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How can intuitive innovation affect wireless power transfer? 2015-05-13
To emphasise that though we can use intuition as a powerful beacon of bright LEDs to illuminate the darkest recesses of a new technology, it can also become a simple case of "DED on arrival."  
India, China spur growth in biochemical sensors market 2015-05-12
The increasing use of biochemical sensors in medical, environmental and agricultural end use sectors, particularly in India and China, is driving growth in the global biochemical sensors market  
Drones must comply with DO-254 2015-05-12
As like Google and Amazon employ drones in operations, a need for compliance to DO-254 grows to ensure safety-critical coding style, address potential design hazards and establish reliability  
Retail OTT STB to leapfrog IPTV STB shipments this year 2015-05-12
OTT STB vendors such as Apple, Google and Roku have been much more aggressive in adding new content sources and apps to their STBs than TV and gaming console vendors have to their devices  
Docomo commits to NFV shift by 2016, other carriers to follow 2015-05-12
Docomo said it plans to virtualise its Evolved Packet Core by March 2016, which is one of the first public commitments from a carrier about taking the emerging NFV out of the lab and into a production network.  
Multi-gigabit comm network enabled by plastic waveguides 2015-05-12
KU Leuven ESAT-MICAS researchers said the link consists of 120GHz transmitter and receiver chips with on-chip antenna and a Teflon tube that guides the signal from the transmitter to the receiver.  
Long-term growth seen for PV inverter market 2015-05-12
According to IHS, the PV inverter semiconductor market is on track for strong long-term growth of 12 per cent in 2015, 20 per cent in 2016, 14 per cent in 2017 and 16 per cent in 2018  
TI's multi-processor sol'n takes on FPGA camp 2015-05-11
Does TI's special-purpose processor that combines multicore ARM processors with multicore DSPs and multiple programmable hardware accelerators have what it takes to make FPGAs obsolete?  
K-Line refuses to throw in the towel 2015-05-11
Systems such as CAN and Ethernet have long taken over diagnostic tasks once performed by the K-Line, but one fact remains, many vehicles and ECUs still use K-Line, and will do so for some time  
Can this solar cell material be used for FETs 2015-05-11
Perovskite has other tunable semiconducting properties, such as high-temperature superconductivity, colossal magnetoresistance, ferroelectricity, and diverse magnetic and optoelectronic properties.  
NASA Curiosity rover: 13 engineering facts behind its success 2015-05-11
Luke Dubord, technical group supervisor, avionics subsystem engineering group, NASA, revealed the NASA Curiosity Rover's design, launch, successful landing and continuing mission on Mars.  
Electrification revs up powertrain semiconductor market 2015-05-11
The increasing volumes of new vehicles and the need for fuel efficient vehicle technologies allowed the automotive powertrain semiconductor market to grow 8.3 per cent in 2014, stated IHS  
What will the new NXP-Freescale company look like? 2015-05-08
At the recent CDN Live Cadence user meeting, NXP Vice President Lars Reger described the company's vision of the Connected Car and other plans once the merger with Freescale is complete.  
3D vision opens new doors for industrial automation apps 2015-05-08
The addition of 3D vision can also help improve factory safety and permit closer interaction between robots and human workers, and may also prevent inadvertent contact with nearby humans.  
Nvidia lets go of LTE modem business 2015-05-08
The company has more recently focused on gaming, automotive, enterprise graphics and the cloud applications, which do not require modem technology.  
Knowing the boon in car manufacturing-chip design interplay 2015-05-07
Fact: In every car generation, the value of chips and control units in cars is rising, and that some 80 per cent of the innovation in vehicles is associated to electronics and software  
3 rules to help secure the Internet of Things 2015-05-07
To deal with the growing concern for the security of the Internet of Things, Electric Imp CEO and co-founder Hugo Fiennes shared a number of suggestion and "rules" for IoT design  
SanDisk combines flash tech with Fusion-io accelerators 2015-05-07
The latest Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators are made up of Virtual Storage Layer (VSL) data access acceleration software and SanDisk NAND flash.  
Intel, Qualcomm face-off as IP policies get deep in the mess 2015-05-07
How do the IP policies of Qualcomm-led AllSeen Alliance compare to Intel-led Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC), and how does the legality surrounding "free software" and "open source" affect you?  
6 Android apps for analogue EEs 2015-05-07
Paul Pickering, an engineer with 35 years' experience of engineering discusses six applications for Android based equipment that could make an analogue engineer's life easier, or more fun  
Novel GPS tech boasts centimetre accuracy 2015-05-07
Texas-based researchers have built a low-cost system that reduces location errors from the size of a large car to the size of a coin—a more than 100 times increase in accuracy  
CQCL unveils OS for quantum computers 2015-05-07
A quantum computing OS has run on a simulation of a quantum computer, which itself runs on a proprietary custom designed supercomputer, also built by CQCL, in order to simulate a quantum processor  
Tesla moves beyond EVs to bring power to homes 2015-05-07
Tesla Energy has unveiled a suite of batteries for homes, businesses and utilities that Deutsche Bank has estimated could provide a revenue stream worth up to $4.5 billion  
NXP, Qualcomm to bring mobile payment to Android phones 2015-05-06
The two companies announced Tuesday (May 5) they will work together to bring NXP's market-proven NFC and secure element technology onto Qualcomm's Snapdragon platform.  
TV panel oversupply drags down prices, says analyst 2015-05-06
IHS revealed that LCD TV panel production/demand ratio rose from 2 per cent undersupply in 3Q14 to four per cent over-supply in 1Q15 and is expected to continue growing to 6 per cent in 2Q15  
Microsoft, Arduino announce collaborative deal 2015-05-06
Microsoft claimed that Windows 10 is the world's first Arduino certified OS, which allows creation of smart objects with hardware-driving capability of Arduino and software capabilities of Windows.  
How Apple Watch shows supply chain best practices 2015-05-06
Although Apple has the best supply chain in the world, the company has highlighted how new technologies, such as Big Data and cloud-based supply chain analytics, can de-risk supply chains  
Security issues stand in the way of IoT progress 2015-05-06
To be able to experience the full potential of the Internet of Things, engineers need to face the security challenge through a combination of interoperability, education and good design.  
Novel material enables simpler, more efficient batteries 2015-05-06
Engineers at the University of Maryland have created a battery that is made entirely out of one material, which can both move electricity and store it, offering a new path for solid state batteries  
Perovskites to replace silicon-based solar cells 2015-05-06
Researchers can now engineer flaws in perovskite materials to help further solar technology. The materials convert sunlight into electricity, 20 per cent more efficiently than silicon-based solar cells  

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