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TE Connectivity acquires sensor maker Measurement Specialties 2014-10-13
TE's acquisition of Measurement Specialties brings a remarkable boost to the company's sensor business, further expanding its offering for harsh environment applications  
Industrial-size generator makes waste heat valuable 2014-10-13
A new generator uses a highly-efficient thermoelectric material to convert heat to electricity. Thermoelectric materials have been around for decades, but they have always been too expensive to use in normal situations up until now  
New tech standard for UHD TVs, smartphones announced 2014-10-10
HEVC (H.265) is an international technology standard that compresses large image data for Ultra High Definition (UHD) televisions and smartphones  
Investments drive India's networking market growth 2014-10-10
The networking market in India remains strong, thanks to huge investments during the second quarter of 2014, with the Ethernet switch market reaching $128.4 million in customer revenue  
Cheaper perovskite could replace silicon in solar cells 2014-10-10
The observations of the researchers can help increase the efficiency of the perovskite solar cells move past the 20 per cent mark and thus offer a genuine alternative to the conventional silicon solar cells.  
Steer-by-wire returns in sports car prototype 2014-10-10
The concept vehicle developed by RWTH Aachen University highlights the innovation potential of e-vehicles and the improved driving experience in comparison to available conventional vehicles  
How to prevent errors and delays in SoC design 2014-10-10
Successful SoC design teams will meet the challenge of clock domain crossing verification with a solution that provides the necessary precision, throughput and ease-of-use they need.  
R&D folks turning to start-ups after Yahoo job cuts 2014-10-09
India's swarming start-up ecosystem is quick on the draw with recruitment offers to the R&D developers who have already pocketed five-month severance pay from Yahoo and are looking for good times ahead  
Altera, Lime unveil field-programmable RF, FPGA platform 2014-10-09
The multi-standard SDR platform, based on Lime's FP-RF chip and Altera FPGAs, allows a radio to receive and transmit widely different radio protocols depending solely on the software used.  
Minding gender gap: Women as untapped resources for STEM 2014-10-09
Despite seeing several women at the helm of Silicon Valley giants, the industry faces a sobering reality of gender gap in science, technology, engineering and mathematics employment  
How do engineers come up with ideas that work? 2014-10-09
Two cognitive psychologists at the University of Pittsburgh did a research on how engineers use analogies to develop innovative concepts.  
AndroidOne to polarise India's mobile phone market 2014-10-09
IDC expects AndroidOne will attract significant sales and redefine the affordable smartphone segment by reshaping the mid-tier with a range of devices that feature "good enough" device specifications.  
More efficient powertrains cut energy waste 2014-10-08
In the laboratory, researchers have already succeeded in increasing the degree of efficiency of car engines by five per cent, and up to 10 per cent for commercial vehicle powertrains  
ARM redesigns microarchitecture for embedded controllers 2014-10-08
The launch of the Cortex-M7 aims to address the increasingly demanding user interfaces and performance requirements by the connected world, enabled by the Internet of Things.  
Novel optics let SEM microscopes analyse lighter elements 2014-10-08
Researchers from HZB developed the reflection zone plates that allow lighter elements to be analysed using scanning electron microscopy by providing high resolution in the range of 50-1120eV  
Fresh from holiday? Here are the news you've missed 2014-10-08
Here are the electronics news you may have missed during last week's holidays.  
What's in store for wearable devices 2014-10-08
Wearables are moving towards three key trends and developments, namely, ultra low power technology, miniaturisation of components and cloud connectivity.  
Nokia shelves production at Chennai plant 2014-10-08
Nokia is terminating the manufacturing of mobile handsets at its Chennai facility starting Nov. 1, but the company still has to resolve a tax dispute with the government.  
DC power supplies, electronic loads market set for growth 2014-10-08
The market will benefit from the advent of innovative smart technologies, energy applications and consumer electronics, pushing revenues to hit $728.2 million in 2018, reported Frost & Sullivan  
World's first solar battery stores power using air, light 2014-10-07
Researchers at The Ohio State University have invented a solar battery, a combination of solar cell and battery, which recharges itself using air and light.  
Electronic Manufacturing Cluster to create 10,000 jobs 2014-10-07
Union Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the establishment of the Electronic Manufacturing Cluster in Jabalpur will generate jobs for 10,000 people  
HP announces 5,000 more layoffs 2014-10-07
HP announced 5,000 more employees will be laid off as part of the company's cost management procedure. The additional layoffs, however, are not connected to HP's decision to separate into two smaller companies.  
SPTV device soaks up virtually all wavelengths of light 2014-10-07
The material is a 2D metallic dielectric photonic crystal, absorbing sunlight from a wide range of angles and withstanding extremely high temperatures. It can be made cheaply at large scales.  
Honing touch sensing tech for next-gen solutions 2014-10-07
The ability to optimise touch controllers and sensor solutions to meet the requirements of next-generation technologies is crucial for the industry to expand beyond the main consumer applications  
RF dev't platform targets smart metering, industrial apps 2014-10-07
Semtech joins with Freescale and Nissin to develop a complete solution, featuring the Freescale Kinetis MCU and Nissin Wi-SUN software stack, for meter reading and industrial applications  
Can IP cooperation future-proof FPGA technology? 2014-10-06
IP cooperation is said to simplify and add functionalities into programmable devices, even as FPGA complexities continue to rise and densities get to higher levels.  
Design platform affords significant power-performance gains 2014-10-06
Synopsys reported that Fujitsu gained more than over 30 per cent reduction in leakage power consumption while maintaining industry-leading performance for its MB86S70 application processor for imaging  
From BrahMos to MOM: Behind India's tech triumphs 2014-10-03
Before Mangalyaan, there was a lesser known Indian space odyssey that began in the 1980s. SLV-3, the country's first satellite launch vehicle, paved the path for the Mars Orbiter Mission  
Car systems: MOST, Ethernet or both at once? 2014-10-03
In cars where additional functions require domains to communicate with each other, designers are on the hunt for a network can best serve as communication backbone between systems  
ARM servers search for better middleware support 2014-10-03
What users and vendors of ARM-based servers need right now is better support from middleware such as compilers for scripting languages  

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