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What is a switch?
A switch is a device for changing the course or flow of a circuit. The switch is referred to as a "gate" when abstracted to mathematical form.
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2006-12-29 Zetex launches IF switch for LNBs design
Zetex Semiconductors has launched a 4:2 IF switch which is the first to feature integrated gain and control functions
2006-06-01 Zarlink unveils high-capacity aggregation switch device
Zarlink expanded has expanded its DirectConnect family of embedded Ethernet switches by introducing the ZL33020 Embedded Ethernet Switch.
2005-08-18 Y-shaped carbon nanotubes can switch
Researchers at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) and Clemson University have discovered that specially synthesized carbon nanotube structures exhibit electronic properties that are improved over conventional transistors used in computers, according to UCSD.
2007-11-26 WTC sees RF MEMS switch market explode
According to Wicht,RF MEMS switch market will explode over the next years and most devices will be used in test equipment for the IC industry, followed by mobile phones and telecom infrastructure.
2007-03-23 Video switch turns off unused outputs
Fairchild's 8-input, 6-output video switch accommodates standard-definition (SD), enhanced-definition (ED) and 1080i/1080p high-definition (HD) video signals.
2005-11-23 Video switch saves space
Fairchild Semiconductor's new video switch matrix integrates analog switch capability, input clamps, bias circuitry and cable drivers into one device.
2006-04-13 Video switch matrix housed in rack-mountable form factor
Pickering Interfaces introduced the 60-710 video switch matrix designed to switch video signals in 75-ohm transmission lines.
2006-09-20 Video crosspoint switch provides black-level accuracy
Intersil Corp.'s 32x16 video crosspoint switch, the ISL59534 integrates a DC-restore clamp on each video input to eliminate black-level fluctuation, providing correctly balanced composite video with fewer external components.
2009-02-03 Verifying functionality of 34980A switch modules
Learn how to use Y1131A for performing verification and diagnostic tests on these modules.
2015-07-13 Using two-switch-quasi-resonant flyback converter
It depends on the specific application if the two-switch-quasi-resonant topology is a serious alternative to the standard flyback. Learn about the trade-offs when using it.
2004-12-06 Using the PSoC switch-mode pump in a step-down converter
This app note demonstrates how to use the PSoC internal switch-mode pump to build a step-down regulator.
2008-09-09 Using the LM5015 non-isolated two-switch DC-DC regulator evaluation board
The LM5015 non-isolated DC-DC regulator evaluation board provides a low cost and fully functional DC-DC regulator.
2010-12-03 Using proxomity switch with auto-calibration
Know the important factors for the usage of the PCF8883 sensor device, and the relationship between the product design and the electrical switching to be expected.
2000-11-29 Using Pericom's PI5C16292 bus switch for memory switching
2001-06-18 Using Chariot for switch and router performance testing
This application note describes scenarios for testing various features of routers and switches with real world traffic by using NetIQ's Chariot application software.
2009-09-24 Using an ST7ULTRALITE microcontroller to drive a TRIAC or an AC switch for a mains supply
This application note describes how to design a light dimmer or motor speed control device using an ST7ULTRALITE microcontroller as a driver for a TRIAC or AC switch on the mains supply.
2007-02-20 Using a power-distribution switch to drive LEDs
This article discusses the various technical aspects of using a power-distribution switch for a LED driving application.
2009-06-02 Use HT45R35 in touch switch fan apps
Read about HT45R35, a 12-touch MCU that can be used to replace the usual mechanical switch types.
2009-06-09 Use HT45R35 in touch switch extractor fan control apps
The application uses touch switches to replace the usual mechanical type of switches to control the extractor fan speed, timer function, illumination and LED indicator light function.
2011-05-16 Use actuation-powered wireless switch in remote controls
Learn about scavenging energy to power wireless systems.
2009-12-08 USB analogue switch includes set resistor bias
Maxim Integrated Products' new Hi-Speed USB analogue switch eliminates the need for multiple discrete components and minimises software overhead.
2009-10-15 USB accessory switch saves space in portable apps
Fairchild Semiconductor has released the smallest USB accessory switch with built-in charger detection that integrates all of the key multimedia functionality into a low-profile UMLP package.
2010-11-09 US patent for dual-switch forward power converter
A dual-switch forward power converter that uses a self-coupled driver and claims higher efficiency, lower part count and component cost has been granted a U.S. patent.
2009-11-03 UniFET—optimised switch for discontinuous current mode power factor correction
This application note discusses merits of planar technology power MOSFET in discontinuous current mode power factor correction application.
2008-12-19 Understand two-switch forward/flyback converters
Read about a solution that allows the input voltage range to approach the rating of MOSFET process capability.
2006-12-14 UMLP-packaged USB 2.0 switch suits audio, car apps
Fairchild Semiconductor has launched a USB 2.0 switch that maximises board real estate and downloading performance in compact and sophisticated electronics.
2010-06-07 Ultraminiature tactile switch endures 3 lakh cycles
C&K Components has expanded its KMT series of miniature tactile switches with the KMT0 that features a lifespan of more than 3 lakh electrical and mechanical cycles.
2008-01-19 Two-switch topology boosts forward, flyback designs
Adding a second switch to the high-side of a conventional single-switch forward or flyback converter design reduces electrical stresses on the MOSFETs, improves efficiency, and cuts EMI.
2010-05-07 Two-channel power switch simplifies design
STMicroelectronics debuts two-channel intelligent power switch that simplifies design, enhances reliability, and saves PCB space in industrial control applications.
2007-10-22 Tundra releases multi-standard RapidIO switch
Tundra has released a multi-standard serial RapidIO switch that lowers 3G baseband processing costs by directly connecting a switched cluster of RapidIO-enabled DSPs to low cost PCI-enabled MCUs.
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