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Military tech innovation: Wearables for soldiers 2015-08-21
Technological innovation in the military sees huge investments driving significant advances in weaponry, communications, armour, vehicles, right through to exoskeletons and battlefield medicine  
Ericsson to hire 82 engineers for R&D centre in Bangalore 2015-08-20
Ericsson will hire engineers for its Bangalore R&D centre, which will focus on developing technologies in the areas of cloud, IP routing, network function virtualisation and virtual platforms  
Intel Skylake: Analysts say what's good and what's not 2015-08-20
Skylake is Intel's first SoC to combine an image processor and a sensor hub, blocks that have long been staples of smartphone SoCs, and supports mobile friendly peripherals such as eMMC and UFS memory.  
Google project eases solar panel installation 2015-08-20
Using Google's mapping and computing resources, Project Sunroof affords users personalised roof analyses to help them calculate the best solar plan based on their individual roofs and locations.  
Low-power sub-1GHz Wi-Fi targets IoT 2015-08-19
The IEEE 802.11 working group is defining a new standard called 802.11ah based on down-clocking of the 802.11ac standard and adds some enhancements in PHY and MAC layers  
Improving security of connected cars 2015-08-19
A trusted system is one whose identity and integrity posture are assured and verified before that system is authorised to perform a specific function or to access or update specific information.  
Microscopic rake boosts PV cell efficiency 2015-08-18
A team of researchers has come up with a way to double the electricity output of inexpensive solar cells by using a microscopic rake when applying light-harvesting polymers.  
Intel's M&A history: Should it worry Altera? 2015-08-18
Although Intel has made it clear that Altera would get the attention it deserves after the acquisition closes, plenty of sceptics are doubtful about the Intel-Altera deal, both external and internal to Altera.  
Display materials see growth in H2 2015 2015-08-18
The total AMOLED materials market, including both the fine-metal mask red-green-blue and WOLED types, will grow 54 per cent year over year to reach $658 million in 2015, according to IHS  
Forthcoming Intel server to use 3D Crosspoint memory chips 2015-08-17
The Purley servers will include dual in-line memory modules using the 3D Crosspoint memories Intel and Micron announced, with parts expected to be priced at about $4/GB or about half the price of DDR4 DRAMs  
Chromebook display shipments rise as traditional sizes fall 2015-08-17
In 1H15, panel shipments in the 15in range dropped from 44.5 million to 38.4 million units, said IHS, while display shipments in the 11in range have grown from eight million units to 11 million units  
Samsung phones to pack Exynos 7, not Qualcomm 2015-08-17
The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge use a 64bit 14nm Exynos 7 octacore processor with four cores running at 1.5GHz and four at 2.1GHz in systems featuring fast charging capability  
A smart look inside Intel and Micron's 3D XPoint 2015-08-17
With both Intel and Micron on how they solved the 3D XPoint memory problem without using phase change memory, Ron Neale put on his inventor's hat and offered some further speculation.  
Broadcom exec answers car Ethernet questions 2015-08-17
There's some degree of concern about Broadcom's intellectual property, and most important, which car OEMs, other than BMW, are now the BroadR-Reach.  
Qualcomm lays groundwork for Snapdragon 820 2015-08-14
The chip promises to offer image processing capabilities with DSLR-like quality photography, and will be able to handle up to one 25MP, or two 12MP sensors that could be used for depth sensing cameras  
Madhya Pradesh boasts cheapest solar power 2015-08-14
Companies are ready to sell solar energy to Madhya Pradesh for as low as $0.08 per unit for a period of more than 20 years. The price is lower than what the Delhi pays to thermal power companies  
Asia pushes beyond 4G with LTE carrier aggregation 2015-08-13
Operators often have several different bands of spectrum available to them. Increasing demand for higher bandwidth is egging Asia's operators to stitch bands together through carrier aggregation  
Screenless display market to approach $5.59B in 2020 2015-08-13
Grand View Research revealed that the proliferation of external monitors, reading devices and mobile phones with large screens serve as key enablers for the industry  
RF opportunities for weak mobile infrastructure 2015-08-13
The report from Mobile Experts, which analyses transceivers for bandwidth, power level and other factors, couldn't have picked a better time just as the market seems to slow down  
Aricent subsumes SmartPlay for $180M 2015-08-12
The merged company hopes to fill a need for implementing custom silicon for servers, game consoles and other systems adding security, graphics and other accelerators to standard chipsets  
Smart, high-tech devices to fuel global smart fabric market 2015-08-11
Grand View Research predicted that the global smart textile/fabric market will be valued at $1.59 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 24.1 per cent from 2013 to 2020.  
Xiaomi, Foxconn to make smartphones in India 2015-08-11
Xiaomi, the world's third largest smartphone maker, has tied up with Taiwan's Foxconn to make smartphones in Andhra Pradesh, boosting the Make in India campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi  
Building-integrated solar photovoltaic starts to heat up 2015-08-10
The latest forecast from n-tech Research revealed that the total market for BIPV systems will triple from about $3 billion in 2015 to more than $9 billion in 2019, and rise to $26 billion by 2022  
Automotive Ethernet starts to gain momentum 2015-08-10
A group of chip companies such as Broadcom and NXP and car OEMs such as BMW have embraced the automotive Ethernet standard, "BroadR-Reach," defined by OPEN Alliance industry group.  
Project finds how autonomous cars should talk with each other 2015-08-10
The Ko-HAF project proposal is based on a backend solution that enables the vehicles to constantly communicate with each other using a safety server in the cloud and through 3G/4G mobile networks  
Foxconn returns with $5B investment 2015-08-10
Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group will invest $5 billion in a manufacturing facility in Maharashtra over the next five years, which will generate at least 50,000 jobs in the state  
Apple denies plans to be a mobile operator 2015-08-07
While it isn't rare for Apple to be at the centre of tech's rumour mill, but it is strange for the company to directly repudiate industry speculation  
Make in India could create a bubble economy 2015-08-07
When it comes to the Make in India initiative, not only has the government not endorsed any free market policies, its economic policy makers have also not learnt any lessons from other countries  
Global IC packaging markets rake in $48B in 2014 2015-08-07
According to New Venture Research, the IC packaging market is experiencing robust health with worldwide revenues and YoY growth exceeding 10 per cent.  
Virginia Tech team creates energy-harvesting shock absorber 2015-08-07
Researchers at Virginia Tech's College of Engineering developed a shock absorber system geared to harvest large-scale vibrational energy from a car's suspension.  

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