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Former TI execs behind India's $1B analogue fab 2015-02-17
The fab would manufacture analogue/power chips that can go into products such as mobile phones, UPS inverters, smart meters, automotive as well as other industrial products.  
U.S. welcomes more foreign skilled workers 2015-02-17
Dubbed the Immigration Innovation ("I-Squared") Act of 2015, the bill is designed to attract qualified, skilled workers in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM  
Infosys buys Panaya to boost enterprise, service automation 2015-02-17
Panaya's CloudQuality suite positions Infosys to bring automation to several of its service lines via an agile SaaS model, and helps mitigate risk, reduce costs and shorten time to market for clients  
Cloud brings traffic safety to next level 2015-02-17
A Volvo project combines V2X communications and cloud-based data storage and processing in order to spread information about hazardous road condition as quickly as possible  
Printer churns out printed circuit boards 2015-02-17
The desktop unit will work from multi-layer Gerber files to print your first prototypes, getting rid of messy etching steps or time-consuming.  
Plastic electronics tech attracts ARM investment 2015-02-16
The funds will help PragmatIC Printing to ramp up its production capacity from a few million printed circuits units today to a hundred million flexible ICs later this year.  
Smartphone: Man's new best friend? 2015-02-16
Since the first iPhone was introduced, generations of smartphones have tried to be the mobile device of the future. In this post, Jon Peddie details how smartphones become everyone's companion today  
India's first specialty fab in Madhya Pradesh in the works 2015-02-16
IESA revealed how it will enable the Memorandum of Understanding between Cricket Semiconductor and the Govt. of Madhya Pradesh for an analogue fab proposed to be set-up in the state  
Android on par with Windows as medium of cybercrime 2015-02-16
Android devices have now caught up to Windows laptops as the primary workhorse of cybercrime. The infection rates between Android and Windows devices now split 50/50 in 2014  
CMOS image sensors exceed Moore's Law 2015-02-13
With solid-state sensors, the technology breakthroughs seem to be growing exponentially, doubling with each new innovation, thus surpassing the traditional interpretation of Moore's Law.  
India's LED market sees growth until 2020 2015-02-13
In its latest report, TechSci Research forecasts a 30 per cent growth in India's LED market, details increasing adoption of LED lighting in commercial and residential sectors, government projects  
Audi acquires Ballard IP to boost fuel cell dev't 2015-02-13
The recent fuel cell patents acquisition by the German car maker gives it momentum to develop alternative drive technologies.  
Ethernet projects to transform business, data centres 2015-02-13
A wide array of new Ethernet projects are in the works from 2.5Gbit/s to 400Gbit/s that will have impacts for big data centres, businesses and consumers  
Next-gen vehicles to sport OLED-based exterior lighting 2015-02-13
Osram revealed that organic LED-based exterior lighting, which consumes even less power than conventional LEDs, will be available in series vehicles as early as next year  
7 tech trends in communications arena 2015-02-12
Developing technologies such as LTE and LTE-Advanced, voice over LTE, small cells, heterogeneous networks, NFV/SDN are predicted to make a huge impact this year.  
Software-defined radio to cost less than $1 2015-02-12
Cambridge Consultants created the low-cost Pizzicato that combines a core and software for an all-digital radio transmitter, primarily geared for base stations  
Oscar goes to Texas Instrument engineer 2015-02-12
Larry Hornbeck is awarded an Academy Award for his invention of the digital micromirror device (DMD), a technology that serves as basis for the digital light processing cinema chip used in theatres in the U.S  
Stopping sewer system overflow before it happens 2015-02-12
Fujitsu Laboratories created a technology that uses ICT for low-cost detection of early signs of sewer system overflows in order to lessen damage in cities resulting from torrential downpours  
Power demand to boost India's UPS market 2015-02-12
Growing demand from IT and IT enabled services; banking, financial services and insurance; government, manufacturing, telecom and energy sectors continues to drive the UPS market in India  
India to trail US as second largest start-up ecosystem 2015-02-12
Nasscom reported that India saw 800 new technology start-ups setting shop so far this fiscal and is set to house the second biggest ecosystem for them in the next two years  
Voltera rolls out desktop PCB printer 2015-02-11
In addition to being able to print two conductive layers separated by an insulating medium, the machine can dispense solder paste into the requisite locations and it also provides reflow functionality  
ET Solar, TechAccess team up on PV power projects in Pakistan 2015-02-11
The ground-mounted projects, one in 11.5MW and the other 10MW, will be constructed on saline-alkali lands with the grid connection to be completed in H1 of 2016  
Qualcomm ends patent fight in China with fine, royalty cuts 2015-02-11
Qualcomm finally ended its patent battle in China, which lasted for almost two years, by agreeing to pay close to a billion dollars to Beijing authorities  
How will Apple Watch shape the industry? 2015-02-11
The Apple Watch, set to be released this year, uses built-in sensors to monitor the wearer's biometrics and connects via Bluetooth to the iPhone for Internet and telephony applications  
VESA reveals latest Embedded DisplayPort standard 2015-02-11
The eDP 1.4a enables a higher video data transfer rate for increased panel resolution, greater colour depth and higher refresh rates  
Desktop pick-and-place machine uses vision in calibration 2015-02-11
The machine uses vision in calibration and operation. This is aimed for prototype builders, hobbyists, developers and development groups. The DIY kit is priced at only $1,349  
Piezo-MEMS auto-focus lens tech scaling for mass prod'n 2015-02-11
Norway-based start-up, poLight, raised nearly $19 million in a private placement of shares, to fuel the deployment of TLens, consisting of a very thin piezo-actuator layer on top of a thin glass membrane  
Bendable electronics retains electric, magnetic properties 2015-02-11
Researchers from South Korea took a step toward more bendable devices by manufacturing a thin film, using bismuth ferrite, which keeps its useful electric and magnetic properties even when highly curved.  
Solar cell efficiency: How an extra solvent does its trick 2015-02-10
The efficiency of plastic solar cells can be doubled or tripled if an extra solvent is added during the production process, and this recent study reveals why.  
1.5nm metrology tool targets advanced node 2015-02-10
Extending Moore's Law to 7nm, Argonne National Laboratory pitched in with aBeam and LBNL to create what they claim as the finest metrology tool in the world, at 1.5nm  

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