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Gigafactory's Li-ion production will exceed actual need 2014-09-04
An analysis by Lux Research projects sales of only 240,000 cars in 2020, leading to razor-thin margins to Panasonic and 57 per cent overcapacity for the Gigafactory  
Colour photodetector works like human eyes 2014-09-04
Rice University researchers have created a biomimetic colour photodetector that directly responds to red, green, and blue light in much the same way the human eye does  
Android Wear: The smartwatch dress code? 2014-09-03
Android Wear, the smartwatch version of the Google OS functions to boil down messages to a format users can absorb at a glance—notifying them of important event, and providing a voice interface that allows sending text messages or making calls through the watch.  
Radar-based sensor eliminates blind-spot collision 2014-09-03
Blind Spot Assist takes into account the tractrix curve of a semitrailer or trailer. The system also warns if the truck is in danger of colliding with stationary obstacles such as street lamps  
Fortify your smart home's defence 2014-09-03
Botnets are posing a threat to the security of smart homes, in which Internet-controlled electric roller shutters, HVAC and locking systems could all be used for hacker attacks  
China on target for 100GW installed solar PV capacity 2014-09-03
A strong growth forecast in the PV industry will have countries exceeding the current 5GW mark, and hitting cumulative market size of up to 50GW, and China surpassing 100GW  
Brand new old: SONOS takes on IoT 2014-09-02
Cypress Semiconductor sees that the 1960s-developed silicon oxide nitride oxide silicon technology has what it takes to address the scaling and power challenges in connected devices  
India to get free Internet access 2014-09-02 introduced a mobile app that allows basic access to sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, and others dedicated to weather, job listings and health. The group is a partnership of non-profit organisations and technology leaders including Facebook and Qualcomm having a single vision of connecting everybody to the Internet.  
Connected car takes OEM, IT rivalry higher 2014-09-01
While the segment safety in 2015 will amount to a mere 12.2 billion, products related to safety in the connected car context will be worth 47.4 billion, said a report from PwC and strategy  
Oscillator gains new life for quantum computers 2014-09-01
RIKEN Centre for Emergent Matter Science researchers demonstrated that the parametric phase-locked oscillator (PPLO) could enjoy a revival as a core component of quantum computers  
Samsung, LG take rivalry to the wrist 2014-09-01
The South Korean vendors have debuted separate smartwatches—Samsung its 3G-equipped Gear S, and LG its full circle P-OLED-designed G Watch R.  
What's the best way to build networks? 2014-09-01
The Hot Interconnects conference revealed how communications channels are being stretched to the breaking point, with speakers saying some are victims of poor engineering decisions.  
Novel tech boosts switching speed of magnetic memory 2014-09-01
A*STAR IHPC researchers have come up with techniques to improve STT-MRAM memory by identifying design options for achieving faster switching speeds, and hence faster data write times  
Google rolls out drone-based delivery project 2014-09-01
Project WIng has a wingspan of about 1.5m for a height of 0.8m, with four pivoting propellers that allow the drone to pitch upwards to the vertical to hover when it has reached the delivery address  
India server market to follow growth trajectory 2014-09-01
The x86 server market rose by 9 per cent in terms of units shipped in Q1 2014, and expects further growth due to large deals in banking and government, according to IDC  
Quantum tech finds promise in photonic circuits 2014-09-01
The researchers have developed a kind of single-photon cannon integrated on an optical chip. The optical chip consists of an extremely small photonic crystal that is 10µ wide and 160nm thick.  
Carmakers' ordeals: 9 infamous auto recalls 2014-09-01
2014 may well be a prolific year for automotive recalls, where problems stem from badly written code, flawed machinery and/or electronics. Here is a look at nine recalls that took place recently  
ASICs to invade big datacentres 2014-09-01
Firebox, a UC Berkeley prototype system in the works, is geared towards bringing warehouse-scale computer based on ASICs and optical links to datacentres  
Bring down prices of wearable devices 2014-09-01
Prices of wearables need to get lower if manufacturers and technology companies want these devices to succeed in Asian countries like China and India, an analyst said  
Critic: Google's modular phone is just a tech fancy 2014-08-29
Google may have the resources to overcome engineering bottlenecks involved in making Project Ara a reality, but economic issues will remain impractical, according to senior analyst Richard Windsor  
Chip triggers warning alerts when cars make sudden stop 2014-08-29
The fingernail-sized chip sends message signals to the vehicles behind it within a 1.5km range at connection speeds of up to 6Mbp in the event that the driver slams on the car's brakes  
Freescale centres on IoT for growth in India 2014-08-29
Freescale turns to the Internet of Things for its next level of growth, highlighting wearable consumer devices, smart health devices, and smart energy at the 9th FTF India in Bangalore  
Google to use cloud computing as data centre 2014-08-29
Andromeda gives users a software switch running in a hypervisor connecting virtual machines. It allows control of physical network-interface cards to get packets on and off the wire  
Cree, Lextar enter $83M supply agreement 2014-08-29
Lextar and Cree will enter into a long-term LED chip supply partnership, as well as an agreement for certain Cree LED chip and component intellectual property  
White goods mergers: Bright prospects for power chip market 2014-08-29
Two key announcements within the semiconductor industry involving a $3 billion buyout and a production cutback may well have been driven by extensive acquisitions between major home appliance players.  
SMS trumps Internet for accessible information 2014-08-29
Nagarajan Rajagopal of Ametek Instruments calls for SMS-based dissemination of information to keep the masses in India up-to-date with relevant information that will impact their livelihood  
Old tyres find new life in Li-ion batteries 2014-08-29
By modifying the microstructural characteristics of carbon black, a substance recovered from discarded tyres, ORNL researchers are developing a better anode for lithium-ion batteries  
60Ghz radar IC touts small size, increased precision 2014-08-29
The SiGe radar front end integrates one transmit- and two receive-antenna on the silicon die, allowing for the simultaneous detection of position, speed, and angle of arrival for multiple objects  
LDRA sets up alliance for safe, secure India 2014-08-28
The LDRA Partner Alliance intends to bring the best design, development, and verification practices on one safety-critical platform that fully complies with various Indian and international industrial standards.  
India's projector market rides mobile computing wave 2014-08-28
The rising penetration of mobile computing, notebooks, as well as new features such as short throw, 3D, WiFi and HD, will allow the projector market to grow at a faster pace, noted 6Wresearch.  

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