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Team-up develops geo-location system without GPS 2014-04-16
Movea and others plan to spend $8.5 million on a project to develop a module that measures the location and movements of people inside buildings and in other areas where GPS is not available  
Amazon's smartphone pegged as another self-serving device 2014-04-16
The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon is planning to enter the saturated smartphone market with its own handset expected for June  
Porous silicon uses solar energy to generate hydrogen 2014-04-15
Mechanical engineers from Penn State manufactured porous silicon that can use solar energy to generate hydrogen from water and could be used as the anode in a lithium ion battery  
Land Rover lets drivers see through bonnet, engine bay 2014-04-15
The Transparent Bonnet technology provides an augmented reality view of the terrain in front of the car as well as the angle and position of the front wheels to assist driving over a steep incline  
Researchers bring autonomous driving closer to reality 2014-04-15
University of Parma researchers developed the vehicle DEEVA will incorporate systems to compute distances and motion as well as techniques to blend data from cameras and laser sensors in real-time  
Recovering gold from mobile scrap using mushrooms 2014-04-15
Researchers from Finland developed a biological filter made of mushroom mycelium mats that could recover of as much as 80 per cent of the gold in electronic scrap  
Optical device could boost optical information processing 2014-04-14
Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have used the same phenomenon to build an optical device that may lead to new and more powerful computers that run faster and cooler  
Freescale debuts next-gen SoC for small cell base stations 2014-04-14
The QorIQ Qonverge B4860 was developed in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent and is aimed at dense urban areas where cellular data use can swamp traditional networks  
MOCVD market leaders to retain dominance, analyst says 2014-04-14
Despite the strong growth of the LED TV market in 2010 and an increase in MOCVD industry competition, Yole Developpement, said the three MOCVD reactor market leaders will remain unchanged  
TI, Cisco extend IoT, cloud team up 2014-04-14
TI named eight IoT cloud service partners and said more are on the way, while Cisco launched a challenge for IoT startups and promised to work with the winners  
Quantum plasmonic tunnelling spawns high-speed electronics 2014-04-14
Singapore scientists developed electrical circuits that can operate at hundreds of terahertz frequencies, which is tens of thousands times faster than today's modern microprocessors.  
Panasonic supplied faulty Vaio Fit batteries, claims Sony 2014-04-14
Sony has identified Panasonic's batteries as the main culprit for the overheating problems of its Vaio Fit 11A laptop. Panasonic claims other clients have not complained  
Can 4K OLED give ailing TV market a lift? 2014-04-14
The move to 4K could be seen as a desperate attempt by the TV industry to reverse the two consecutive years of decline since the 2011 peak of 255 million units shipped globally, according to NPD DisplaySearch.  
Six trends in high-speed memory technologies 2014-04-11
Aside from DDR4, there are a number of other high-speed memory technologies that can increase the performance of servers, systems and SoCs.  
Microsoft prototypes Windows OS for car infotainment 2014-04-11
Windows in the Car utilises the MirrorLink technology to integrate a smartphone into the vehicle and allows users to play music stored on the smartphone while displaying the cover photos  
ARM shifts future compilers under LLVM open source license 2014-04-11
ARM Compiler 6 supports the coming 64bit ARMv8 architecture and will be integrated into future versions of the DS-5 development suite for high- and SoC development  
Degradation crucial to extending lifetime of solar cells 2014-04-11
A degradation mechanism of solar cells has been discovered by the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology that could help pave the way to creating longer lifetime cells  
Imec, ROHM team up for ultra-low power radio 2014-04-10
The strategic partnership for research collaboration on ultra-low power (ULP) radio technology is intended for small battery-operated wireless devices  
Fujitsu unveils data transfer acceleration tech 2014-04-10
Fujitsu's research team utilised data deduplication and compression to cut the volume of data transfers, enabling greater transfer speeds with only software. It can be applied to various types of network environments used for cloud and mobile applications  
Chemists turn cellulose into building blocks for supercapacitors 2014-04-10
Oregon State University chemists found that cellulose be heated in a furnace in the presence of ammonia, and can be changed into high-tech energy storage devices  
IoT start-up calls for independence from traditional networks 2014-04-10
Avoiding mobile operators is key to success says Will Franks, CEO of UK-based IoT start-up Senaptic.  
Improving LED efficiency through indium nitride nanostructures 2014-04-09
According to a UM researcher, the semiconductor InN at the few-nanometre size range offers a promising approach to engineering efficient, visible light emission at tailored wavelengths.  
ARM on board SPI's Open Sensor Platform 2014-04-09
SPI gained support from ARM with its open-source platform for sensor hubs, aimed at simplifying data collection. OSP is a framework of algorithms for bringing together disparate sensors and MPUs from different manufacturers to accomplish complex tasks  
Local start-up promises month-long battery life for wearables 2014-04-09
Ineda is aiming to provide SoCs that meet the low-power and long battery-life requirements of wearable electronic devices. The company is targeting its 'Dhanush' SoCs to address the demanded system prices of both high- and low-end wearables.  
Research: Using the sun to create cost-effective solar cells 2014-04-09
The work from OSU claims to cut the cost of solar energy, speed production, use environmentally benign materials, and make the sun almost a 'one-stop shop' that produces materials for solar devices  
DAS alerts drivers of traffic signals 2014-04-09
Honda plans to test its driver-assist system, which uses onboard GPS systems and IR sensors, to warn drivers of upcoming traffic signals and react appropriately even if the driver isn't prepared to.  
Understanding the need to evolve distribution channels 2014-04-09
Like the retail industry in general, the distribution channels for electronics now must shift with the currents of new customer bases and demands, instead of remaining staid and relatively stable  
element14 announces inductive sensing challenge 2014-04-09
The global design competition aims to encourage participating engineers to design and develop innovative products based on Texas Instruments' LDC1000 inductance-to-digital converter.  
Moore's Law slowdown gives way to hardware resurgence 2014-04-08
Andrew Huang, a research affiliate at MIT, shared his insights about Moore's Law and how its slowing will result in rising innovation in the chip  
Samsung leaks Jobs' email calling for "Holy War with Google 2014-04-08
Steve Jobs's email to the Apple executive team detailing priorities for their annual strategy planning meeting has been submitted as evidence by Samsung. The South Korean firm is using the email in defence of patent infringement charges filed against it by Apple  


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