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What is a digital radio receiver?
A digital radio receiver is a device that accepts and converts radio signal to a digital stream.
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2007-11-12 XM radio receiver makes waves
Delphi's latest XpressRC satellite radio receiver adds color and light to its lineup of XM radios but still builds around a fairly long-lived chip set with some modest tweaks to the platform.
2009-09-02 Toshiba chipsets approved for HD Radio
iBiquity Digital Corp. approved Toshiba radio chipsets for use in HD Radio automotive receivers
2006-12-20 ST, iBiquity partner on HD Radio receiver
STMicroelectronics (ST) has agreed to partner with HD Radio developer and licensor iBiquity Digital Corp. to develop a baseband receiver for HD Radio broadcasting. HD Radio technology offers enhanced sound quality, more programming choice and new wireless data services on existing FM and AM radio channels.
2012-07-23 ST unveils digital radio solution for cars
STMicroelectronics' digital radio chipset handles simultaneous reception and processing of AM/FM and multiple digital-radio broadcasts including DAB/DAB+/DMB-A and Digital Radio Mondiale
2007-01-25 Silicon Lab extends audio products with AM/FM receiver
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has extended its broadcast audio product portfolio to include the Si473x AM/FM receiver family
2009-10-22 Reference kit accelerates IF radio design
The sub-system reference design kit includes the reference design board, software, schematic, BOM and Gerber files.
2008-08-22 Receiver chip gains HD radio certification
SiPort said that its device has received ''HD Radio Ready'' certification from iBiquity Digital Corp
2008-06-25 GPS receiver for next-gen GPS systems
SiGe debuts the SE4150L GPS radio receiver for next-generation GPS systems.
2007-04-19 EtherWaves unveils FPGA-based receiver accelerator
EtherWaves claims its ClearSignal-Accel solution is the first digital broadcasting receiver accelerator based on a low-cost FPGA
2007-01-05 Digital radio receivers to grow to 2.5 crore units
The worldwide market for digital radio receivers was 50 lakh units in 2005 and will grow to 2.5 crore unit shipments in 2010, according to market research company In-Stat
2006-07-17 Digital radio receiver chipset suits automotive apps
STMicroelectronics (ST) has announced that the company is sampling a digital AM/FM radio receiver chipset for use in automotive applications.
2011-01-13 Digital radio receiver aimed at slave mode operation
Frontier Silicon debuts the Venice 9 digital radio receiver module which is specifically optimised for slave mode operation in home audio products.
2002-12-03 Demonstration receiver a practical application
This article presents a brief introduction to designing an amplitude shift key (ASK) encoded radio receiver using the KESRX01 super heterodyne receiver operating in the frequency range of 290 to 460MHz. in the transmitter.
2006-02-27 Chip integrates Bluetooth, FM radio
Broadcom Corp. has announced the BCM2048, a device that integrates a Bluetooth radio and baseband processor along with an FM stereo radio receiver into a single chip.
2012-03-27 Build a digital FM radio
Learn about a plug-and-play FM receiver that can be built using an FM receiver chip with a microcontroller or SoC
2010-03-12 Analogue radios go digital with mixed-signal receiver
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has released a mixed-signal AM/FM receiver the Si4830, which brings the benefits of digital performance and integration to mechanically-tuned analogue radios
2011-10-10 Addressing traditional radio design issues
Know the considerations to make when designing an analogue-tuned, digital-display radio
2009-03-17 Lowest power' HD Radio solution debuts
SiPort has introduced the SP1010 single-chip HD Radio receiver, claimed to be the lowest power HD Radio solution.
2006-12-22 Xilinx, AXIS release radio card platform for W-CDMA, WiMAX
Xilinx Inc. and AXIS Network Technology have announced the immediate availability of CDRSX, a CDRS development platform that increases PA efficiency and reduces capital and operating costs for W-CDMA and WiMAX base stations.
2014-12-03 Wideband IF receiver subsystem supports signals up to 160MHz
ADI's AD6676 uses highly-programmable continuous-time bandpass sigma delta ADC topology that combines highly-programmable analogue filtering functionality with high dynamic range conversion.
2007-02-16 Wi-Fi enables Internet radio
Claiming to have a handle on Wi-Fi-enabled Internet radio, Frontier Silicon and Cambridge Consultants both insist that Internet radio should be affordable and able to operate without a PC
2008-08-01 Vendors working on GPS receiver IC
The GPS receiver IC, or RF/IF front-end, is queued up to be a key player in the success of location-based services
2003-08-22 Using the CMX980A for Non-TETRA Radio Schemes
Using the CMX980A for Non-TETRA Radio Schemes
2008-02-11 Understand Radio Architectures
This article introduces radio architectures and examines the specifics of an AM detector receiver.
2010-05-25 Transmitter/receiver offers programmable parameters
Radiometrix offers the CXT/CXR transmitter/receiver module family which includes easy to use single-function controllers/actuators designed for tasks that just call for a simple on/off control function
2013-02-26 Transceiver, IP boost 2G/3G/4G radio access systems
Xilinx Inc. and TEKTELIC have teamed to allow streamlined development of 2G, 3G and 4G radio access systems with high performance analogue wideband transceiver and advanced radio IP
2009-09-28 Transceiver radio handles 300MHz to 510MHz
RF Monolithics Inc. has beefed up its low-power short-range radio RFIC line with the addition of the new 300MHz to 510MHz TRC105 transceiver radio
2006-09-05 ST, Kenwood, Faunhofer IIS present DRM receiver prototype
STMicroelectronics, in cooperation with Kenwood and the Fraunhofer IIS, has presented a fully working prototype of a DRM receiver
2008-01-28 ST introduces Bluetooth/FM radio combo
ST has introduced its 4th-gen Bluetooth/FM Radio combo solution, which meets the demanding integration and cost requirements of the cellphone market
2011-03-17 Software tests DMR, NXDN digital radio standards
Aeroflex Inc. presents software version 3.8.0 for the 3500A hand-held Radio Test Set that extends test capabilities to the latest land mobile digital radio standards such as DMR and NXDN
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