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Global microsensor market to grow 10% till 2019 2014-11-11
Technological advancements and increasing adoption in automobiles, mobile phones, medical and industrial equipment, and military/civil aircraft propel growth in the microsensor market globally  
Morbe Dam to accommodate 20MW solar panel installation 2014-11-11
Ray Power Experts will carry out the ₹162 crore project in Navi Mumbai—India's first-ever solar project built on a dam  
75% of cars will have self-driving features by 2035 2014-11-11
Navigant Research stated that although legal and regulatory barriers remain an issue to full adoption of autonomous vehicles, the technology has the potential to transform the automobile industry.  
Smart battery to end 3am wakeup calls? 2014-11-10
After several years chasing Wi-Fi sockets in consumer gadgets, Roel Peeters got another idea. Sell a $35 smart, networked battery that consumers can plug into millions of existing smoke alarms  
LED initiative reduces green gap phenomenon 2014-11-10
The 'Hi-Q-LED' project, coordinated by Osram Opto, revealed a green-emitting LED based on InGaN semiconductors that achieved record efficacy of 147lm/W at 530nm wavelength and 35nm spectral width.  
How do start-ups deal with the supply chain? 2014-11-10
With the rising number of start-up tech companies, it is appropriate to understand the nitty-gritty of their supply chain partners so as to avoid business operation woes.  
Beyond the syllabus: What do engineers really need? 2014-11-10
Engineering curricula are packed with too many classes in too short a period of time. Looking over syllabuses today it appears EE requirements are more realistic, though it's hard to know how practical a class is by the descriptions. But more electronics appears to be taught than in the past  
Prototype flexible display uses magnetic logic unit sensors 2014-11-10
Crocus MLU technology implements both memory and logic functions and allows the thermally-assisted switching MRAM technology to provide high sensitivity and directionality for flexible displays  
Ready, set, go: Test drive to show off V2X comm tech 2014-11-07
The "Communicating Cars" test drive project will showcase the technology's efficiency in roadworks warning and traffic situation detection, running along a course between Vienna and Rotterdam  
Indian start-up develops more effective, less toxic MRI 2014-11-07
Imaging agents, which are small molecules that greatly improve the contrast in MR images, are administered intravenously or orally. However, they often are cleared rapidly through the kidney  
Weeding out culture of survival in engineering education 2014-11-06
Studying engineering is associated with a culture that involves suffering four painful years to earn a title and get a good job at the end. A professor believes that this reputation tends to scare people away rather than invite them in  
Schoolboy gets Intel backing for low-cost Braille printer 2014-11-06
A 13-year-old schoolboy is possibly the world's youngest venture capital-backed entrepreneur. Shubham Banerjee's Braigo Labs Inc. received a seed round investment from Intel, which will be used to expand the teen's line of low-cost Braille printers.  
30,000 Wi-Fi access points to rise across India 2014-11-06
Ericsson will provide and manage Wi-Fi technology across India through Ozone Networks for a period of five years, under an as-a-Service model  
Handheld detectors get boost from new material 2014-11-05
When the sensor detects molecules from an explosive, deadly gas or drugs, they alter the electrical current through the nanotube materials, signalling the presence of any of those substances.  
Mercedes-Benz's new coupe is one huge solar panel 2014-11-05
Vision G-Code concept takes the form of a Sports Utility Coupe that is shorter than Mercedes-Benz's smallest crossover. But despite its compact form, the G-Code is packed with cutting-edge technology.  
Google's Project Ara prototype revealed 2014-11-05
Until now Google has remained relatively quiet about its modular smartphone, codenamed Project Ara, since its first developer conferences around the device last April. Now the company has announced two more developer conferences.  
Imagination seeks higher-performance computing edge 2014-11-04
The U.K.-based company came up with a strategy to be able to compete directly with Nvidia's Kepler and Maxwell, and it is to develop a technology that combines multi-core MIPS MPUs with PowerVR GPUs.  
IoT evolution: Pressure mounts on memory, Flash storage 2014-11-04
Big data is already putting pressure on IT infrastructures as digital information streams in from social networking sites, e-commerce, and a plethora of mobile devices. But as the Internet of Things evolves and wearables begin to flourish, what are the pressures for memory and Flash storage  
Intel to pony up $15 for Pentium 4 early adopters 2014-11-04
Intel Corp. agreed to a $15 settlement in a class action lawsuit claiming the company manipulated benchmark scores to show that its Pentium 4 chip, codenamed Willamette, was faster and better compared with the competition  
Low-cost battery triples driving range of electric cars 2014-11-04
Scientists have developed a new battery that is less expensive and can triple the driving range of electric cars. It can also double the working life of personal electronic devices.  
Times Ten: Behind India's space wins and CNTs for greener bulbs 2014-11-04
Every month, our editors look at the hottest news items, and we let you know if you have to catch up on them. From Mangalyaan to mergers and acquisitions in the semiconductor landscape, here's what you might have missed in October  
SunEdison nabs 5.15GW solar projects in Rajasthan, Karnataka 2014-11-03
The U.S.-based company will establish 150MW solar power plants for Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Ltd., and some 5GW in Rajasthan—solidifying its position in India's rapidly growing solar market  
'Black hole' material converts 90% of light to heat 2014-11-03
Engineers at UC San Diego have developed a nanoparticle-based material for concentrating solar power plants that converts 90 per cent of captured sunlight to heat  
Rocket failure highlights dangers of spaceflight 2014-11-03
The apparent failure of its refurbished main engines and the spectacular explosion of Orbital Sciences Corp.'s Antares rocket last week serves as a stark reminder that spaceflight remains an extremely hazardous business.  
Is it time for India's power grid to get smarter 2014-11-03
Pursuing aggressive renewable generation programmes alone is already a strong driver for smart grid investments in the country, since it is only by infusing intelligence into the grid that distributed renewable generation can be integrated into the power system. But smart systems are now being considered on a larger scale as a solution for generating the capacity required to power the homes of many people  
Lucky 3: Xiaomi now world's third largest mobile vendor 2014-10-31
China's Xiaomi's emergence as the world's third largest smartphone vendor in the last quarter should have surprised no one. However, it's a milestone significant enough to pose the question of how—not if—the rules have changed in the global smartphone market  
How to put up a million-dollar start-up 2014-10-31
Soft Machines CEO Mahesh Lingareddy always saw himself as more an entrepreneur than an engineer, and this proved to be true when he successfully brought his start-up to where it is now.  
Servers meet base band in C-RAN 2014-10-30
Server farms will play an increasing role in tomorrow's cellular networks, but the so-called cloud radio access networks (C-RANs) still face big technical challenges, according to one chip architect working in the area  
Layer-upon-layer printing fabricates 30kW inverter 2014-10-30
The printed-out inverter is made with a wide bandgap material made of silicon carbide to improve power density while reducing weight and volume.  
Solar glass price to rebound as oversupply lets up 2014-10-30
IHS predicted that solar glass pricing will begin to stabilise and begin a long-term increase starting next year as anti-dumping duties imposed by the European Union go into effect on Chinese suppliers.  

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