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2015-02-23 Boost car electronics safety with ventilation techniques
Electronics in hybrid and electric vehicles in particular present new technological hurdles that can be solved only with the help of efficient pressure equalisation and ventilation components
2012-05-08 Boost automotive electronics documentation, troubleshooting
Read about software tools that may be used to improve the process of both documentation and troubleshooting in automotive electronics
2005-06-16 Bidirectional VF control of single and 3-Phase induction motors using the PIC16F72
This app note will discuss how to control the speed of a PSC motor in both directions using a PIC16F72 microcontroller and power electronics
2014-02-07 Benefits of film, aluminium electrolytic caps
Learn about the advantages of different film and aluminium electrolytic capacitors used for applications in power electronics and electrical engineering
2010-03-11 Barclays highlights opportunities in mobile data
Systems and IC companies have a handful of opportunities for growth in the mobile data sector
2007-01-03 Back-end memory testing might tighten in 2007
The back-end memory testing industry may become tighter in the second half of 2007, as memory packaging and testing companies struggle to keep pace with a changing and rapidly growing market, according to a report from DRAMeXchange
2013-05-24 Automotive electronics market to see massive growth
The massive growth of automotive electronics in the space of a decade reflects the field’s rising importance to the car industry at large, said IHS
2008-02-28 Automotive electronics market stays in drive
Databeans expects continued healthy growth for the automotive electronics market. The current forecast calls for annual growth of 9 percent on average, reaching a market value of Rs.6,38,773.35 crore ($173.7 billion) by 2013, from estimated sales of Rs.450,731.43 crore ($114.5 billion) in 2008
2013-03-13 ARM, Khronos lead low-energy parallelism conference in May
The LEAP conference will showcase advances in parallel computing technology on a range of platforms, including mobiles, tablets and all types of embedded consumer, medical and industrial devices
2007-09-11 Analysts review AMD's quad-core processor launch
While AMD is a year behind Intel in shipping a quad-core processor, the company remains in the game because companies switch server platforms over years, not months
2007-06-11 Analyst: Cellular market volume no indicator of success
Lots of projects and companies fail due to considering volume as the sole predictor of profit or success for suppliers of semiconductors, IP, software, sensors and tuners in the handheld multi-media devices market, according to John Peddie Research
2008-03-04 Analyst: Auto electronics to show 9% annual growth
The automotive electronics market is forecasted to grow at an annual rate of 9% by 2013 with growth in driver assistance, car safety systems, and entertainment to be particularly strong, according to Publications report
2005-09-08 Analyst predicts printable electronics boom
The market for printable electronics is forecast to generate revenues of over $7 billion in 2010, according to NanoMarkets LC, a firm of analysts
2010-08-17 Analysis: solar shine dims in 2011
Major swings in inventory levels for solar cells are resulting in ''perilous'' market conditions—a move that could drive ''unaware companies'' out of the market, according to iSuppli Corp
2010-09-15 AMD unleashes Zacate APU in North America
AMD unleashes public demonstrations of "Zacate", its AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) in North America which is a dual-core, 18W TDP processor that possesses discrete-level graphics capabilities on die
2008-03-18 AMD ships triple-core Phenom to OEM's
AMD has started shipment of triple-core Phenom desktop processors including the 2.1GHz 8450, priced at Rs.6,277.06 ($159) per device in 1,000-unit trays, the 2.3GHz 8650 at Rs.7,066.63 ($179) and the 2.4GHz 8750 at just over Rs.7,895.68 ($200
2005-09-28 AMD launches 3 dual-core chips
Advanced Micro Devices unveiled three models in the dual-core Opteron chip family, as the company tries to stay ahead of rival Intel Corp
2010-01-21 AMD jumps to second position in fabless IC ranking
IC Insights reports that even though many fabless IC companies struggles in 2009, AMD managed to jump to number two, courtesy of GlobalFoundries
2010-05-25 Alliance urges for stringent RoHS in consumer electronics
Sony Ericsson is the latest member of an alliance of public interest organisations and tech brands to persuade the European Parliament to ban the use of hazardous substances in consumer electronics
2007-01-02 AKE begins operation of semicon wafer fab
Asahi Kasei Electronics (AKE) has begun operating a new gallium arsenide semiconductor wafer fab. AKE produces and sells Hall Effect elements, Hall ICs and other magnetic sensors as a core business of the Asahi Kasei EMD Group
2014-10-20 5 manufacturing facilities to rise in India
Two foreign companies and two local ones are putting up manufacturing facilities in different regions across India, boosting the country's electronics industry and economy as a whole
2010-04-13 32bit MCU in 6mm x 6mm BGA packs 91 I/O pins
Toshiba Electronics Europe has added a miniature device to its range of ARM Cortex-M3 32bit microcontrollers. It works with voltages down to just 1.7V and is supplied in a 6mm x 6mm BGA package
2010-09-13 32bit dual-core MCUs boast high performance
Renesas Electronics Corp. rolls out the µPD70F3515 and µPD70F3515, two 32bit all-flash MCUs, with processing performance of 1,024DMIPS at a clock speed of 200MHz
2013-12-30 2013 in review: India, we have lift off
EE Times India looks back at the news highlights of 2013 that made the most impact in the electronics scene
2010-09-14 10 commandments of industrial wireless comms
In this article, Mike Fahrion of B&B Electronics discusses in detail his 10 commandments of industrial wireless communications
2014-12-18 Make in India' gets underway with semicon manufacturing
Make in India in high-tech semiconductor manufacturing is an important step to minimise India's current account deficits because of large quantity of imported electronics
2010-10-04 Software tops network engineer concerns
Software tops the list of concerns for network systems developers who want better tools for debugging multi-core processors and supporting virtual I/O
2011-04-26 Next-gen smartphones drive silicon integration
By 2014 nearly 70 per cent of all smartphones will use chips that integrate application and base band processors, up from 40 per cent in 2010, according to a Linley Group analyst
2009-05-15 Indian designers seek closer ties with Japan
Despite a slumping Asian electronics market, design services companies in India continue to target Japan
2006-12-08 CE apps to drive IC demand
Rambus Inc.'s top executive sais that consumer electronics (CE) now drives chip demand and it's proving to be the most demanding customer of all
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