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Enterprise storage: All-flash vs. hybrid storage arrays 2015-03-19
Everyone today agrees that flash or SSDs are the primary storage tier of the future, but is it better to add an all-flash array (AFA) to an existing SAN, or just upgrade the existing arrays by adding SSDs?  
Flexible optoelectronics yields cheaper solar cells, LEDs 2015-03-19
The EU-funded project "TREASORES" aims at developing and demonstrating technologies to facilitate roll-to-roll production of organic optoelectronic devices such as solar cells and LED lighting panels.  
Graphics cards eye self-driving cars, deep learning apps 2015-03-19
Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference showcased a number of graphics cards for deep learning applications including self-driving cars that the company's CEU said will someday become universal  
Synergy is the name of the game: NXP-Freescale behemoth 2015-03-19
IHS revealed that the acquisition of Freescale by NXP will catapult the merged entity to become the world's eighth-largest chipmaker, which would surely make a noticeable impact in key industrial sectors  
Wireless charging seen to gain wider market 2015-03-19
An evaluation kit has been developed that supports both Resonant Qi and Inductive Qi modes, allowing OEMs to integrate the WPCs Qi standard into their smartphones and other devices.  
Unified platform for IoT is overrated 2015-03-19
Disparate standards operating under the helm of IoT are, for quite some time, finding increasing adoption not only on the consumer level, but also in large-scale government and industrial applications  
Solar Frontier, Welspun sign 100MW solar module agreement 2015-03-19
Solar Frontier signs an agreement to supply Welspun Renewables with its CIS modules for upcoming solar power projects. The Indian government targets 175GW of renewable energy by 2022  
5 motivations for an Apple-managed car supply chain 2015-03-18
With almost $180 billion in cash reserves, Apple is already on a better footing to enter the car industry than when it reinvented the smartphone market with its iPhone  
Wireless backpack turns insects into drones 2015-03-18
The beetles weigh about 8g, whereas the wireless backpack weighs just 1.5g. The device has six electrodes connected to the optical lobes and flight muscles, all powered by a 3.9V lithium battery.  
Bringing end-to-end encryption to the masses 2015-03-18
Fraunhofer SIT researchers launched an open initiative called "Volksverschlüsselung" that aims to protect people, companies and authorities from unwarranted, mass surveillance.  
Novel technique for creating solar cells from perovskite 2015-03-18
Brown University researchers developed a method that involves a room-temperature solvent bath to create perovskite crystals, rather than the blast of heat used in current crystallization methods  
BBC to give development boards to UK kids 2015-03-17
BBC will give a new development board for budding Makers to every 11-year-old in the U.K. next fall, echoing its BBC Micro initiative a generation ago, and raising similar hopes and controversies  
Cypress, Spansion finalise $5B all-stock merger 2015-03-16
The merger is predicted to achieve more than $135 million in cost synergies on an annualised basis within three years and to be accretive to non-GAAP earnings within the first year after the deal  
T-shirt charges phones using solar power 2015-03-16
The Solar Shirt generates power from 120 thin-film solar cells integrated into the fabric itself. In bright sunlight, it produces 1W of electricity, enough to charge a typical phone in a few hours  
Cypress-Spansion merger to cut 1,600 jobs 2015-03-16
An internal memo obtained by Mercury News shows that the Cypress-Spansion merger will result in layoffs of 1,600 employees worldwide, or 20 per cent of the two companies' combined workforces  
Passenger aircrafts move to ban lithium batteries as cargo 2015-03-13
A number of plane makers found existing firefighting systems on airliners cannot "suppress or extinguish a fire involving significant quantities of lithium batteries" thus posing a risk for the industry  
Synopsys unveils new ZeBu server version amid patent suit 2015-03-13
To comply with a court injunction in favour of Mentor Graphics, Synopsys releases an infringement-free version of the ZeBu server emulation system that does not include two Mentor-patented features  
India to add 81.6GWh annual output from solar modules 2015-03-13
Approximately 188,000 Pieces of Honey modules TSM-PC05A will be installed on two ground-mounted solar power plants in India. The installations are expected to provide an annual output of 81.6GWh  
Fujitsu develops thin cooling device for electronic devices 2015-03-13
Fujitsu has created what it claims as the world's first loop heat pipe less than 1mm thick, designed to cool down small, thin electronics devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Symmetry controlled atomic switch to optimise solar panels 2015-03-12
Scientists have recently achieved a symmetry controlled quantum switch, which may be used to control and modify power currents in solar panels and quantum computers  
NXP develops 80GHz CMOS radar chip 2015-03-11
Rick Clemmer, CEO of NXP Semiconductor, explained that making today's big and clunky radars small is one of the keys to next-generation advanced drivers' assistance systems.  
To wear or not to wear? Can Apple Watch help you decide? 2015-03-11
Needless to say, people wear wrist watches to tell time. How then does a smart watch fit in the picture when any regular timepiece does the job done just as effectively as its "modern" counterpart  
Supercapacitor electrode promises faster battery charging 2015-03-11
Researchers have developed a novel electrode to make low-cost, lightweight supercapacitors with superior performance, a development that could mean faster charging time and longer battery life.  
Protective film extends life of Li-ion batteries 2015-03-11
Arizona researchers developed a protective film that prolongs the life of lithium-ion batteries. The solution containing silicon electrode and an ionic liquid electrolyte maintains 75 per cent battery capacity.  
'Pee power' to light up refugee camps 2015-03-10
Researchers from Bristol, UK, have created a urinal that converts urine into electricity. The team is hoping to use pee power to light up refugee camps and lessen hazardous situations in these areas  
Dual-rotor turbines boost wind energy harvests 2015-03-10
Aerospace engineers from Iowa State University spotted two energy generation problems in typical wind turbine models and suggested that a dual-rotor turbine can boost wind farm energy generation  
Apple Watch: Is it all hype? 2015-03-10
Apple unveiled its smart watch and MacBook at the Spring Forward event, with both devices touting notable software and hardware engineering. However, the gadgets apparently failed to meet expectations.  
Novel PUF secures circuit board from physical attacks 2015-03-10
The Physically Unclonable Function being developed by Fraunhofer AISEC consists of patterned metal electrodes embedded into a polymer film with a self-adhesive backing.  
HEVC-capable TV broadcast standard to bring IP-like service 2015-03-10
According to the Advanced Television Systems Committee, the ATSC 3.0 standard will enable the user to tune TVs, smartphones or tablets into a 4K video stream with rich colours and immersive audio.  
15 exciting tech shown at MWC 2015 2015-03-09
The Mobile World Congress in Spain saw tons of connected devices and technologies that tend toward the universal. Here are 15 of the most interesting things spotted during the event  

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