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Are developers paid fairly? 2015-04-24
In developing countries, developers who always work remotely make almost twice those doomed to report to an office every day. That difference is much less in the United States  
Is there an alternative to Moore's Law? 2015-04-23
Easy hardware design, easy coding, easy financing and marketing of Moore's Law has distracted—perhaps even blinded us—to the speed and efficiency advantages of alternate chip technologies.  
Decoding Intel's 10nm plans 2015-04-23
According to a predictive analysis by David Kanter, Intel will use quantum well FETs starting with its 10nm process that will use two new materials, InGaAs for n-type transistors and strained Ge for p-type devices  
FPGA-killer sol'n combines ARM processor, DSPs, accelerators 2015-04-23
TI said the Keystone-II (66AK2L06) solution allows devices using it to be 66 per cent smaller, consume 60 per cent less power, cost 50 per cent less and are three times faster to market than using an FPGA.  
Researchers find way to triple energy storage 2015-04-23
Iron fluoride has the potential to triple the amount of energy a conventional lithium-ion battery can store. However, researchers have yet to tap its true potential.  
Magnesium ions show potential for high-voltage batteries 2015-04-22
University of Illinois at Chicago researchers developed a battery that could surpass the lithium-ion technology used in electric cars by replacing lithium ions with magnesium ions  
Silicon hits its limit, gallium nitride to take over 2015-04-22
Though silicon has been the foundation of semiconductor advance for many years, in power electronics its value may be starting to drop as we hit the physical limits of what it can actually achieve  
Does formal verification drive artificial intelligence? 2015-04-22
Theorem-proving and equation-solving are by now so well established that they are hardly regarded as AI any more. Equation solvers are included in scientific computing programs such as Mathematica  
What apps should be added in your next car 2015-04-22
IHS expects significant growth by vehicle manufacturers to integrate apps into their vehicles for various consumer connectivity as well as increased partnerships among OEMs and apps integrators  
4K displays to see extensive adoption starting this year 2015-04-22
With the evolution of novel display process technologies, to enhance the 4K display yield rate and lower costs, IHS forecasted that the 4K display market will reach $52 billion in 2020  
End of Moore's law could signal start of something new 2015-04-22
Many say that Moore's law has run its course due to the next moves toward 450mm size wafers, EUV and 20nm CMOS, lending the semiconductor world's attention to the next big thing, 5G.  
Designing reliable chips for automotive systems 2015-04-21
The goal of Resilient Integrated Systems (RESIST) activities is designing particularly reliable high-performance components that also promise to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission.  
Qualcomm preps Monolithic 3D for smartphones 2015-04-21
According to a Qualcomm executive, the company is looking to leverage Monolithic 3D IC technology to win market share in the $8 billion smartphone market  
Synopsys acquires Finnish software security company 2015-04-21
Synopsys Inc. has acquired Finland-based security company, Codenomicon Oy. The acquisition is seen to extend Synopsys's Coverity quality and security platform.  
Ship lithium batteries safely 2015-04-21
Ruling HM-224F strengthens the safety conditions for shipping lithium batteries. Mandatory compliance, originally required back in February, now takes effect on August 7  
Spotlight on Moore's law: Trends and forecasts 2015-04-21
Although Moore's law has guided the electronics industry, it has begun to fail in many aspects, the most pronounced being clock speed that has been pegged at 3GHz max since about 2004  
Here's what you need to know about supercomputers 2015-04-20
Storage space and power budget are just two of the elements that supercomputers consume in immensely large quantities, which simply show what these powerful machines are capable of  
Protests at ST Crolles show no sign of letting up 2015-04-20
The workers first went on strike in March, complaining that their profit sharing incentive had been reduced to 43 per cent, which is equivalent to about $1,100 for some workers  
ARM focuses on energy harvesting in nascent IoT 2015-04-20
ARM has snapped up Wicentric, a Bluetooth Smart stack and profile provider, and Sunrise Micro Devices, a provider of sub-one volt Bluetooth radio intellectual property.  
MINI delivers AR glasses for driver safety 2015-04-20
MINI seeks to fuse head-up displays and augmented reality directly onto the drivers' vision through AR glasses. Navigation instructions the driver might need will be overlaid directly in the lenses of the driver's eyewear  
Tesla redefines car infotainment system 2015-04-20
The Tesla Model S with an 85kWh battery offers over 220 miles of emissions-free driving and features a voice-controlled infotainment system with a 17in display in the middle of the dashboard  
SDN set to push boundaries: Flexible Ethernet in the works 2015-04-20
A number of Web companies are driving two initiatives that will reshape communications systems and data centres, with chips that will soon roll to support an initiative in software-defined networking  
Computational screening speeds up next-gen battery discovery 2015-04-20
Scientists at the Berkeley Lab are positive that they can take some of the guesswork out of finding a new breakthrough battery using their electrolyte genome, a computational screening of molecules that can accelerate electrolyte discovery.  
US develops supercomputer to beat China's Tianhe-2 2015-04-17
The United States is working to outdo China in supercomputers, prompting the western superpower to look for some good semiconductor architectures to help in achieving its goal  
Intel posts flat revenues for Q1 as PC demand stays low 2015-04-17
The semiconductor company revealed that its revenue dropped 8 per cent YoY in the PC client group (personal desktops, notebooks, tablets and phones), but tablets were a bright spot  
Power electronics market to hit $18.26B by 2020 2015-04-17
According to Yole, electric cars will drive the growth in the power electronics market, while Chinese companies will set the stage for a major shift in the industry  
IP core from Imagination combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2015-04-17
The Ensigma Whisper radio processing units use a Series5 architecture to integrate Wi-Fi 802.11n (C5400), Bluetooth Smart (C5300), or a combination of the two standards (C5401).  
Silver nanowire enables next-gen touchscreen products 2015-04-17
The flexibility of silver nanowires—along with their transmission and conductive properties—are enablers for an array of existing and forthcoming electronic displays and consumer wearables  
Head-up display: ADAS screen of the future? 2015-04-16
Texas Instruments is one of the companies banking on head-up display (HUD) as the solution to driver distraction in cars, calling it "the ADAS display of the future  
Integrate Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity into your design 2015-04-16
The EZ-BLE PRoC module from Cypress has crystals, all passive components and a chip antenna built-in along with a processor core and digital peripherals in a 10mm x 10mm x 1.8mm package  

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