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Tailpipe add-on may give VW much-needed respite 2015-09-28
Transient Plasma Systems creates a cold plasma of electrons that neutralises nitrogen-oxide emissions that can reduce nitrogen oxides by 80 per cent at the tailpipe.  
Rising SCADA attacks require urgent control measures 2015-09-28
Dell Security reported that the number of reported attacks on SCADA systems worldwide had doubled last year, from 163,228 in 2013 to 675,186 in 2014  
Power management tools enable solar powered robots 2015-09-25
According to Iowa State researchers, the smart robots could be put to work in all kinds of applications including search and rescue, agriculture, surveillance or environmental monitoring  
Cooling transparent coating boosts solar cell efficiency 2015-09-25
Stanford engineers developed a technology that is transparent to the visible sunlight that powers solar cells, but captures and emits thermal radiation, or heat, as infrared rays.  
DARPA unveils dielets to combat counterfeiting 2015-09-25
The idea behind the Supply Chain Hardware Integrity of Electronics Defence (SHIELD) programme was to come up with a way to help identify and mitigate counterfeit and suspect electronic parts.  
Microsoft looks to bring Cortana to connected cars 2015-09-25
Despite optimistic growth forecasts, an August report from J.D. Power & Associates suggests consumers are largely turning a blind eye towards connected-car technologies.  
Global market for Li-ion batteries finds opportunity in HEVs 2015-09-24
Riding on the back of hybrid and electric vehicles propelling growth, demand for Li-ion batteries is expected to maintain an upward trend over the coming years, stated Reportlinker  
PLC teardown tips ruggedness, flexibility in industrial apps 2015-09-24
The Allen-Bradley Micro850 PLC costs around $500 yet is symbolic of the high level of ruggedness configurability, isolation performance and ease of use that keeps PLCs strong in factory automation  
India PC market rebounds in Q2 2015 2015-09-24
Total PC shipments in India for the second quarter of 2015 stood at 2.19 million units with quarter-on-quarter growth of 1.4 per cent and year-on-year decline of 14.1 per cent  
MEMS design and manufacturing: Things to consider 2015-09-24
As MEMS devices are being integrated into high-volume CMOS IC manufacturing, they faces the challenge of slashing development time and costs, and meeting increasingly complex reliability requirements.  
Modi to tap Tesla for solar battery solution 2015-09-23
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will make a visit to Tesla Motors to seek a viable solution to power storage problems that have been hounding solar electricity planners in the country  
Power is key: Designing next-gen IoT devices 2015-09-23
According to Satish Bagalkotkar, CEO, Synapse Design, IoT chips necessitate "smart architecture, process technology for extreme low power, efficient software and firmware and LTE compliance  
Solar EV charging station rises in Gujarat Sachivalaya 2015-09-23
Tata Power Solar's charging station is based on a patented suspension system technology that allows panels to be mounted on non-rigid frames using high-tensile wire ropes.  
Foxconn comes back bigger and better 2015-09-22
Taiwanese company Foxconn is back in India with more stable investments. The contract electronics manufacturer plans to build a bigger R&D and manufacturing base in the country  
Car MEMS sensors market to log 6% growth through 2020 2015-09-22
P&S Market Research revealed that government regulation towards passenger safety and environment is affording more opportunities for the global automotive MEMS sensor market  
MCU market fuelled by robust IoT, wearables space 2015-09-22
The market for MCUs used in connected cars, wearables, building automation and other IoT applications is seen to log a CAGR of 11 per cent, from $1.7 billion in 2014 to $2.8 billion in 2019, said IHS  
Global PV module shipments to grow 29% in Q4 2015 2015-09-21
Due to stable pricing and increased shipments, global 2016 photovoltaic module revenue is forecast to hit ₹2.67 lakh crore ($41.9 billion), exceeding the previous record set in 2010 by 4 per cent  
FD-SOI slowly finds its way to China 2015-09-21
During the recent Shanghai FD-SOI Forum, a number of FD-SOI stakeholders shared their respective take on the technology with special focus on how it can fit their existing processes.  
Google reveals Project Aura, Glass and Beyond 2015-09-21
Google is on a hiring spree for its latest project after settling an almost 10-year old "no-poaching" pact among Silicon Valley technology giants  
Robots secure solid spot in manufacturing arena 2015-09-21
A PwC survey of manufacturers indicated that 59 per cent said they are using some sort of robotics technology, and the firm predicts that more will be looking to include more robots in their plants  
KEMET unveils online education resource 2015-09-21
The KEMET Engineering Centre aims to deliver practical answers to questions involving passive components in electronic applications  
Fibre optic, mm-wave tests underway for 5G networks 2015-09-18
The XHaul Project based is a $8.35-million programme that will explore options for communications infrastructure for 5G cellular networks, and will test mm-wave and fibre optic backhaul networks  
Small, low-cost satellites capture high-res Earth photos 2015-09-18
A Planet Labs Dove is about the size of a shoebox, weighs 8.8 pounds, and still contains the high-resolution cameras and other equipment that Landsat has, except in miniature  
EpiWafer yields 20% efficiency on solar cells 2015-09-18
Analysis of the n-doped EpiWafers from NexWafe shows that mean minority carrier lifetimes are above 1000μs, indicating the same quality as n-type Cz wafers.  
Glofo CEO finds opportunity in FD-SOI, FinFET and IoT 2015-09-18
Sanjay Jha said many applications are expected to drive the industry's growth, which include mass market smartphones, M2M, IoT and automotive, which don't need the cost and complexity of FinFET.  
HCL, IBM team up to drive IoT adoption 2015-09-18
HCL has partnered with IBM to accelerate the development of Internet of Things solutions. The two companies also plan to set up an incubation centre in Noida to develop these IoT applications  
Rising appeal of connected cars to bring more opportunities 2015-09-17
A recent McKinsey report said 37 per cent of car customers in the China, Germany and the US would switch to a car made by another maker just to have full access to their applications, data and media  
Graphene shows promise as transparent electrode for OLEDs 2015-09-17
The project GLADIATOR aims to come up with a cost-effective production of high quality graphene at large area, which can then be used for numerous electrode applications  
Top 10 space-themed projects on Kickstarter 2015-09-16
By shelling out from $30 to $140, space enthusiasts, whether working in the electronics industry or standing on the sidelines, could feel like they were part of something greater than themselves  
Intel sets up automotive cybersecurity board 2015-09-16
The Automotive Security Review Board (ASRB) aims to help manage cybersecurity risks related to connected automobiles while encouraging technological progression and innovation.  

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