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Chinese investment firm offers ₹2,132/share for IDT 2016-04-14
Aiming to build a domestic supply chain, a group of Chinese investment firms have started bidding for U.S. semicon companies. Will the U.S. government allow these acquisitions  
Japanese semicon industry plummets 2016-04-13
Japan Semiconductor Inc. bids sayonara as the cartel-like strategy of major Japanese chip vendors fell short in the world market  
Autonomous transport paves the way for self-driving cars 2016-04-12
Autonomous transport systems work not in the wide-open spaces of the world, but in confined and relatively controlled spaces such as factories or warehouses  
Cloud opens up to reveal security, compliance issues 2016-04-12
By 2018, 59 per cent of the total cloud workloads will be SaaS workloads, up from 41 per cent in 2013, according to Cisco Global Cloud Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2013-2018  
Vicor aims power converters at Indian telecoms, industrial markets 2016-04-12
Vicor's saw its India business nearly double last year and responded by hiring application engineers in Delhi. Learn about the company's markets and technology in this interview with Andrew Gales, their VP for International Sales  
Toys no more: The ultimate list of free PCB ECAD 2016-04-11
The approaches to ECAD systems are varied, ranging from open-source, to proprietary (some with upgradeability to more capable paid versions), to cloud-based, work-anywhere systems that run in a Web-browser window  
The road is long for China's 3D NAND flash mfg 2016-04-11
Availability of IP sources and a solid engineering pool clouds China's memory manufacturing goals in Wuhan, where it aims to launch production of its 3D NAND flash memory in its new wafer fab  
NXP, HID Global team to enable wearables for enterprise 2016-04-11
Through the collaboration, the companies will allow the use of wearable devices, to open electronic locks at commercial buildings, hotels and workplaces in the future  
Nanoscale MEMS device claims 100-fold power generation 2016-04-11
A research team from Columbia Engineering, Cornell and Stanford demonstrated near-field radiative heat transfer between parallel silicon carbide nanobeams in the deep sub-wavelength regime  
Indian electronics industry to log 13-16% CAGR from 2013-18 2016-04-11
The Indian electronics and hardware industry is seen to reach about ₹7.46 lakh crore to ₹8.66 lakh crore ($112 to 130 billion) by 2018 from current level of nearly ₹5 lakh crore ($75 billion) said ASSOCHAM-EY.  
Google data centres to shift to ARM, IBM servers 2016-04-11
Google is working with Rackspace to design a server that will use two Power9 chips, 32 DDR4 DIMM slots and sockets supporting PCI Express Gen 4 as well as IBM's CAPI and Nvidia's NVLink interconnects.  
Synopsys researchers hold high hopes for silicon nanowires 2016-04-08
Scientists from Synopsys said FinFET is dying, III-V on silicon is dead, and the silicon nanowire transistor will extend Moore's Law all the way to single atom transistors round about 2043.  
LEDs save turtles but endanger fishing 2016-04-08
What is good for the geese may not necessarily be good for the gander. Or in this case involving the innovative use of LEDs in fishing nets—- fishing and turtles  
Dry air poses danger to PCB assembly 2016-04-08
Novel humidity control systems include small, high-pressure misting systems that are more energy-efficient than old-fashioned boilers, while still providing the right manufacturing humidity levels.  
MicroSD cards target drones, action cameras 2016-04-07
The microSD Action Camera UHS-I U3 from Kingston Technology is available in 16Gb and 32Gb with 64Gb soon to follow, and supports 4K video at 30fps or HD video at 240fps  
China's FD-SOI plan: A mystery yet to be revealed 2016-04-07
Soitec, a French company that specialises in developing semiconductor materials, went to China, as its top executives discussed with locals everything China should know about FD-SOI technology  
IDT gets industry validation for DIMM app components 2016-04-07
Dell, Intel and Micron have qualified IDT's memory interface devices for DDR4 Enterprise DIMMs on Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v4 product family-based systems  
Has Intel's Mobile Chief left the hot seat? 2016-04-06
Aicha Evans took over the company's wireless group when her predecessor Hermann Eul left last year. But Evans has reportedly left Intel, too, and why she did is pretty much up to speculation.  
Hyperlynx integrates signal, power integrity in PCB designs 2016-04-06
Mentor's latest Hyperlynx release addresses PCB high-speed design challenges by integrating signal and power integrity and fast rule checking into a unified environment.  
Sigfox, Microsoft partner for cloud integration, analytics 2016-04-06
The deal allows Sigfox's customers to use its LPWA network and Microsoft Azure's storage and analytics to study large quantities of operational data.  
IoT reshaping the way the world does business 2016-04-05
Increasingly affordable sensor technology is driving the integration of IoT in the way companies do business. But are they ready for resulting project delays, copyright issues and increased costs  
IT firms prep for slow topline expansion 2016-04-04
On an annual basis, IT firms are preparing for their slowest topline expansion in 2016 that has seen disruptions from currency volatility, weather calamities and slowdown in client spending  
New system collects real-time data for 3D driving simulations 2016-04-04
Researchers at Fraunhofer are offering a system that takes into account realistic environmental influences like road surface, weather and driving manoeuvres in driving simulations  
Smartphone sales to grow at record low in 2016 2016-04-04
Gartner predicted smartphone sales to grow seven per cent this year to reach 1.5 billion units, which would mark the first time that smartphone sales grew at less than 10 per cent in a year  
Foxconn, Sharp merge for LCD tech, manufacturing 2016-03-31
Foxconn finally strikes an agreement with Japanese electronic brand—Sharp—after talks since 2012.  
IBM, Kalaari to accelerate start-ups 2016-03-31
IBM collaborates with Kstart, providing mentorship, networking and augmenting roadmaps for Indian startups  
Ultra HD ushers in changes in content production 2016-03-30
All content labelled Ultra HD Premium will be encoded with BT .2020 colour representation. This gives quantum dot suppliers the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of wide colour gamut displays.  
Popularity of social media pushing smartphone sales in India 2016-03-30
As more people share photos online, the demand for smartphones with built-in cameras and Internet-enabled features increases. In India, sales are projected to grow to 160 million units in 2017  
Importing used iPhones may lead to e-waste 2016-03-29
The Mobile and Communications Council in India fears that government approval for the Apple bid would negate the gains of the "Make in India" campaign  
Indian IT ready for ₹6.76 lakh crore renewal deals 2016-03-29
Deal renewals for IT companies come at a crucial juncture for leading firms such as TCS and Infosys, with customers such as JPMorgan Chase opting to in-source software projects are becoming a rarity  

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