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Novel method pinpoints short circuits in power grids 2015-11-13
EPFL researchers have come up with a technique to determine the exact location of short circuits in a power grid, a technology based on the theory of electromagnetic time reversal  
Self-driving cars: From hype to road tests 2015-11-13
Self driving cars have moved on to road tests and inched up Gartner's 2015 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies report  
Free, open-source IoT networks move closer to reality 2015-11-13
The Things Network foundation aims to offer a free and open source IoT data network that would eradicate expensive infrastructure deployments, data plans and monthly subscriptions to connect IoT devices.  
Autonomous cars seen to drive chip sales 2015-11-13
Infineon Technologies, maker of sensors that include those used in autonomous driving, sees growth in chip sales despite weak total vehicle purchases. STMicroelectronics also expects strong growth in demand for futuristic cars  
Nvidia, Q'comm drive nascent commercial drone industry 2015-11-12
Consumer drones are effectively flying video cameras, attracting chipmakers like Qualcomm with its 4K-capable Snapdragon. Nvidia joined the flying party, banking on its powerful GPU to win customers.  
Car market keeps semiconductor industry afloat 2015-11-12
IC Insights revealed that the automotive industry's demand shows the strongest growth across the industry while traditional demand boosters such as computer and consumer markets show lacklustre growth  
ARM-based servers, SoCs link IoT devices to cloud 2015-11-12
During its recent annual conference, ARM highlighted its portfolio that allows servers, mobile devices and web services to penetrate the cloud, allowing it to move further up the IoT race.  
Deep learning, AI drive innovations in car industry 2015-11-11
AI technology application areas include machine vision and speech recognition, both of which have huge relevance for automotive and transportation  
LoRa, Ingenu to expand IoT networks in India, US 2015-11-11
A handful of LPWA networks aim to fill a gap in unlicensed bands that cellular providers aim to plug in licensed bands with emerging cellular standards expected to be finished in the next year  
TE Connectivity to sell its circuit protection devices biz 2015-11-11
TE's CPD business, which has a broad presence serving the communications, mobile computing, industrial, automotive and battery industries, will be sold to Littelfuse for $350 million  
Renesas, Nevs team up for China's new energy vehicle market 2015-11-10
The strategic partnership between the companies will see the development of high-end automotive control systems for new energy vehicles such as automotive information systems and ADAS  
Toyota invests $1B for AI, robotics research 2015-11-10
Toyota will invest $1 billion to create an AI and robotics research institute headed by former DARPA project manager and MIT professor Gill Pratt. Its mission will extend beyond self-driving cars.  
The importance of a sustainable manufacturing plan 2015-11-10
The manufacturing industry contributes $10.13 trillion to the global economy but despite recent innovations in electronics, thin battery technology and design engineering have stumped many business leaders  
Google walks on eggshells on rumoured Android chip 2015-11-10
Rumours are going around that Google held discussions with silicon vendors about co-developing chip designs, including a phone's main processor to make significant headway in Android OS  
Solar PV prod'n, shipments seen to decline by 1H16 2015-11-10
IHS predicted that global PV installations will rise by 33 per cent in 2015, to reach 58.7GW, but growth will slow to 12 per cent in 2016, allowing global solar PV demand to reach 65.5GW next year  
MIT team shows how to better harness energy from sunlight 2015-11-09
The team found that the absorption of visible light is directly controlled by how deeply the electrons spill over the interface between the metal and the dielectric, which is key to better solar cells.  
Artesyn platform aims to slash cost of security gateways 2015-11-09
Artesyn and Clavister unleashed the Centellis Security Edition platform that cuts the cost of developing and deploying virtual and cloud-based security gateways as compared with rack mount servers.  
Intel expands portfolio to target IoT, cloud 2015-11-09
The company announced its first processor in years that is not compatible with its x86 architecture, and a small company in Sweden shared its story of working on another Intel IoT chip  
Improving supply chains through innovation 2015-11-09
Innovation tends to be considered a bad word in the supply chain space, because the supply function generally focuses on risk mitigation  
Indian start-ups get funding from Cisco 2015-11-09
The investment will come from the ₹240.9 crore allocation to the India Innovation theme, which was launched in June 2014. The fund focuses on connected mobility, big data and IoT  
NASA New Horizon mission to Pluto: Successes and challenges 2015-11-06
This article puts the New Horizons spacecraft and its voyage to Pluto on the spotlight and shows the challenges to electronic systems on a long journey in space  
Electronics fund gives local designs a major boost 2015-11-06
Dubbed as the "fund of funds," the EDF will provide risk capital to start-ups, companies and the academe to locally design and make new products in electronics, nano-electronics and IT  
Tata Comms begins LPWAN wireless network trials in India 2015-11-06
The company said the network, which is a wireless communication technology dedicated to IoT/M2M communications, will drive further deployment of IoT applications in the country  
UHD TV panel demand to reach 67M units in 2016 2015-11-06
IHS forecasted that the demand for ultra-high definition TV panels will increase by 67 per cent from 2015, which will make up about 40 per cent of the display market  
Charge your electric vehicle with solar power at home 2015-11-05
Surplus power from large photovoltaic systems on the rooftops of houses can be fed into the public grid and be used for charging the household electric vehicle  
Intel debuts processors, software for IoT cloud 2015-11-05
The chip company announced three Quark processors as well as two MCU-class operating systems and software as its latest solutions for the Internet of Things  
A4WP, PMA combine to form AirFuel Alliance 2015-11-05
AirFuel Alliance aims to outdo multimode systems that operate with close-coupled inductive and resonant charging standards.  
Design pitfall to avoid: Product definition is paramount 2015-11-05
Developing the sales brochure is the first step in developing a new product, but this seldom happens since every group involved in the design process goes off to figure out their part of the product  
EnSilica opens design centre for analogue, mixed-signal ICs 2015-11-04
The Bristol office will provide more localised support capabilities for the company's customers in the area and, additionally, house a centralised design centre that will act as a centre of excellence  
Tata Power, Lotus Temple team up for renewable solar project 2015-11-04
Tata Power Solar commissioned a 120kWp solar plant at the Baha'i House of Worship, popularly known as Lotus Temple, located in New Delhi  

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