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Polymer devices improve solar-cell efficiency 2014-09-22
Researchers identified a new polymer—a type of large molecule that forms plastics and other familiar materials—that improved the efficiency of solar cells.  
IEEE defines sensor performance parameters 2014-09-22
IEEE 2700-2014 provides a common methodology to define sensor performance, and eases non-scalable integration challenges and burdens across manufacturers.  
Q'comm looks beyond smartphones for 'Internet of Everything 2014-09-22
With the Snapdragon processor powering more than 1 billion smartphones, Qualcomm is moving from phones to bring computing power and connectivity to other devices – from wearables and household gadgets to robots and even drones.  
AMD, Synopsys extend IP deal 2014-09-22
The multi-year partnership gives AMD access to various Synopsys DesignWare interface, memory compiler, logic library and analogue IP on advanced 16/14nm and 10nm FinFET process technologies.  
Should car-to-car talk be mandatory? 2014-09-22
Vehicle-to-vehicle communications may soon become a global standard, where cars use built-in transponders to broadcast their position, type, speed and trajectory wirelessly. But whether or not a received message is legitimate raises security concerns  
In-mould electronics: Future of show-off rides 2014-09-19
Structural electronics is expected to become a $60 billion market by 2025, opening the door to smarter vehicles capable of ubiquitous sensing, generating and storing electric energy.  
World's first 3D-printed car drives off 2014-09-18
Made from carbon-fibre infused plastic pellets and fuelled by a battery, the world's first 3D-printed car – the Strati – took to the road for the first time since it was assembled live in front of an audience  
Will future iOS bring true AI to reality? 2014-09-18
The new iOS 8 opened 4,000 application programmer's interfaces, including access to Siri. The possibility of apps being able to speak to each other could open doors to the rise of true artificial intelligence.  
MCU-Bluetooth design: Making smartwatch talk to IoT devices 2014-09-18
A key element in wearables development is low power wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth. Combined with an equally low-power MCU, the technology will enable a smartwatch to function as an Internet-of-Things device  
All systems of system, unite 2014-09-18
A system-of-systems concept is described as a combination of numerous, seemingly independent systems coming together to provide a holistic experience for the user  
Traditional litho to push 10nm node amid delays in EUV 2014-09-18
ASML said 10nm will be a squeezed node resulting from insufficient cost reduction, but for the follow-on 7nm generation, chipmakers will need to use EUV to make chips cost effectively  
New material boosts capacity of Li-ion batteries 2014-09-18
Researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute successfully designed a new material that addresses the inherent limitations of lithium-ion batteries.  
Choosing the right adhesives for automotive assembly 2014-09-17
Adhesives are effective at bonding dissimilar materials that often can't be joined using rivets or welds. They also help reduce noise, vibration, and harshness, and can improve crash performance.  
How safe is drive by wire technology? 2014-09-17
Cars get safer and safer, and electronics not only provide much of the features and conveniences in cars, they also have enabled most of the important current safety systems  
Optical engine removes sharp pixels in displays 2014-09-17
Lemoptix has touted the world's smallest pico-projector module that works to despeckle displays, getting rid of overly sharp pixels surrounded by obvious circles of black.  
How to differentiate flexoelectric, piezoelectric effects 2014-09-17
Flexoelectricity is somewhat an obscure effect whereby a dielectric can become electrically polarized and can bend when polarized—a lot like the piezoelectric effect, only different.  
Apple vs Samsung: Who has better 20nm mobile chip? 2014-09-17
The smartphone giants are shipping their respective iPhone 6 and Alpha smartphones with their own mobile processors fabricated in the 20nm node, which Apple and Samsung used in very different ways  
Android One enters India's budget smartphone market 2014-09-16
Android One is Google's answer to budget Android smartphones. With the Android One initiative, Google takes a more direct control over low-cost handsets, promising better and consistent service.  
OLED boasts 100 lumens per watt, 40,000 hours records 2014-09-16
The OLED developed by South-Korea-based LG Chem touts record-breaking luminous efficacy and lifespan, with one-tenth the thickness and about one-fifth the weight of an LED light.  
Ant-sized, battery-less radios to link smart devices 2014-09-16
Designed to compute, execute and relay commands, Stanford engineers built a tiny wireless chip that costs pennies to fabricate, connecting smart gadgets envisioned in the "Internet of Things  
Ethernet brings connected cars closer to reality 2014-09-16
Open Alliance BroadR-Reach (OABR) automotive Ethernet standard is seen as the key to unlocking autonomous driving and the truly smart vehicles of the future.  
Smart driving extends driving range of electric cars 2014-09-16
Optimised driving strategies and connected technologies can extend the range of electric cars at a given battery capacity by as much as 15 per cent, according to a research consortium led by BMW.  
Mars mission probes how planet lost its water 2014-09-15
The instruments of the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission will try over the next year to determine how water and the Martian atmosphere were literally "lost in space  
GaAs to replace silicon in future IC designs 2014-09-15
Gallium arsenide not only integrates optical circuitry capabilities but also improves electrical transistor performance, which, in turn, will enable innovative IC architectures  
Less decay with tough graphene paint 2014-09-15
When applied as paint, graphene can make for an ultra-strong coating that can protect industrial structures against corrosion  
Intel acquires patents from Powerwave 2014-09-15
More than 1,400 patents and patent applications that cover telecommunications infrastructure technologies will soon support Intel's cellular network plans.  
TI ecosystem eases dev't of digital power tools 2014-09-12
The third-party ecosystem of digital power hardware and software tools allow digital power design engineers who use TI's portfolio of C2000 MCUs to develop their systems quickly and easily.  
Connected cockpit paves way for autonomous driving 2014-09-12
The NEXT TWO innovation project delivers a highly connected vehicle designed to offer drivers and passengers a new user experience, allowing them more time to do other things.  
Ultra HD SoC aimed at next-gen STBs 2014-09-12
Marvell's ARMADA 1500 PRO 4K is integrated with a variety of interfaces and is designed for hybrid boxes that can receive terrestrial broadcast, pay TV and IP content on the same platform  
Global smartphone connection expands, India records 111M 2014-09-12
Smartphone connections are expected to reach six billion of the worldwide total of nine billion mobile connections by 2020, driven by factors including price erosion and the rise of sub-$50 smartphones.  

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