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Laser sensor amplifies sensitivity to bombs 2014-07-22
A team of researchers at UC Berkeley has found a way to dramatically increase the sensitivity of a light-based plasmon sensor to detect incredibly minute concentrations of explosives.  
Release of Micro Python boards draws near 2014-07-22
Programmers can write their Python scripts directly onto the battery-operated board and once stored, the Micro Python board will function entirely independent of a PC.  
Partnership to bring IBM analytics to iPhone, iPad 2014-07-21
The IBM MobileFirst for iOS partnership will carve out a substantial niche in the workplace in areas including retail, healthcare, banking, travel and transportation, telecommunications and insurance  
EUV super-resist targets 10nm and below 2014-07-21
Intel and Berkeley Lab collaborated to develop what they describe as an innovative super-resist that addresses the demands of advanced nodes of 10nm and below using extreme-ultra-violet light.  
VoLTE on uphill climb once again 2014-07-21
Revenues for the carrier IP telephony market grew about 19 per cent in 1Q14 and are likely to increase in the coming year driven by the rise of Voice over LTE, according to Dell'Oro  
Interoperability key to smart appliances market growth 2014-07-21
The continuous evolution of the Internet, driven by ever increasing volumes of online information, commerce and social networking, can potentially open more immediate opportunities for the widespread penetration of automated homes  
Interview: Infineon products take on counterfeiting 2014-07-21
Infineon is bolstering its Optiga line to protect devices from malware and to control access mechanisms for secure software updates, adding flexibility for adapting to a variety of applications  
Asia gets head start on 5G connectivity 2014-07-21
Both China and South Korea have set up industrial research initiatives dedicated to developing a 5G standard. Such efforts have driven the formation of regional alliances, which are now reaching out to collaborate with Europe's 5GPPP.  
Roughened glass surface cuts glare, reflection in display 2014-07-21
The method involves etching nano-size teeth into the surface to scatter light and ward off glare, but without hurting the glass' transparency.  
Microsoft downsizes, drops 18,000 employees 2014-07-21
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the company will have fewer layers of management and extend the scope of managerial responsibility to create "more productive, impactful teams."  
Cadence unveils FPGA-based rapid prototyping platform 2014-07-21
The Protium FPGA-based next-generation rapid prototyping platform offers adjustable levels of performance and supports a combination of transaction-level and RTL verification.  
Atmel eyes 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth modules 2014-07-18
The two modules involved in the acquisition deal with NMI will complete Atmel's wireless portfolio, which includes low-power Wi-Fi and powerline communications sourced from previous buyouts  
Bluetooth to Thread: Bluetooth LE is de facto IoT standard 2014-07-18
The Thread networking protocol is said to combine the best parts of existing approaches to provide a better way to connect products, a low-power approach Bluetooth SIG claims to have been doing already.  
Broadcom takes on small cell market with indoor-use devices 2014-07-18
The BCM617XX 3G and 4G LTE chips claim to deliver data rates up to 300Mb/s, support LTE carrier aggregation and have a digital RF front end.  
Touchscreen to feature display with texture 2014-07-18
When sliding your fingers across the display, this surface haptic effect reproduces skin sensations as if you were tracing actual objects on the display. The current prototype is able to emulate a given texture within an area covering multiple electrodes.  
Imagination delivers tiny GPU for IoT, Android Wear 2014-07-18
Touted as the smallest chip in the industry, the new GPU from Imagination Technologies performs at up to 1GFlops and up to 250MPx/s, making it ideal for IoT and wearable devices  
Nest Labs develops IoT protocol for the home 2014-07-17
Thread, low-power mesh networking protocol, is one of a growing number of efforts to unify or supply some missing piece for the highly fragmented Internet of Things sector  
Wind River ecosystem program aims to speed NFV deployment 2014-07-17
The Titanium Cloud ecosystem program will allow the development of an ecosystem of interoperable standard products optimised for deployment with Carrier Grade Communications Server  
Seeing beyond CMOS: Turning blueprints to reality 2014-07-17
An Imec fellow is looking at many ideas floating around CMOS that can be tested and tried out, and see if they can be put to use and if a technology can be built from them.  
Nano-pixels open path for flexible, high-res displays 2014-07-17
Manipulation of phase change materials could lead to low-energy, foldable screens for applications such as smart glasses and synthetic retinas, according to Oxford University Professor Harish Bhaskaran who led the research  
Intel reveals rising CPU sales amid falling mobile revenue 2014-07-17
Stacy J. Smith, Intel's CFO and EVP, attributed the decrease to losses in the 2G, 3G and multi-communications sectors as the industry transfers to LTE  
Nano-sized SiO electrodes to advance Li-ion cells 2014-07-16
A group of researchers found industrial potential to produce nano-sized composite silicon-based powders as negative electrodes for the next generation lithium ion batteries  
Cypress licenses 55nm embedded NVM IP to UMC 2014-07-16
Cypress' silicon oxide nitride oxide silicon (SONOS) IP claims to deliver an easy-to-integrate nonvolatile memory cell with unmatched scalability for future development  
Elastic Storage ascends to the cloud 2014-07-16
IBM's storage-as-a-service platform leverages the fully-supported storage environment running on SoftLayer, delivering added storage capacity and scalability in the cloud  
UMC qualifies Cypress' 55nm SONOS embedded NVM process 2014-07-16
SONOS delivers intrinsically high yields and reliability, 10 years of data retention, 100,000 program/erase endurance cycles, and robust resistance to soft errors.  
MEMS sensor market to rebound to all time high, says analyst 2014-07-15
IC Insights said total MEMS semiconductor sales, sensors and actuators are forecast to grow 14 per cent in 2014 to reach a record-high of $8 billion, surpassing the annual peak of $7.1 billion set in 2011  
Nanofibre networks aimed at flexible, transparent electrodes 2014-07-15
2D aluminum nanofibre networks offering transparent conductors were fabricated by simple wet chemical etching of Al metalised polymer films using an electrospun polystyrene nanofibre mask template.  
Intelligent sensors boast haptic feedback 2014-07-15
Fraunhofer ISC's Centre for Smart Materials (CeSMa) developed what it describes as a type of smart materials that has potential to be used to create intelligent sensors with haptic feedback  
Vishay to buy Capella Microsystems for $205M 2014-07-15
Vishay, said to be one of the world's largest makers of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components, will buy Capella, a fabless IC design company specialising in optoelectronic products  
Tetrapod quantum dots emit unique light frequency 2014-07-15
Apart from enhancing colour accuracy in displays and boosting output of solar cells, the tiny crystals are now being explored for anti-counterfeiting application  

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