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Has flexible OLED cleared its last hurdle? 2014-11-19
The last remaining hurdle to flexible, bendable, rollable OLED displays allowing designers to create myriad devices that can bend, flex and conform to almost any shape over and over without damage has been solved by Kateeva Inc.  
Novel software defeats malware, automatically repairs damage 2014-11-18
University of Utah computer scientists developed the software called A3, or Advanced Adaptive Applications, which is designed to protect servers or similar business-grade computers that run on Linux  
Dampened flops: Supercomputer performance growth slows down 2014-11-18
The latest ranking of the world's top 500 supercomputers reflects a trend to slight change and slackening growth in performance  
Open-source tool brings car to the cloud 2014-11-18
The CARduino is an open source car-to-cloud connectivity device with onboard sensors and network interfaces that allows you to personalise your automobile on a system level.  
E-medicine: What India needs to have better medical systems 2014-11-17
Shrinking designs and high-precision requirements that challenge the country's medical electronics sector drive, in part, large-scale imports of equipment. Some industry leaders believe that wearable electronics are the way ahead  
Stuxnet origin traced to 5 companies 2014-11-17
The targeting of companies working within Iran's industrial system supply chain demonstrates the example of a supply-chain attack vector, where the malware attacks an organisation indirectly via networks of partners that it may work with.  
Toshiba, Cisco team up to build a smart community 2014-11-17
Toshiba and Cisco intend to jointly drive digital solutions in manufacturing, transportation and smart cities with an Internet of Everything focused framework  
Facebook opens single-system-powered data centre 2014-11-17
The tech giant's newest datacentre in Altoona, Iowa employs a high-performance networking architecture, which features smaller existing 40G switches in a new topology rather than the bigger, faster aggregation switches datacenters sometimes use  
Fujitsu to drive business innovation through IoT platform 2014-11-17
The Human-Centric IoT platform is a comprehensive systems environment that enables access to an easy-to-use cloud-based application development environment.  
IoT boom to revolutionise supply chain 2014-11-17
The potential flood of information from connected devices has the potential to let modern supply chains differentiate themselves with internal and external customers and suppliers.  
Static, moving cameras talk to each other to track humans 2014-11-17
University of Washington researchers found a way to automatically track people across moving and still cameras by using an algorithm that trains the networked cameras to learn one another's differences.  
Tiny circulator could double your phone's bandwidth 2014-11-14
A much smaller, more efficient radio wave circulator has the potential to double the useful bandwidth in wireless communications by enabling full-duplex functionality—meaning devices can transmit and receive signals on the same frequency band at the same time  
Microsoft open sources .Net, takes it to rival OS 2014-11-14
Microsoft open sources .Net, allowing the free code to run not only on Windows operating system but also on Linux or Apple's Mac, the company's OS rivals.  
Fruits of enterprise mobility: Android security gets upgrade 2014-11-14
BlackBerry and Samsung has teamed up to step-up the level of security of Android phones, with a platform that will wed the Canada-based company's BES12 EMM solution and the tech giant's KNOX software for Samsung smartphones  
Juniper CEO steps down: What happened? 2014-11-13
Juniper Networks CEO Shaygan Kheradpir was fired after less than a year on the job. And he was asked to resign for a very odd reason—his conduct during a customer negotiation  
Hardware security is key to IoT's future 2014-11-13
The semiconductor industry looks expectantly to the Internet of Things for yet another facelift, while also recognising that the IoT may provide an opportunity for hardware-based security providers. But this will also require companies to move into software for data and cloud management issues  
Car safety cannot take a back seat 2014-11-13
News about the lack of safety in some Indian cars has been doing the rounds recently. We've been highlighting the need for safety for some time and I have picked these tutorials for you  
Beyond battery: What will fuel future electric vehicles? 2014-11-12
The battery-powered car is making inroads, but the battery itself poses several problems, including slow charging, short lifespan and even safety hazards. Still, the automotive industry and even labs around the world are working on beyond Li-ion technologies that will ensure faster cars can travel farther.  
Expanding use cases for all-flash arrays 2014-11-12
Skyera recently introduced the second generation of its all-flash array, skyHawk FS, which lets enterprises upgrade their storage infrastructures to flash for the same price of spinning disk  
Morbe Dam to accommodate 20MW solar panel installation 2014-11-11
Ray Power Experts will carry out the ₹162 crore project in Navi Mumbai—India's first-ever solar project built on a dam  
Global microsensor market to grow 10% till 2019 2014-11-11
Technological advancements and increasing adoption in automobiles, mobile phones, medical and industrial equipment, and military/civil aircraft propel growth in the microsensor market globally  
75% of cars will have self-driving features by 2035 2014-11-11
Navigant Research stated that although legal and regulatory barriers remain an issue to full adoption of autonomous vehicles, the technology has the potential to transform the automobile industry.  
Beyond the syllabus: What do engineers really need? 2014-11-10
Engineering curricula are packed with too many classes in too short a period of time. Looking over syllabuses today it appears EE requirements are more realistic, though it's hard to know how practical a class is by the descriptions. But more electronics appears to be taught than in the past  
LED initiative reduces green gap phenomenon 2014-11-10
The 'Hi-Q-LED' project, coordinated by Osram Opto, revealed a green-emitting LED based on InGaN semiconductors that achieved record efficacy of 147lm/W at 530nm wavelength and 35nm spectral width.  
How do start-ups deal with the supply chain? 2014-11-10
With the rising number of start-up tech companies, it is appropriate to understand the nitty-gritty of their supply chain partners so as to avoid business operation woes.  
Smart battery to end 3am wakeup calls? 2014-11-10
After several years chasing Wi-Fi sockets in consumer gadgets, Roel Peeters got another idea. Sell a $35 smart, networked battery that consumers can plug into millions of existing smoke alarms  
Prototype flexible display uses magnetic logic unit sensors 2014-11-10
Crocus MLU technology implements both memory and logic functions and allows the thermally-assisted switching MRAM technology to provide high sensitivity and directionality for flexible displays  
Ready, set, go: Test drive to show off V2X comm tech 2014-11-07
The "Communicating Cars" test drive project will showcase the technology's efficiency in roadworks warning and traffic situation detection, running along a course between Vienna and Rotterdam  
Indian start-up develops more effective, less toxic MRI 2014-11-07
Imaging agents, which are small molecules that greatly improve the contrast in MR images, are administered intravenously or orally. However, they often are cleared rapidly through the kidney  
Weeding out culture of survival in engineering education 2014-11-06
Studying engineering is associated with a culture that involves suffering four painful years to earn a title and get a good job at the end. A professor believes that this reputation tends to scare people away rather than invite them in  

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