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What is digital signal processing/processor (DSP)?
1. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is the study of signals in a digital representation and the processing methods of these signals. 2. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is a specialised microprocessor designed specifically for digital signal processing. These processors efficiently and rapidly perform calculations on digitised signals that were originally analogue. DSPs are programmable, allowing parameters to be easily changed.
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2005-10-31 Wideband tuner targets high-end military RF signal processing
M/A-COM announced the new TU-3840 wideband ELINT tuner, which is designed for use in high-end signal processing military applications and is based on the company's SEI-certified, SMR-3822 RF Microwave Sweeping Receiver technology.
2011-04-25 VPX FPGA boards accelerate algorithm processing
Acromag's VPX Virtex-5 FPGA boards combine advanced signal processing capabilities with high speed data transfer for real-time computing applications.
2008-07-09 Using microcontrollers in digital signal processing applications
This application note discusses how to implement DSP algorithms in less space while having plenty of CPU bandwidth.
2003-03-11 Trigonometric Functions on the DSP16000 Core Digital Signal Processor
This application note describes how to program trigonometric functions on the DSP 16000 Core Digital Signal Processor
2007-12-14 Toumaz secures patent for advanced mixed signal tech
Toumaz has announced that it has secured a patent in Australia for its AMx (Advanced Mixed Signal)technology—the technology behind Toumaz's Sensium platform
2006-08-30 Toshiba HD DVD features ADI signal processing chips
Analog Devices announced that Toshiba has chosen several of ADI's signal processing solutions to power the video and audio signal chains in the industry's first hard disc recorder with high-definition DVD.
2011-02-23 Timer A operation using two-phase pulse signal, free-running count function and quadrupled processing
Read about timer A operation using two-phase pulse signal processing, free-running count function, quadrupled processing, and Z-phase input in event counter mode with the R32C/100 Series.
2001-04-12 The role of distributed arithmetic in FPGA-based signal processing
This application note derives the distributed arithmetic (DA) algorithm in embedding DSP functions in FPGA devices, and provides examples that illustrate its effectiveness in producing gate-efficient designs.
2012-06-28 ST samples ARM Cortex MCUs for digital signal control
STMicro delivers its STM32 F3 series of DSC microcontrollers featuring versatile analogue circuitry and the ARM Cortex-M4 with FPU to provide low to medium memory sizes at competitive cost.
2010-01-04 Single-chip signal processors improve image acquisition
ADI's two newest single-chip image signal processors enable high-resolution, high-speed sampling of signals from advanced image sensors
2011-03-07 Signal processor supports wearable biomedical system
imec, Holst Centre and NXP co-develop the CoolBio biomedical signal processor that consumes only 13pJ/cycle when running a complex ECG algorithm at 1MHz and 0.4V operating voltage
2004-11-24 Signal processing with the MAXQ multiply-accumulate unit (MAC)
Signal processing with the MAXQ multiply-accumulate unit (MAC)
2009-05-19 Signal processing with ST10 MCU
Know how to use and program the ST10 DSP co-processor for common signal processing algorithms.
2011-12-08 Signal conditioners allow multiple photodiodes
Vishay's VSOP383.. and VSOP584.. signal conditioning ICs have the ability to process continuous data transmission for IR remote control signals from discrete photodiodes
2007-11-28 Sensor signal conditioning IC suits MCU-based portable apps
ZMD AG has announced a new addition to its family of resistive bridge signal conditioner ICs that combines high accuracy amplification with analogue-to-digital conversion of a differential input
2012-02-17 SDK eases PHY signal processing implementation
The CEVA-XC323 SDK facilitates the software implementation of PHY signal processing for various communication standards including LTE, LTE-Advanced, HSPA+, HSPA, TD-SCDMA, Wi-Fi, and GPS.
2011-03-11 RF signal analysers designed to test 802.11ac, WiMax
ZTEC's ZT844x Series RF signal analysers offer wider instantaneous bandwidth and higher dynamic range for testing of emerging 802.11ac and WiMax standards
2009-04-16 Receivers enable CW Doppler processing
ADI has started sampling the third generation of its octal (eight-channel) ultrasound receivers.
2012-12-06 Proximity sensor touts IR, ADC, signal processing
Vishay Intertechnology's VCNL3020 integrated proximity sensor supports an easy-to-use I²C bus communication interface, interrupt function and an integrated external emitter driver.
2007-07-01 Processing multi-channel audio signals
A combination of DSPs and class-D technology greatly reduces system cost and is therefore widely accepted in mid- and low-end audio systems.
2006-08-04 Processing data, audio for HD radio
Success in the HD radio market will come from choosing the correct platform that can handle HD radio signal processing and one that is flexible enough to take advantage of audio and data features.
2011-11-11 Processing card targets network processing apps
Nallatech unveils PCIe-287N, a network processing card claimed as the first ready-made solution to deliver Xilinx 7-Series performance for network processing and algorithm-acceleration applications
2008-08-29 Oscilloscopes solve signal integrity issues
Tektronix has announced that IZT has selected its products for testing advanced telecommunications systems.
2011-06-02 Oscilloscopes performance guide using 89600 vector signal analyser software
Know the characteristics, setup and operation of vector signal analysis using an Infiniium Series oscilloscope and the 89600 vector signal analyser software
2006-09-07 Optimising open-source signal processing software
This article shows how to successfully port open-source algorithms to an embedded processor.
2014-02-18 Op amps from ROHM aimed at sensor signal amplification
The BD5291G and BD5291FVE use the company's analog technology, enabling input/output full-swing operation at only 1.7V (vs. 1.8V with comparable devices).
2014-04-23 Neuromorphic systems rival analogue processing
Brain-like neuromorphic systems that consume as little as 50W can overcome computational hurdles, according to Georgia Tech researchers who developed a roadmap for the development of such systems.
2005-11-09 NEC teams with hard-disk signal processing expert
NEC Electronics Corp. and Link A Media Devices Corp. have formed a strategic partnership to develop SoCs for next-generation perpendicular recording hard-disk drives. The first product will hit the market next summer
2008-10-03 Multimedia signal processing with programmable logic
Programmable logic in the form of FPGAs is a highly scalable and reconfigurable technology that can be applied to multimedia signal processing.
2006-02-16 Multimedia IC performs image signal processing
Zoran Corp. has announced its family of Approach mobile multimedia processors, which incorporates digital camera ISP capabilities along with other multimedia features for the cell phone market.
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