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Autonomous cars: Are they convenient or intrusive? 2014-10-24
If your car always knows where it is, is always connected to the Internet and is carrying on conversations with other cars, what does that mean to you?  
Next-gen cars head straight to Ethernet integration 2014-10-24
Freescale rolled out its first automotive-grade Ethernet chipset and software that pave the way for car manufacturers to install 100Mb/s networks in vehicles  
India leads emerging markets to tech devices growth in 2015 2014-10-24
The overall technology device market will remain at $1 trillion, just as it has been since 2011, according to Gfk. However, the 10 largest growth markets will increase by over $10 billion alone.  
Tiny display bridges gap between makers, OEMs 2014-10-23
TinyScreen is a 24.4 mm TinyDuino-based OLED 16bit colour screen capable of displaying information and 23 frames-per-second video from a micro SD card. The screens are meant for wearables and gaming, while serving a market untouched by major manufacturers  
Can EDA secure the Internet of Things? 2014-10-23
It is at the chip-design stage that companies will have to protect their systems, detecting hardware Trojans through RTL analysis and through the insertion of dedicated logic to analyse run time activity.  
Wave of mergers shakes automotive semiconductor landscape 2014-10-23
Nearly all innovations that is taking place in automotive is electronic rather than mechanical, according to market analysts, and chip manufacturers are seizing this opportunity to diversify into the market  
Supermicro, Nexenta team up to offer full-featured file services 2014-10-21
The companies joined forces to improve Supermicro's VMware EVO: RAIL and VMware Virtual SAN offerings with the NexentaConnect for VMware Virtual SAN product, to offer complete hyper-converged solutions  
Integrated powertrain combines inverter, motor in one case 2014-10-21
The traction motor from Siemens, aimed at electric cars, is based on a cooling concept that ensures that the power electronic components do not overheat despite its close proximity to the engine.  
IESA advances 'Make in India' campaign 2014-10-21
IESA is playing a significant role in establishing strong relations with ESDM companies in different countries by signing MoUs with the electronics trade bodies  
New API boosts computer vision applications 2014-10-21
OpenVX breaks operations into steps that can be run serially or in parallel. It operates at a higher level of abstraction than OpenCL, an API geared for parallel programming multi-core SoCs  
Engineer's Diwali: 7 cool gift ideas for you 2014-10-21
We scoured the Internet to find more awesome gift ideas for you and your engineer friends. Spoiler alert: There won't be sweaters or bottles of cologne in our list  
Engineer's Diwali: Awesome gifts for your family 2014-10-20
We put together some awesome gift ideas for family and friends. The catch? Everything's electronics-related, of course  
5 manufacturing facilities to rise in India 2014-10-20
Two foreign companies and two local ones are putting up manufacturing facilities in different regions across India, boosting the country's electronics industry and economy as a whole  
Ethernet challenges set new road maps 2014-10-20
Ethernet now covers a waterfront from gadgets in the home to core networks for the world's largest service providers and data centres  
Carbon nanotube dares LED rule over cheap lighting devices 2014-10-17
Scientists from Tohoku University developed a new type of energy-efficient flat light source based on carbon nanotubes with very low power consumption of around 0.1W for every hour's operation  
Apple unveils 'strongest' tablets, PC yet 2014-10-17
Apple CEO Tim Cook called the latest line-up the strongest the company has ever had and "something only Apple can create."  
EV inverter market sees $18B growth 2014-10-17
The demand for electric vehicle inverters is expected to peak, with roughly $8 billion growth in 2023  
AMD restructuring targets 700 layoffs 2014-10-17
Advanced Micro Devices will lay off 7 per cent of its 10,149 staff by the end of the year. The layoffs will come mainly from the "go-to-market" part of AMD's client computer and graphics division, and will not involve cutting any product lines  
China tops US in 4K TV market 2014-10-16
Research says China has surpassed the United States and all other regions in 4K TV sales because it offers much lower price premiums and greater competition  
Tearing down Tesla Model S: Is it a car or an iPad? 2014-10-16
The car's uniqueness runs far deeper than its electric drivetrain, battery packs and futuristic body. It goes all the way down to the electronics behind the car's infotainment and instrumentation.  
13 expectations for Apple's new iPads 2014-10-16
Apple seems unfazed by global decline in sales of tablets. In fact, it is rumoured that the tech giant will reveal new iPads this week. What new features and upgrades can we expect from these devices  
Thin electric generator paves way for energy-harvesting devices 2014-10-16
Researchers made a thin electric generator that could be used in a wearable device or integrated into clothing to convert energy from your body movement to electricity  
India drafts auction rules for 1GW solar capacity 2014-10-16
The plants will be built at a solar park in Andhra Pradesh, where winners will sign 25-year power purchase agreements with state-run power trader NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Ltd  
Immune response system, honeypot: System-level IoT defense 2014-10-15
New challenges suggested by the rapidly increasing IoT may re-awaken interest in biological-inspired and deceit-based strategies for defence  
Rhines: Laud both invention and optimisation 2014-10-15
The general consensus today seems to be that efficiency improvements that make products economically manufacturable are the most valuable contribution to our society.  
Solar microgrids bring electricity to India's rural villages 2014-10-15
There has been little research in networking microgrids, but the Indian government is interested in ways to connect DC rural grids to each other and to the AC urban grid  
EC's big reveal on energy: Solar cheaper than coal, nuclear 2014-10-15
The results of the study conducted by EC proves that solar energy is cost-effective, with competitiveness improving at a rate that conventional technologies will never be able to achieve.  
GSMA outlines rules for IoT device connectivity 2014-10-15
The trade group unveiled the best-practices for chips, systems and apps riding the cellular network, while Samsung is working on a 60GHz WiFi implementation, also aimed at IoT designs  
Why fuss over Marchionne's EV comments? 2014-10-15
According to the CEO of Fiat-Chrysler, internal combustion still has an upside and remains vastly more cost-effective, and is therefore more rational until the entire automotive framework shifts.  
Windows 10: Bye Intel, hello ARM 2014-10-14
Microsoft reps have been tight-lipped about the future of Windows on ARM devices but the company has many reasons to remain invested in non-Intel architectures  

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