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DAS alerts drivers of traffic signals 2014-04-09
Honda plans to test its driver-assist system, which uses onboard GPS systems and IR sensors, to warn drivers of upcoming traffic signals and react appropriately even if the driver isn't prepared to.  
Understanding the need to evolve distribution channels 2014-04-09
Like the retail industry in general, the distribution channels for electronics now must shift with the currents of new customer bases and demands, instead of remaining staid and relatively stable  
element14 announces inductive sensing challenge 2014-04-09
The global design competition aims to encourage participating engineers to design and develop innovative products based on Texas Instruments' LDC1000 inductance-to-digital converter.  
Moore's Law slowdown gives way to hardware resurgence 2014-04-08
Andrew Huang, a research affiliate at MIT, shared his insights about Moore's Law and how its slowing will result in rising innovation in the chip  
Samsung leaks Jobs' email calling for "Holy War with Google 2014-04-08
Steve Jobs's email to the Apple executive team detailing priorities for their annual strategy planning meeting has been submitted as evidence by Samsung. The South Korean firm is using the email in defence of patent infringement charges filed against it by Apple  
Cloud service enables secure notifications in mobile devices 2014-04-08
IBM developed a service that lets applications encrypt data notifications and assign a unique message ID in the cloud that is securely transmitted to a mobile device via a third-party provider  
Apple, Samsung assert infringement claims 2014-04-08
Apple accused Samsung of copying a patented iPhone feature, while Samsung suggested Apple was considering for its iPhone5 larger screens and batteries, following the success of its Samsung Galaxy phones  
Cooperative systems outdo ADAS, says analyst 2014-04-08
Cooperative systems, which include vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, are better suited at keeping the traffic flowing or finding alternative routes, said Frost & Sullivan.  
Nujira receives $20M for envelope tracking tech 2014-04-08
Envelope tracking is a power supply technique for improving the energy efficiency of RF power amplifiers, and replaces the fixed DC supply voltage to the RF PA with a dynamic supply voltage  
Microchip underscores difficult times for IC industry 2014-04-07
The semiconductor industry's business model "is really broken" with more belt tightening and consolidation ahead. Mergers won't guarantee survival, said Microchip CEO Steve Sanghi.  
DRAM shortage, price surge offer respite to some 2014-04-07
According to Gartner, the global semiconductor market increased five per cent last year to a record $315 billion, despite a nearly 10 per cent drop in PC sales and a smartphone market  
Research: X-ray method offers route to non-toxic solar cells 2014-04-07
A team at Nantes University discovered solar panel absorber materials that aim to speed up the development of non-toxic alternatives to current absorbers in thin film based solar cells  
Telit Wireless rolls car telematics business 2014-04-07
Telit revamped the Automotive Telematics On-board unit Platform business that it acquired from NXP and named it Telit Wireless Solutions to offer telematics services for car OEMs and tier ones markets  
Micrium preps itself for IoT 2014-04-07
The RTOS and embedded software supplier is poised to announce new partners supplying a streamlined Java virtual machine and hosted cloud services for IoT  
Building the path for faster design, innovation 2014-04-07
The CTO of Flextronics, who presented a keynote centred on accelerating innovation at the Silicon Valley Open Innovation Summit, hopes to propose a new approach to product innovation.  
Microsoft aggressive in pushing Windows for mobile space 2014-04-07
Microsoft, which is offering its OS free of charge to smartphone and tablet makers, is lagging behind in the market and will try to maintain a grip in the rapidly evolving portable device landscape  
Panel discusses effect of Russia sanctions 2014-04-04
According to the CEO of a government-owned investment company in Russia, the worst thing talks about potential sanctions will do is drain trust, or make people fearful about doing things in Russia  
Analyst: BIPV glass market to break $2.7B mark in 2019 2014-04-04
NanoMarkets forecasted that the market for building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) glass shipments will exceed 7.6 million square metres by 2021  
ON Semi eyes industrial sector with Truesense acquisition 2014-04-04
Truesense Imaging will be purchased by ON Semiconductor for $92 million as part of the latter's initiative to boost its presence in the industrial end-market segment  
Antimony nanocrystals as substitute for energy storage 2014-04-04
Researchers from Empa and ETH Zurich revealed that for the first time, they were able to produce uniform antimony nanocrystals that can store a large number of both lithium and sodium ions  
Nokia's dual-SIM phones target developing markets 2014-04-04
The Snapdragon-sporting Windows Phone 8.1 Nokia phones are intended at consumers who buy phones at much lower price points, but promise to deliver an uncompromised Lumia experience.  
Why is onshoring gaining ground? 2014-04-04
In the next 12 months, as many as one third of American businesses say they are likely to move goods and services back from overseas, potentially recapturing five per cent of overall U.S. procurement  
Freescale, Broadcom offer park assist sol'n to economy cars 2014-04-04
Freescale teamed up with Broadcom to develop a compact MCU integrated with BroadR-Reach automotive Ethernet PHY to provide park-assist and blind-spot detection to economy cars.  
Programmable materials seen to revolutionize mechanics 2014-04-04
A team of researchers developed a prototype of a vibration-damping material that is not only capable of damping vibrations completely, but can also specifically conduct certain frequencies further.  
Apple in talks to buy Renesas SP Drivers 2014-04-04
According to a Japanese news service, Apple is in the move to acquire a major manufacturer of small- and midsize driver chips for LCDs used in its iPhone screens  
Homegrown navigation satellite set for lift off 2014-04-03
IRNSS-1B is scheduled for takeoff April 4 aboard launch vehicle PSLV-C24 at the Sriharikota spaceport. Once in orbit, this regional navigation satellite is expected to reduce India's dependence on GPS and GLONASS  
Beating the odds with better value proposition 2014-04-03
Ever since the Internet bubble burst in the early 2000s, it feels as if many members of the electronics supply chain have traded "irrational exuberance" for an over-abundance of caution  
Researchers reveal truth behind solar cell efficiency 2014-04-03
A team of researchers from North Carolina State University stated that solar cell efficiency is based upon a delicate balance between the size and purity of the interior layers, or domains.  
Road debris reason behind Tesla car battery fires 2014-04-03
Three Tesla Model S cars destroyed by fire after running over road debris did not represent a "defect trend" is the conclusion of a US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report.  
Samsung chairman must face fraud case in Ghaziabad court 2014-04-03
The Supreme Court issued a warrant for Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee to appear before the Ghaziabad trial court to face allegations of his company's involvement in a fraud case worth Rs.8.64 crore  


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