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Alliance releases WAN for IoT protocol standard 2015-06-24
The LoRaWAN R1.0 protocol is open and the specification freely available for download, made available to encourage its adoption as a de facto standard in long-range, low-bandwidth IoT systems  
EDA 10nm, 5nm issues to be tackled in Semicon West 2015-06-24
Development work for the 10nm node has been done primarily using 193 immersion lithography, raising the question of whether designs will be backward compatible should EUVL become available  
Metal-organic framework compounds show promise for PV cells 2015-06-24
KIT researchers in Germany developed what they say is the first functioning elastic, organic solar cell composed of a single component that has been produced from MOFs  
Bidding war for ISSI heats up 2015-06-23
For a brief period, it looked as though Cypress would be victorious in buying ISSI, but Uphill came back with a higher offer, which ISSI recommended to stockholders  
IBM reveals III-V FinFETs on silicon substrate 2015-06-23
A method similar to Imec's, IBM's process begins vertically then coaxes the InGaAs to turn horizontal and inward, eliminating lattice mismatch defects it was making in the vertical column growth pattern  
6 techniques to fortify IoT security 2015-06-23
Here are some of the most important security requirements for the Internet of Things, and examples of the capabilities and existing industry standards required to meet them  
Continental develops holistic automotive HMI 2015-06-23
Continental develops a more integrated approach that factors in the driver's situation as well as environmental conditions, allowing the driver will get all relevant information at the right time  
Google unveils data centre networks 2015-06-22
Showing support for the emerging approach, systems giants from Brocade to ZTE participated in software-defined networks demos for carriers, data centres and enterprises  
New tech stores solar energy for weeks 2015-06-22
The new design is inspired by the way that plants generate energy through photosynthesis. Plants that are exposed to sunlight use carefully organised nanoscale structures to rapidly separate charges.  
Power model predicts energy use of mobile base stations 2015-06-22
Imec's model supports a broad range of operating conditions and cellular base station types, and incorporates hardware technology forecasts. The model is available as a free, online web tool.  
Intel subsumes smart eyewear maker 2015-06-19
Intel invested in Recon in 2013 with the goal of accelerating product development, marketing and sales, and hopes the formal acquisition will expand its presence in the head mounted display market  
Microsoft executive shakeup pushes Stephen Elop out the door 2015-06-19
Microsoft revealed changes to its corporate structure and leadership team that will result in the departure of senior executives, including former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, Kirill Tatarinov and Eric Rudder  
Mahindra Aerospace, GE Aviation ink manufacturing deal 2015-06-19
The agreement will open up manufacturing of aerostructures, following Airbus transfer of work approval, of an Airbus Single Aisle package of work.  
Open source, third party codes on the rise 2015-06-18
According to a survey in 2014 by Venture Development Corp., the size of embedded code base is increasing at roughly three times the rate of the number of embedded software developers being hired  
SunEdison to buy Continuum Wind Energy in India 2015-06-18
SunEdison has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Continuum Wind Energy, which owns and operates 242MW AC of wind power plants in Maharashtra and Gujarat states  
Grinding carbon nanotubes yields nanoribbons 2015-06-17
Rice University researchers mixed two types of chemically modified nanotubes, and during grinding, they react and unzip, a process that has depended largely on reactions in harsh chemical solutions  
Unravelling the blinking process in silicon quantum dots 2015-06-17
University of Chicago researchers said their findings will bring them a step closer to understanding, and possibly remediating, the problem known as 'fluorescence intermittency.'  
Open-source platform eases smart app development 2015-06-17
Spark keeps all often-used data in-memory, rather than on mass storage devices, allowing it to be quickly and repeatedly accessed, which is why it is appropriate for smart apps like machine learning  
Solar passive tech shows promise in energy-efficient buildings 2015-06-16
Researchers at the European project MeeFS are developing advanced solar passive technologies that aim to reduce energy costs for residential buildings  
Foxconn mulls India return to make iPhones 2015-06-16
Foxconn is scouting for locations in India to put up factories that will manufacture Apple products such as iPhones, iPads and iPods, which will be sold both domestically and globally  
Are you ready for the "sensorisation" of life 2015-06-16
Sensors are expected to have 30 billion units shipped, a unit growth of 17 per cent from 2015 to 2020, and revenue growth of 3 per cent over the same period due to demand for wearables, IoT devices  
PC, chip demand plummet to as much as 20% in Q2 2015-06-16
Although the iPhone supply chain and the automotive market offer some respite to the industry, chip demand also is weak for tablets, TVs and many Android phones, reported Deutsche Bank  
Marconi prize hails achievers in telco, Internet tech 2015-06-16
The Marconi Prize which has been given to just 47 individuals since it was established in 1974, included scientists who contributed to the fundamental development of the Internet and telecommunications  
Xiaomi, Qualcomm announce new execs 2015-06-15
Qualcomm named the company's former executive as its new China chair, while Xiaomi announced the hiring of Qualcomm's China chief as its new senior vice president.  
ISSI-Cypress deal: Yes or no? 2015-06-15
Had the Cypress/ISSI merger come to fruition, it would have bolstered Cypress' offerings in the automotive segment, which is growing thanks in part to on-board infotainment systems  
Start-up develops add-on modules for smartphones 2015-06-15
Nexpaq is offering 12 modules developed in-house such as a battery extension, a breathaliser, amplified speakers, temperature and humidity sensors, a LED flashlight and an SD card reader, among others  
Teardown: A peek inside iPhone 6 Plus battery 2015-06-15
TechInsights looked into the iPhone 6 Plus battery, weighing in at 43g, which initially is not standing out from the trend line and does not seem to be special, but being Apple it is nonetheless interesting  
Driverless cars: Not so secure after all 2015-06-12
According to cyber security firm Mission Secure and autonomous robotics platform developer Perrone Robotics, self-driving technology could end up leaving such vehicles vulnerable to hackers.  
PV inverter price drops in China amidst rising shipments 2015-06-12
Despite PV inverter shipments to the Chinese market increasing nearly 18 per cent last year to reach 13.3GW of alternate current (AC), revenues dropped 6 per cent, according to IHS.  
Empowering start-ups to design secure IoT devices 2015-06-12
With an explosion of connected apps for mobile, wearables, the home and car, standards may be lacking in new market segments where security has not previously been of concern or priority  

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