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Kickstarter campaign: Reasons not to do it 2015-07-22
Once you reach your Kickstarter funding goal, about 10 per cent of the raised money disappears off the top due to invalid backer credit card numbers, Kickstarter commission and Amazon payment fees.  
ARM, Digi-Key team up to deliver university programme 2015-07-22
Electronic components distributor Digi-Key Electronics has established a partnership with the ARM University Programme to distribute the 'Lab-in-a-Box' (LiB) to higher educational institutions  
Improving NAND performance with better error correction 2015-07-22
SSDs have exploded in popularity as their prices dropped, driven by ever-diminishing NAND flash costs, but this less expensive and denser NAND flash requires better ECCs in SSD controllers  
Phosphorene paves way for ultrathin solar cells, LEDs 2015-07-22
Unlike graphene, phosphorene is a semiconductor, like silicon, which is the basis of electronics technology. Because it is so thin and light, it creates possibilities for making interesting devices  
Understanding the power systems of self-driving cars 2015-07-22
Autonomous cars require a lot of electrical power for all those high-profile sensors, radar, sonar, vision, and light detection and ranging (LIDAR) are just a few, and even more for the less-obvious  
Inquiry on Qualcomm's sales practices begins 2015-07-21
The European Commission has opened two antitrust investigations into the behaviour of Qualcomm with regard to its market dominance of semiconductors used in consumer electronics  
Novel materials enhance LED performance 2015-07-21
UCLA researchers demonstrated electroluminescence from multilayer molybdenum disulfide, or MoS2, a discovery that could lead to a novel class of materials for making LEDs  
TSMC makes conservative outlook for 2015 2015-07-21
Demand for TSMC's communications chips that go into Apple iPhones and other handsets, which account for the largest segment of the company's overall revenue, will decline in Q3 this year  
5 tech trends in PV technology 2015-07-21
Increasing the proportion of energy produced by solar power is widely touted as a key component in the worldwide drive to slow down or even reverse global warming and reduce our carbon footprint  
Smartphone overheating: Benchmarks reveal answers 2015-07-20
Designing a premium smartphone has been a delicate balance between performance and battery life for generations, however, continued increases in performance cause growing concerns around heat  
IBM cuts power to 0.3V for 7nm 2015-07-20
The boosting technique is combined with a simultaneous negative boost to bit-lines to improve yield. The only downside to IBM's boosting technology is that it consumes about 4 per cent of an SRAM die.  
Slowdown in PCs, smartphones to drag chip sales 2015-07-20
Gartner forecasted that chips sales will rise only 2.2 per cent this year and have a nearly flat 1.3 per cent growth next year; chip growth will return to a more typical 4-5 per cent from 2017-2019.  
Slashing production costs of perovskite-based solar cells 2015-07-20
The team from KIT aims to specifically adjust nanoscaled crystal structures to develop novel, materials and processes for the production of perovskite and its integration into solar cells  
Intel logs $2.2B revenue amid drop in PC sales 2015-07-20
Intel revealed that while PCs continue to slump, tablets remained a bright spot for the chip giant with sales of 9.9 million units, up 11 per cent YoY  
Tesla battery pack may slash supply chain power costs 2015-07-16
The energy stored in the device can be used as a power source for industrial and home applications, and can help to cut grid power consumption during peak electricity hours when grid power costs more  
Exploring long-life batteries issues 2015-07-16
Selecting the right long-life battery, even at very low discharge levels, involves much more than the basic current-and-time versus battery-capacity analysis.  
Audi robot racing car tops human-driven racing car 2015-07-16
According to Audi, the robot vehicle achieved better lap times than human drivers, and completed one round of the 4.05km circuit in just 2:01.01 minutes, which tallies to an average speed of 122kph  
UMC 28nm process gets IO pad library from Indian start-up 2015-07-16
The Alcor IO pad library platform supports DDR, LVDS, and memory card super combo IO libraries. These libraries are proven for their compliance to respective standards, ESD and latch-up performance  
Why Globalfoundries is embracing FD-SOI and why now 2015-07-15
While FD-SOI might be being good for More-than-Moore applications while FinFET process addresses the leading edge of Moore's Law, More-than-Moore should be considered mainstream rather than a niche  
RISC-V reveals advantages over x86, ARM 2015-07-15
A recent Berkeley workshop demonstrated advances with RISC-V, an open source core that seems to show architectural advantages over commercial x86 and ARM cores.  
Big data analytics may boost defect detection in cars 2015-07-15
A recent report by Stout, Risius and Ross indicates a surge of electronic recalls over the 10 years ending in 2014, that's why there's a need for more powerful tools for defect detection in manufacturing  
Renesas, Audi partner to speed automotive innovation 2015-07-15
The Audi Progressive SemiConductor Programme covers traditional automotive control areas such as powertrain, chassis, body and safety, driver infotainment and driver assistance systems.  
Millimetre wave boosts V2V communication 2015-07-15
UTA leveraged the mmW consumer WLAN standard 802.11ad to develop a vehicular communication-radar waveform for long-range automotive radar and vehicle-to-vehicle communication at 60GHz  
Cognitive companion: Imagining the perfect smartphone 2015-07-14
The rate at which smartphones have turned from just a simple calling and messaging device into a treasure trove of apps and features is quite remarkable.  
How the Apple Watch changed my life 2015-07-14
Amid the barrage of attacks directed towards the Apple Watch, one blogger intends to set things straight to put things in perspective as regards the smartwatch from Apple  
Graphene-based film touts 4X thermal conductivity of Cu 2015-07-14
Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have developed a method that claims to enable electronics devices to be cooled efficiently using a graphene-based film  
ECE students in India get scholarship from Mouser 2015-07-14
The programme employs a highly interactive, performance-based e-learning approach that reinforces core concepts through various stages of self-driven learning, practice sessions and assessments.  
Uphill's ISSI buy: Digging deeper for details 2015-07-13
The Uphill acquisition of ISSI could face regulatory hurdles because ISSI's customers might be uncomfortable having their future products in the hands of China  
Hypervisor tech to integrate complex car platforms 2015-07-13
With real-time virtualisation and partitioning, the PikeOS from Magna Electronics offers all the features required for the development of modern multi-functional and highly integrated devices  
Smart watches to boost market for cover glass 2015-07-13
According to IHS, as the markets for smartphones and tablets mature, cover glass industry revenue growth is declining from 39 per cent YoY in 2013 to 11 per cent in 2015  

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