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Electronics recycling: Understanding the value of convenience 2015-01-21
Despite the lack of a clear consensus on what it means, convenience is one of the key attributes expected of any electronics collection program.  
Court favours Mentor Graphics in patent case 2015-01-21
Mentor Graphics got off the hook after a California federal district court released a summary judgement order cancelling all asserted claims of three patents by Synopsys Inc.  
Laser-induced graphene shows promise for wearables 2015-01-21
Rice University scientists developed and tested stacked, 3D supercapacitors that can be used in commercial applications such as flexible electronics and wearable devices  
SpaceX gets $1B in funding from Google, Fidelity 2015-01-21
SpaceX, a space exploration firm founded by Elon Musk, received funding worth $1 billion from Google and financial firm Fidelity. The money will be used to build a satellite of Internet network.  
Passion in motion: Catching a glimpse of Uganda hackerspace 2015-01-20
Linz Craig shared his experiences in a new African brand of technology lab, similar to makerspaces and hackerspaces, called Fundi Bots, which brings people together to collaborate and share knowledge  
Intel platform eases IoT security, connectivity 2015-01-20
The Intel IoT Platform is an end-to-end reference model designed to unify and simplify connectivity and security in the IoT, and to help move the technology from infancy to mass deployment  
Analysts see bleak 2015 for TSMC 2015-01-20
While TSMC may grow sales by a mid-teen percentage in 2015, its year-on-year momentum has peaked and will slow materially in the second half of 2015  
Effective procurement yields enterprise success, study finds 2015-01-20
An IBM survey revealed that the purchasing function now finds itself as a key factor in determining organisational success by driving innovation, growing revenues and expanding competitive advantage  
7 industry insights from semiconductor executives 2015-01-20
At the recent ISS, Samsung and GlobalFoundries are expected to ship 14/16nm chips this year, but many people seem to be more excited about the second-generation 16nm process at TSMC.  
Bloopers book highlights need for better GUI 2015-01-19
The call for a user-friendly graphical user interface has become louder as more and more consumer devices touting the touchscreen technology have permeated almost every facet of day to day living  
Flagship smartphones soon to boast MEMS-based autofocus 2015-01-19
OmniVision combined its 23.8MP OV23850 sensor with Wavelens' solution to bring MEMS-based, high-speed autofocus with DSC-like image quality and performance for next-gen smartphones  
ST's Guibert: New applications will drive growth in 2015 2015-01-16
Forecasts by various analysts show contrasting views on where the market will go, says Francois Guibert at STMicroelectronics as weighs in on the future of MEMS and microcontrollers  
Female-led organisations yield more profit, study finds 2015-01-16
According to a recent gender study conducted by Mintigo that looked at U.S. companies, female-led organisations are found to be more profitable when compared to male-led companies of the same size.  
EMF-capable analysers ensure wireless network safety 2015-01-16
Aimed at cellular operators, Anritsu's analysers boast an electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation measurement option to assure compliance of the wireless networks with safety standards.  
Mentor Graphics signs acquisition deal with Flexras 2015-01-15
Mentor aims to help engineers in increasingly complex design prototyping with its acquisition of Flexras  
Renesas eases automotive functional security, safety design 2015-01-15
The company aims to cut the burden on system manufacturers by integrating ISO26262-certified Renesas car semiconductor products, software, analytic tools, work products and instruction.  
Sensors enable smart bullet 2015-01-15
SmartRounds Technology has developed the world's first smart, non-lethal bullet. It has two sensors: a MEMS accelerometer and a CMOS image sensor that operates as it nears the target.  
Internet traffic growth not enough for optical networking 2015-01-15
LightCounting delves into the easing growth rate of Internet traffic, the future sales of optical components and modules, as well as the demand for high bandwidth connectivity  
Novel components designed to dissolve in water 2015-01-14
Researchers at SINTEF, a research organisation based in Norway, developed innovative electronic devices that are designed to disappear  
Wireless charging makes splash at CES 2015-01-14
Chips designers showed support for multiple wireless charging standards at the International CES this year, including an innovative way of using the technology on electric cars  
Big data, 3D printing, IoE tout transformative potential 2015-01-14
IHS Technology revealed how the three technologies will shape and revolutionise certain aspects of semiconductor manufacturing, industrial operations and consumer behaviour in the next five years  
More-than-Moore tech to speed up IoT dev't 2015-01-14
According to a TSMC executive, the Internet of Things requires specialty processes, pioneered by smartphone chips, to create optimal IoT silicon.  
Ford infotainment system packs TI OMAP 5 processor 2015-01-14
The Ford SYNC 3 features the WiLink 8Q platform, a single-chip combining high performance WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GNSS, as well as power management and FPD-Link III SerDes wired connectivity solutions.  
18 devices to watch out for in 2015 2015-01-14
Some of the most interesting, as well as head-scratching, devices that were highlighted at the International CES in Las Vegas offer consumers the technological possibilities they can explore in 2015  
Self-driving Merc uses LEDs to communicate 2015-01-13
The four-seat fuel-cell hybrid F 015 Luxury in Motion from Mercedes-Benz makes use of LED technologies for signalling and indicator applications  
Segger debuts SSL/TLS secure socket code for embedded apps 2015-01-13
Written to run on single-chip embedded devices, emSSL incorporates seamlessly with embOS/IP or, alternatively, any IP stack that supports plain sockets, or any bidirectional communications channel.  
Photonics research makes headway in quantum computation 2015-01-13
MIT researchers developed an array of light detectors that are sensitive enough to register the arrival of individual light particles, or photons, and mounted them on a silicon optical chip.  
Lacking 'ease of use' drags down IoT consumer appeal 2015-01-13
The recently concluded CES revealed that the existing and recently introduced Internet of Things solutions remain far from establishing a solid consumer "connection."  
Broadcom CEO: On dropping LTE, 5G cellular and moving forward 2015-01-13
Noting that his company was losing about $2 million a day in the modem business, McGregor said his company if now focusing on the broadband and connectivity businesses  
Ericsson dips into 5GHz band to ease network congestion 2015-01-12
Ericsson revealed its Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) technology aimed at allowing carriers to aggregate and "fairly share" the public 5GHz band with the unlicensed WiFi spectrum.  

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