2007-01-24 Microwave frequency counter/analysers cover up to 60GHz
Pendulum Instruments has announced the a family of microwave frequency counter/analysers with integrated power meters, covering up to 60GHz of frequency range. The CNT-90XL is a CW counter with burst measurement capabilities.
2014-05-22 Measurement Computing rolls USB counter/timer DAQ devices
The USB-CTR series features four or eight counter I/O, programmable resolution up to 64bits per counter and aggregate scan rate of 8MB/s.
2005-12-22 Japanese counter sue Patriot Scientific
Patriot has been named a defendant in five declaratory judgment lawsuits filed in the Federal District Court in Oakland, Calif., by a group of 20 Japanese electronics manufacturers.
2002-12-06 ispLSI 5384VE application: High speed binary counter
This application note discusses how to implement a high-speed binary counter using the ispLSI 5384VE CPLD.
2011-05-19 Intel revamps Atom road map to counter ARM
Intel Corp. decides to counter mounting competition from ARM-based chips by revamping its Atom road map to quicken Atom core design rollouts.
2010-10-20 Frequency counter series offers LXI compliance
Agilent Technologies Inc. unveils the Agilent 53200 series of RF and universal frequency counter/timer with LXI Class C compliance.
2009-12-22 Duo works on faster counter-failure tech for IP network
Docomo, Fujitsu have faster and more accurate tech to detect and locate silent failures that will significantly shorten time of recovery.
2003-09-19 DS1371/DS1374 32-bit Binary Counter Time Conversion
This application note describes how to convert the 32-bit time value of the DS1371/DS1374 into a date and time value that can be put in MM/DD/YYYY form.
2007-08-17 Consolidation to counter packaging houses hazards
Despite manufacturers adopting the fabless model and outsourcing assembly and test to lower-cost destinations, an increasingly consumer-centric industry is presenting new hazards for packaging houses.
2000-12-12 Battery-powered 5MHz frequency counter
This application note describes a battery-powered 5MHz frequency counter using the McMOS logic family for low-power operation.
2000-12-12 Battery-powered 5MHz frequency counter
Battery-powered 5MHz frequency counter
2000-12-12 An MSI 500MHz frequency counter using MECL and MTTL
This application note presents a design of an MSI 8-digit LED readout 500MHz counter using MECL III, MECL 10,000 and TTL. It also describes two prescalers using MECL, along with the designs for two-input amplifiers.
2000-12-12 An MSI 500MHz frequency counter using MECL and MTTL
An MSI 500MHz frequency counter using MECL and MTTL
2007-04-03 Acer hints counter claim in HP patent dispute
Reacting on the patent infringement case filed by Hewlett-Packard last week, Acer Inc. hinted that it may use its own patents to wage a counter claim.
2009-08-31 A beginner's guide to configuring counter/timer
This article aims to explain the concepts behind understanding and configuring a counter/timer using the same techniques you probably used in high school science classes.
2014-12-01 Utilising RTOS semaphores: Exotic semaphores
The third instalment of this series on semaphores tackles the more exotic ones: threshold, gate, and reader/writer. These are not commonly available, but they should be.
2014-11-21 Utilising RTOS semaphores: Event semaphores
This series will discuss the different kinds of semaphores and how they can be applied to solving embedded systems problems. This part discusses binary and multiple event semaphores.
2012-09-12 Using timer array unit sample code
Here's a demonstration of the timer array unit (TAU) in various application modes.
2008-10-07 Toshiba CEO rules out SanDisk bid
Toshiba is unlikely to make a counter-bid for SanDisk that would challenge Samsung's offer on the table.
2011-03-29 Silicon FETs, LEDs integrated for optoelectronic ICs
Toyohashi Tech researchers have successfully made a one-bit counter circuit optoelectronic IC with an optical output consisting of silicon FETs integrated with gallium phosphide nitride LEDs on a single chip.
2009-06-09 PMC module offers six independent channels
Tews Technologies has introduced the TPMC317, a conduction cooled single-width 32-bit PMC module.
2000-12-11 Odd number divide by counters with 50 percent outputs and synchronous clocks
This application note suggests some techniques of designing odd number counters with synchronous clocks and 50 percent outputs.
2007-06-13 Nokia adds to Qualcomm woes, sues again
Adding further to Qualcomm's legal entanglements after losing in its long-drawn-out war with archrival Broadcom Corp, Nokia has also filed patent counter suit against Qualcomm Inc. before the Eastern District of Texas Court.
2008-07-01 NEC boosts CPU peripheral line
NEC has introduced three ASSPs, including a USART, a programmable timer/counter and a PIU for standard apps.
2009-03-05 Learn about regeneration, Part 2: Motor as a generator
Read about the motor as generator, and other example formulas for calculating the required size of a motor.
2009-02-18 Learn about regeneration
Read about regeneration which is the recharging of battery that occurs during normal operations of motors.
2012-07-20 Identifying commercial power frequency
Know how to determine a 50Hz or 60Hz commercial power frequency using timer A event counter mode with MCU.
2011-09-26 How to migrate MC56F8013 PWM to MC568247 PWM
Learn how to set up the MC56F8247 PWM module when you have some experience with the MC56F801x/2x PWM module.
2001-04-04 High-speed 8-bit parallel-to-serial converter
This application note discusses how to implement a high-speed 8-bit parallel-to-serial data converter.
2002-02-25 Dynamic testing of microprocessor based products
This application note explains how Geotest's ROM emulation and dynamic I/O devices make a perfect match for testing the most demanding microprocessor-based applications.
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