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Ilika revolutionises solid-state battery technology for IoT 2016-05-03
Ilika's Stereax solid-state batteries for IoT devices have smaller footprint (energy density), non-toxic properties, faster charging, increased cycle life, low leakage and reduced flammability  
Smartphone domination spells digital camera demise 2016-05-02
An ASSOCHAM study revealed that the demand of smartphones has increased by over 120 per cent while digital cameras sales with heavy discounts drastically dropped to mere 35 per cent in 2015  
Intel cuts ATOM chips, exits mobile industry 2016-05-02
As part of its restructuring, Intel continues to retreat from the mobile market by cancelling its ATOM chip line to focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and cloud.  
Bell Labs: Telcos will fall behind traffic demand by 2020 2016-04-29
A Bell Labs study says overall cellular traffic generated by IoT devices will only account for 2% of total mobile traffic by 2020, the real pick-up coming when video-enabled sensors and cameras begin to predominate  
NXP looks to a robust quarter as Freescale-buy buoys sales 2016-04-29
The company said it expects sales for Q2 to be between ₹15,540.54 crore ($2.3 billion) and ₹16,216.22 crore ($2.4 billion), the mid-point of which exceeds the consensus of analysts' expectations of ₹ 15,810.81 crore ($2.34 billion  
From hype to mainstream: 3D printing proves itself worthy 2016-04-29
There are more relevant uses now for 3D printing and it promises to revitalise production by unleashing creative designs and small-lot printing to many industries  
Cypress buys Broadcom's ₹3,716 crore IoT business 2016-04-29
Cypress acquires Broadcom's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee IoT product lines and intellectual property in a bid to strengthen its position in embedded and consumer IoT markets  
Coal properties find their way into semiconductor devices 2016-04-28
MIT researchers are experimenting with using un-purified materials for semiconductors, namely coal, for applications suitable for thin films and electronics  
'IoT fatigue' to arise from fear of 'Big Data' 2016-04-27
The rising volume of 'Big Data' concerns from both the industry and consumers is outpacing the actual promise of IoT, where social media discussions highlight the gap between IoT's reality and perception.  
Will new tech revive incandescent bulbs? 2016-04-26
MIT and Purdue University researchers recycle wavelengths of energy produced by the metal filament in the incandescent bulb to convert them into the visible light wavelengths  
Telco concept digitises living cell data on microfluidic chip 2016-04-26
Georgia Tech researchers used a circuit pattern with just three electrodes to assign a unique 7bit digital identification number to each cell passing through the channels on the microfluidic chip.  
Scrutinising the new phase of ransomware 2016-04-25
According to a security expert, the recent cyber threats are becoming increasingly vicious. Now the question is what you would pay to get your data back.  
Fireflies light path towards efficient OLEDs 2016-04-25
KAIST researchers replicated the patterns of a firefly's light-emitting cuticle to create a bioinspired OLED that achieves a 60 per cent increase in the light extraction efficiency  
Robust GDP growth masks weak supply chain sector 2016-04-25
While jobless claims in the U.S. rose by 11,000 to 276,000 in late March compared to consensus estimates of 268,000, hiring, according to government stats, should remain healthy for some time  
Wind River avionics system enables Airbus Helicopters 2016-04-22
The VxWorks 653 platform promises significant improvement in helicopter management, and with its IMA approach, claims to provide unprecedented levels of performance and safety  
Automotive touch panel market to ship 86M units by 2021 2016-04-22
IHS said the growth is due to the fact that not only are consumers becoming increasingly comfortable using smartphones and tablets, but touchscreens are also making their way into their vehicles.  
Plastics recycling to curb e-waste, maximise profitability 2016-04-22
Ramping up efforts in plastics recycling requires the right data and analysis ready. Learn how data optimises financial and environmental outcomes in profitable plastics recycling in the article  
3D printing method allows rapid PCB prototyping 2016-04-22
In-house PCB prototyping is now possible by bringing about electronics and 3D printing together. Learn more about the process in the article  
60GHz Wi-Fi gains traction 2016-04-22
The 60GHz version of Wi-Fi is finally starting to gain ground with a number of OEMs and chip set vendors for a variety of applications including gaming, HD video streaming and virtual reality  
India wafer fab project in jeopardy 2016-04-22
Jaiprakash Associates, the lead partner of the Indian government's plan to build two wafer fabs in the subcontinent has announced its withdrawal from the project, stating it's not commercially viable to set up the plant at present  
BMSCE team tops Capgemini's competition with e-learning platform 2016-04-21
BMSCE's Team Technetium bags the first prize of Capgemini's global Innovators Race competition with their comprehensive e-learning platform designed to bring education across India.  
Drawbacks in open source licensing offset advantages 2016-04-20
A common provision of such licences, however, is that any software that derives from the open-source software must also be made publicly available under the same copyleft provisions.  
Quantum dots amplify solar cell output 2016-04-20
The researchers call their material a hybrid because they dope the electrical conductivity of layered tin disulfide semiconductor with the light harvesting of different spectrums of light from various sized quantum dots.  
Intel cuts 11% of global workforce due to weak PC demand 2016-04-20
Tech giant Intel cuts 12,000 jobs globally in a bid to shift its investments in microchips that power data centers and Internet connected devices  
ST STM8 MCUs surpass 2B unit sales 2016-04-19
Aided by these accelerating STM8 sales, ST's share of the general-purpose MCU market has grown to 12.7 per cent in 2015 from 8.2 per cent in 2013, according to WSTS  
Micromax invests ₹2,000 crore for global expansion 2016-04-18
Micromax announced it is planning to invest ₹2,000 crore over the next five years to expand its production services as part of the company's aggressive play to topple India's leading smartphone company, Samsung.  
Wearable electronics bring computers in your clothes 2016-04-18
Ohio State University researchers are developing embroidered antennas and circuits with 0.1mm precision to integrate electronic components, such as sensors and computer memory devices, into clothing  
Rising data costs endanger IoT deployment 2016-04-18
According to the CEO of WindSpring, given that 50 billion IoT devices need to live for a long time, the cost of data that include transmission and storage for efficiently retrieving it can't be ignored  
Chinese investment firm offers ₹2,132/share for IDT 2016-04-14
Aiming to build a domestic supply chain, a group of Chinese investment firms have started bidding for U.S. semicon companies. Will the U.S. government allow these acquisitions  
Facebook plots out AR/VR, AI in 10-year roadmap 2016-04-14
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, at the recently concluded F8 developer conference said their focus over the long term would be internet connectivity for everyone, artificial intelligence and VR/AR  

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