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What is a power supply?
Sometimes known as power supply unit or PSU, this system supplies electrical or other types of energy to an output load or group of loads. It is also an electrical system that converts AC current from the wall outlet into the DC currents required by the computer circuitry.
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2007-03-09 Zilker Labs to showcase Digital-DC power products
Zilker Labs will exhibit the latest end-applications based on its patented Digital-DC technology at the 2007 IIC-China in Beijing and Shanghai.
2008-03-04 Zener diode micro-assemblies withstand high power faults
Tyco Electronics has added two devices to its line of PolyZen polymer enhanced precision Zener diode micro-assemblies that feature a higher hold current of 2.3A.
2006-01-06 XP Power unveils compact AC/DC switching PSU
XP Power's ECM100 single-output AC/DC switching power supply is the world's most compact unit of its type. This device features a 4.5-by-2.5-inch footprint and 1.2-inch height.
2006-06-09 XP Power unveils 'smallest' AC/DC switcher
XP Power has unveiled its 212W, single output AC/DC switcher, the EMA212 which is touted to be the smallest such product
2008-04-10 XP Power releases compact power suppliers
XP Power has released a series of compact 250W power supplies for a wide range of wireless, datacom and industrial applications
2009-10-13 XP Power increases Shanghai production capacity
The production area of the 40W to 1.5kW power supply fab near Shanghai is growing from 1,670sqm to 6,500sqm.
2002-04-19 Write your own generic SPICE Power Supplies controller models
This application note consists of writing your own generic model of the PWM controller and then adapting its intrinsic parameters to comply with the real one being used. Fixed frequency Current Control Mode and Voltage Control Mode models are covered here as well.
2011-01-07 Wireless power dev't kit awarded Qi certification
Texas Instruments Inc. boasts of been the first in the industry to get Qi certification for its bqTESLA wireless power development kit
2009-08-26 Will India have sufficient power
According to IEEE Fellow Saifur Rahman, the long-term alternative for India to meet its growing energy requirements would be to move beyond fossil fuels, with clear policy initiatives.
2008-08-28 Wide mains, 19V/8A power supply including power factor correction
On Semi's NCP1605 enables the downstream converter when the PFC stage is ready for operation.
2011-01-17 What could render analog power-supply obsolete
Learn why digital power-supply control has many strong advantages over traditional analog supply control.
2012-04-24 Web design tool targets power management ICs
Fujitsu's Easy DesignSim is an online design simulator offering comprehensive web-based design simulation and support for design engineers working with Fujitsu's line of power management ICs
2004-12-01 Voltage translation between logic standards with dual-supply bus-translating transceivers
This application report discusses the features of the Texas Instruments AVCA164245 and AVCB164245 dual-supply bus-translating transceivers
2010-06-14 VIPower: 108W power supply using VIPer100A-E
This application note covers the implementation and results for achieving 18V at 6A power supply that runs from both European and domestic mains.
2016-04-12 Vicor aims power converters at Indian telecoms, industrial markets
Vicor's saw its India business nearly double last year and responded by hiring application engineers in Delhi. Learn about the company's markets and technology in this interview with Andrew Gales, their VP for International Sales.
2000-12-06 Very wide input voltage range, off-line flyback switching power supply
This application note reviews one method of enabling a discontinuous-mode flyback converter to operate beyond its traditional range of input voltage of 3:1 to a range of more than 6.6:1 without affecting the reliability of its operation.
2009-02-16 Vary power supply frequency to minimise EMI
Here is a technique that may help you pass the EMI requirements, and possibly even simplify your filter design.
2010-03-30 Using the LTM2881 as an isolated 5V power supply
The LTM 2881 is an isolated RS485 transceiver that guards against large ground-to-ground differentials. An onboard DC/DC converter provides isolated 5V power to the output
2002-10-12 Using the isPAC30 in a DWDM Laser Power Control Loop
Using the isPAC30 in a DWDM Laser Power Control Loop
2010-12-06 Using RS485 transceiver as isolated power supply
Read about an isolated RS485 transceiver that guards against large ground-to-ground differentials.
2013-08-06 Using resonant power supply control IC with PFC
Find out how power supplies can be designed with the TEA1716 using the minimum of external components
2011-06-28 Using N5747A power supply with Medalist i3070 Series 5
Know how to develop and turn on a test program using the new Agilent N5747A high-power power supply on the Agilent Medalist i3070 Series 5 in-circuit test (ICT) system.
2008-12-19 Using F9XX's low power features
Know how to optimise application code to take advantage of the low power features on the 'F9xx
2003-05-11 Using Dynamic Voltage Positioning to Reduce the Number of Output Capacitors in Microprocessor Power Supplies
The relatively large steady-state window and the relatively
2004-12-16 Using cost-effective PWM controller for small power-offline apps
The article presents the development of a new PWM power-supply controller IC for universal input and low-power applications.
2002-05-09 Using BIAS supply as a standalone power supply
This application note describes the process of using BIAS supply as a standalone power supply.
2009-09-21 Using a multiple voltage supervisor for over and under voltage power supply shutdown and fault monitoring
Reliable system operation is often dependent on the quality of the power supplied. It is often necessary to add protection circuits to the design
2013-01-08 Use two-section filter for low-noise power supply
Discover what happens when a two-section filter is used for low-noise power supplies
2012-05-04 Use power line for communication despite noisy neighbours
Learn how to design applications that use the power line for communication, despite bad power supplies and the attenuation of modem signals due to transformers
2011-01-20 USB-to-CAN adapters cut need for independent power supply
EasySYNC rolls out two plug-and-play USB-to-CAN adapters that offer plug-and-play connection of CAN bus devices to a PC via USB.
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