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Tetrapod quantum dots emit unique light frequency 2014-07-15
Apart from enhancing colour accuracy in displays and boosting output of solar cells, the tiny crystals are now being explored for anti-counterfeiting application  
Confronting IoT issues: Practicality and efficacy 2014-07-15
Although Internet of Things seems to be a big deal, are everyday use-cases for the connected home the best that the technology can deliver  
Samsung pits itself against Qualcomm in LTE 2014-07-15
The South Korean giant is powering its LTE combo chip with its own quad-core Exynos processor, and designing other chips out of its tablets and handsets. But can Samsung get Qualcomm in the process  
TSMC believed to ship iPhone 6 chips 2014-07-14
There have been consistent rumours that Apple is going to turn to TSMC for the next microprocessor that's going to be used in the iPhone 6, which is said to come out in September  
Built-in encryption leaves performance unharmed 2014-07-14
Contrary to perceptions that encryption at either the MCU or SSD level degrades the devices' performance, the built-in feature provides benefits beyond improved data protection  
Qualcomm to buy imaging biz from CSR 2014-07-14
The acquisition by Qualcomm provides a fit with its focus on smartphones where the camera function is becoming primary while the market for digital still cameras is declining  
Carbon nanotubes to make portable IBM Watson a reality 2014-07-14
H.S. Philip Wong, a Stanford researcher, described a theoretical 3D chip stack interleaving next-generation memory and logic technologies made with carbon nanotubes.  
Fibre-cable speeds travel through copper telephone wires 2014-07-14
Bell Labs developed a broadband-over-copper technology that uses 500MHz frequency range for up to 10Gbit/s transmission over short distances  
Nanoparticle ink to ease manufacturing of flexible devices 2014-07-14
Researchers from Japan said the nanoparticle ink can be used for printing electronics without high-temperature annealing, which offers a profitable approach for manufacturing flexible electronics  
Honda recalls 175,000 hybrid vehicles 2014-07-14
Considered as the first time in the industry, an automobile company has conceded that a software glitch in electronic control units could cause cars to accelerate suddenly, resulting in accidents  
IBM sets $3B R&D funds to advance chip technology 2014-07-14
A total of $3 billion have been allotted by IBM to two research initiatives that will push the limits of chip technology needed to meet the demands of cloud computing and Big Data systems.  
Analyst bullish about chip market this year 2014-07-14
Gartner forecasted that the global chip market will be worth $336 billion in 2014, up 6.7 per cent from 2013, in which sequential growth in 2Q14 is outpacing previous expectations  
Can Ara be more than just a Lego fan's pipe dream? 2014-07-11
A new community should be inspired to develop compelling modules that let users do things they can't do with today's smartphones. "If it's just today's phone and the pieces come off, it will be a big yawn," said Google's Kaigham Gabriel.  
Semiconductor leaders talk about industry's future—Part 1 2014-07-11
Apek Mulay engaged with thought leaders to ask what is next for the semiconductor industry. For part 1, he talked with the CEOs of ARM, Synopsys, Cadence, and Atrenta  
n-PERT solar cell boasts 21.5% conversion efficiency 2014-07-11
Imec developed a cell featuring an open circuit voltage of 677mV, a short circuit current of 39.1mA/cm2, and 81.3 per cent fill factor, and a rear blanket p+ emitter obtained by boron diffusion.  
Analyst: Cloud to boost mobile enterprise app market 2014-07-11
ABI Research said companies are seeking mobile application platforms deployed on-premise or in the cloud for the development and management of enterprise applications  
Silicon-sponge boosts Li-ion cell performance 2014-07-11
Scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory developed a sponge-like silicon material that enables lithium-ion batteries to store more energy and run longer on a single charge.  
Researchers use sand to boost Li-ion cell performance 2014-07-10
University of California, Riverside researchers developed what they describe as a lithium ion battery that beats the prevailing industry standard by three times.  
IoT consortium creates device-to-device comms standards 2014-07-10
Tech giants—Atmel, Broadcom, Dell, Intel, Samsung, as well as Wind River—form an open interconnect group that will advance interoperability for IoT  
NXP delivers one-chip wireless design to connect cars 2014-07-10
RoadLINK products take C2X communications to the next level by bringing safety-critical information to the driver significantly faster than current, conventional applications can.  
R&S to cease using HAMEG name 2014-07-10
HAMEG-made instruments had been carrying both company names but now that R&S established itself as a major player in the oscilloscope market, the company decided to drop the HAMEG name  
InvenSense makes $80M high-yield acquisitions 2014-07-10
The move to acquire Movea and TPI involves sensor software and algorithm technology that will facilitate InvenSense's footprint expansion in indoor and outdoor navigation market  
Ceva catches RivieraWaves to scale IP connectivity market 2014-07-10
The IP licensor is beefing up its portfolio with the $19 million acquisition of France-based vendor boasting blue chip semiconductor licensees, with expectations of raising margins by 25 per cent in 2015  
BMW, Daimler make headway in EV inductive charging 2014-07-10
The inductive charging schemes allow many plug-in hybrids to be powered completely in less than three hours at 3.6kW. To take higher battery capacities for pure EVs into account, the future wireless charging technology standard offers the option to increase the charging power to 7kW  
Mentor Graphics acquires XS Embedded 2014-07-10
Mentor is now well positioned to address the cross-functional collaboration needs required to address the trends towards integration of ADAS, driver information, and infotainment domains.  
Electronics distributors highlight DIY community 2014-07-09
The evolution of design kits, as well as the increasing importance of software, emphasizes the importance of amateur designers and electronics hobbyists in the industry  
ST steps up automotive partnerships with China, India 2014-07-09
STMicroelectronics teamed up with Changan and previously with Great Wall and FAW Group to boost China's car market, while enjoying close strategic working relationships with India's car industry leaders.  
Intel seeks open-source analytics for big data 2014-07-09
The company is working on an upgrade of its version of Hadoop that blends in features from the distribution provided by Cloudera, an open-source supplier of the code  
Semiconductor sales project growth across the globe 2014-07-09
Sales in the Asia Pacific increased 8.6 per cent year-over-year in May, while the Americas led the growth with 10.6 per cent, marking the region's twelfth consecutive month of double-digit growth  
Panasonic to develop 14nm SoCs at Intel 2014-07-09
The Japanese company is the sixth announced customer for a foundry business that Intel said is strategic and expanding its packaging capabilities in its 14nm technology  

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