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Hemp nanosheets seen to overtake graphene for supercapacitors 2014-08-19
A team of scientists revealed that certain hemp fibres can hold as much energy as graphene, which gives the novel material potential to be used in developing the ideal supercapacitor  
Capitalists exercise caution in semiconductor investments 2014-08-19
While semiconductor financing deals dropped by 2.4 per cent over the last year, firms are receiving more funding dollars on the average.  
Free process design kit enters 15nm node 2014-08-19
There are no confidentiality agreements that have to be signed to download FreePDK15, a major impediment to universities wanting to learn how to design chips and start-ups wanting to design tools.  
TSX bug found in Intel's Haswell processors 2014-08-18
Intel's Haswell processors, and some Broadwell as well, were hit by a bug in the Transactional Synchronisation Extensions implementation, which was discovered by an outsider software developer  
CoinTerra rushes 28nm ASIC to bitcoin hardware market 2014-08-18
The ASIC packs 120 hash engines into a single chip, with the start-up putting four chips in a 37.5mm2 FCBGA package and two packages on each of two 250W boards in a single system  
Desktop PCB factory builds working circuits in minutes 2014-08-18
BotFactory's desktop PCB factory, dubbed Squink, can print a circuit on a variety of materials, populate it with ICs and other components, and "solder" them in place with conductive adhesives  
S5 Mini teardown bares Cypress' TrueTouch Gen5 solution 2014-08-18
The Galaxy S5 Mini takes advantage of advanced features of the Gen5 solution from Cypress, including gloved-finger tracking and "hover" functionality.  
MIT takes mighty strides in power electronics 2014-08-14
The institution has worked on several interrelated technologies that feature size reductions and efficiency improvements in converters for applications including giant server farms, and handheld devices  
Researchers bet on nanowires for racetrack memory 2014-08-14
UC Davis researchers seek to apply memory performance boost with complex oxides since they exhibit the similar phenomena that metallic materials in IBM's work do when configured as a racetrack memory  
India: Nowhere to go but up 2014-08-14
An influx of fresh investments from technology leaders reflects the growing importance of India as a hub for developing high-value products that cater to domestic and international demand  
Engineers should exploit Moore's Law limits 2014-08-14
Multicore parallel processors are not the answer to prevent the demise of Moore's Law. The answer lies in exploiting the limits to Moore's Law that are not so limiting  
Audio codec for cars promises to improve sound quality 2014-08-14
The sCODS100-N.11-Xenon from Dolphin Integration claims to provide optimal voice command and in-cabin phone conversation performances for high-end listening sound system  
Nvidia Tegra K1 returns as beefed up 64bit ARM processor 2014-08-14
The sequel to Tegra K1 four years in the making, Project Denver, features execution optimiser and claims to sport PC-class performance in mobile systems for gaming, business apps, and content creation  
Cisco cuts 6,000 jobs due to revenue drop 2014-08-14
Cisco will remove 6,000 jobs, or about 8 per cent of its total workforce, after it posted a 3 per cent decline in its revenue for fiscal 2014 as compared with fiscal 2013  
Microsoft taps FPGAs to speed up Bing 2014-08-14
Search engine Bing is losing the competition in terms of speed. To remedy this, the tech giant will plug FPGAs into its servers starting next year  
Microsemi-eInfochips aerospace partnership takes wing 2014-08-14
The partnership brings together the advantage of Microsemi FPGA-based products' immunity to configuration upsets and eInfochip design practices for DO-254 compliant design services  
Will developers bite one-for-all graphics API bait 2014-08-13
The Khronos Group is putting out a call for a collaborative work on a ground-up redesign of OpenGL in order to create a cross-platform graphics API—despite the impending release of several proprietary APIs from tech giants including Apple, AMD and Microsoft  
Spintronics promises better electronic devices 2014-08-13
It is believed that spin-based technologies have the potential to outperform the charge-based technology of semiconductors for the storage and process of information  
Knovel's Composites subject area expands design resources 2014-08-13
The Composites subject area provides design, selection, analysis, testing, manufacturing and repair information related to composite materials compiled from a wide range of authoritative sources.  
Intel launches 14nm process, Broadwell 2014-08-13
Thanks to aggressive area scaling using self-aligned double-patterning lithography, Intel claims its 14nm process delivers a lower cost per transistor than its 22nm node.  
Startup set to unleash light-speed optical processor 2014-08-13
Optalysys said it is only months away from releasing a prototype optical processor that has the ability to deliver Exascale levels of processing power on a standard-sized desktop computer  
Freescale Japan forges bond with carmakers, focuses on IoT 2014-08-12
President David Uze says that the company's growth strategy involves building up relations with local carmakers, and collaborating with other vendors to establish an IoT city in Tokyo  
Flash Summit raises bar for memory products 2014-08-12
There are efforts afoot to tap into under-used flash controllers to handle distributed computing tasks that include processing core search algorithms such as Hadoop and Map Reduce.  
LCD screens get colour boost from quantum dots 2014-08-12
3M scientists developed a colourful approach that enables richer colours in liquid crystal displays--by combining quantum dots that produce blue, red, and green light  
Gaming, data centre apps boost Nvidia Q2 profit 2014-08-12
Although GPU sales was hit by cyclical weakness in the consumer PC market, Nvidia saw strong demand for its GeForce GPUs and for its Tesla and Nvidia GRID products for data centre and cloud applications  
Microchip shores up RF portfolio with long-range tech 2014-08-12
Microchip will develop RF devices for IoT based on Semtech's long-range technology—a spread spectrum modulation scheme that uses wideband linear frequency modulated pulses  
Orbotech buys SPTS to take on advanced packaging space 2014-08-11
Orbotech, a provider of optical inspection equipment for PCBs and flat-panel displays, acquired SPTS, a semiconductor etching and deposition company, for $300 million  
Analyst reveals record chip sales in June 2014-08-11
WSTS said global semiconductor industry sales in June increased 10.8 per cent, to $27.57 billion from $24.88 billion in June 2013, and 2.6 per cent from $26.86 billion in May  
IBM builds network of neurons, synapses into 28nm chip 2014-08-11
The brain-inspired processor implements a cognitive chip architecture, which features 4,096 neurosynaptic cores operating in event-driven, parallel, and fault-tolerant fashion. The chip has 5.4 billion transistors, but is said to only consume 70mW during real-time operation  
Renesas toughs it out with end-of-line bargains 2014-08-11
Renesas' Hisao Sakuta said its first order of business is to improve its gross profit rate, which requires making more than structural reforms.  

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