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Anritsu unveil all-band optical component tester 2007-05-07
Anritsu Instruments has developed an all-band optical component tester that uses the latest high-speed sweeping method to monitor the output power and wavelength of the four tunable laser sources.  
IBM unveils thin-client workstations 2007-05-03
IBM previewed a power-saving, thin-client workstation system designed for traders in financials services and computer-assisted design engineers,  
MOSFETs cut server, notebook power 2007-04-26
NEC's new MOSFETs reduces heat generation from Li-ion batteries and improves power service to chipsets and CPUs in notebook PCs and servers  
Motherboard includes HDTV support 2007-04-19
Lanner said customers can take advantage of the onboard HDTV support in its new EM-9765 motherboard to create more exciting and visually spectacular signage solutions.  
Mini-ITX motherboard draws <30W power 2007-04-09
Lanner Electronics has announced a mini-ITX embedded motherboard that promises guaranteed performance for graphics-intense digital signage and panel PC applications.  
Atmel touts lowest-power 32bit flash MCUs 2007-04-02
Atmel announced what it claims as the industry's lowest power family of 32bit flash MCUs based on its AVR32 UC3 core.  
Xilinx touts most advanced non-volatile FPGA solution 2007-03-15
Built on Xilinx's 90nm Spartan-3 Generation low-cost FPGA fabric, the Spartan-3AN FPGA platform is touted to be the industry's most advanced non-volatile FPGA solution.  
Vistec designs photomask CD measurement system for 45nm 2007-03-15
Vistec's new SEM-based CD measurement system is designed for the 45nm technology node photomask production and the 32nm process development.  
LED driver supports all energy-saving programmes 2007-03-13
ST's new LED driver has auto-power-saving features that enable it to save power without external intervention, thus supporting all energy-saving 'programmes.  
Magnetic sensor promises high reliability 2007-03-13
Alps Electronics said its new switching output-type device uses a magnetic sensor that can sense over a wider area and with higher reliability compared to other magnetic elements.  
Samsung hard drive cuts boot time in Vista 2007-03-12
It's a little late for the Vista launch, but Samsung Electronics still aims to take advantage of the new Microsoft OS. The company announced it has begun shipping its long-awaited hybrid flash/hard drive to computer and other equipment makers.  
MEMS switch delivers 26GHz operation 2007-03-06
MEMS switch maker TeraVicta Technologies is announcing a 26.5GHz spdt MEMS switch, claimed to be the world's fastest. The 26.5GHz spdt switch measures 3.25-by-4.5-by-1.25mm and is aimed at DTV, satellite communications and phased radar applications.  
VIA unveils digital media IGP chipset 2007-03-02
VIA Technologies Inc.'s CN896 digital media IGP chipset is certified Vista-ready by Microsoft, providing OEMs with a flexible platform for power-efficient embedded and desktop systems. The VIA CN896 digital media IGP chipset supports the VIA V4 front-side bus up to 800MHz.  
Industrial CPU motherboard features self-stacking bus design 2007-02-28
Arista Corp. has developed a PC104-A2512 industrial CPU motherboard for industrial computing applications.  
Kyocera to release 'smallest' SAW duplexer 2007-02-22
Kyocera Corp. has developed a small, lightweight SAW duplexer with a built-in matching circuit featuring improved attenuation and isolation characteristics.  
IR components enable wireless connectivity 2007-02-22
Avago Technologies has added three highly integrated, high-speed infrared components to its product line. The ASDL-7021 is an LSI FIR/VFIR controller in a 48-pin TFBGA package that measures 1.2-by-4-by-4mm.  
W-CDMA PA increases talk time by 25% 2007-02-21
Leveraging Anadigics' HELP3 technology, the AWT6221 W-CDMA power amplifier reduces average current consumption by 75 per cent, which translates to up to 25 per cent increase in talk-time.  
Atmel integrates MCU, LIN SBC in one package 2007-02-15
Atmel Corp. has announced the availability of the ATA6602 and ATA6603 multi-chip modules, extending the company's current broad IC family for LIN applications.  
PWM control IC targets DC/DC buck apps 2007-02-14
International Rectifier has introduced the IR3651, a synchronous PWM control IC designed for high performance synchronous DC/DC buck applications with an input voltage range up to 75V.  
D-wave releases quantum processor 2007-02-13
D-Wave Systems Inc. is demonstrating the first commercial quantum computer—a supercooled, superconducting niobium chip housing an array of 16qubits.  
RMI launches midrange processor family 2007-02-13
Raza Microelectronics Inc. has announced the XLS processor family, a midrange to entry-level, price-optimised family positioned below the XLR processor family.  
SMK develops ultra small memory card 2007-02-09
SMK Corp. has developed its microSD card connector for microSD (TransFlash) cards that are attracting the industry's attention for being an ultra small memory card.  
ChipX develops standard-cell ASIC alternative 2007-02-08
Offering an alternative to standard-cell ASICs, ChipX has introduced a line of so-called Embedded Array products built around structured ASIC libraries. Also known as a structured ASIC fabric, ChipX' Embedded Arrays are based on a 130nm process from UMC.  
Avago Tech intros green auto focus auxiliary flash LED 2007-02-08
Avago Technologies has introduced a high-brightness green auto focus auxiliary flash LED to assist the auto focusing function in digital still cameras used in low ambient light conditions.  
BGA header offers better electrical performance 2007-02-08
FCI has expanded its AirMax VS connector system by offering a BGA attachment option for backplane headers. By combining FCI's proven BGA technology with its shieldless high-speed connector design, the AirMax VS vertical BGA headers offer improved electrical performance.  
Boston-Power Li-ion battery offers longer lifespan 2007-02-05
Boston-Power Inc. debuts a Li-ion battery for notebook computers that promises a faster charge time and a lifespan three times that of existing batteries.  
Cadence develops 'first' complete low-power solution 2007-02-02
Cadence Design Systems has announced that it has developed a low-power solution, the industry's first fully integrated flow for logic design, verification and implementation of low-power chips.  
Power Metal resistors offer improved resistance stability 2007-02-02
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has announced a surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor that offers improved resistance stability during operation with a maximum resistance change of 0.5 per cent through a 2000hr workload.  
Broadcom develops GbE switches for network security 2007-01-25
Broadcom Corp. has announced a new generation of multi-layer GbE switches designed to improve enterprise network security through a highly scalable and easy-to-manage security infrastructure.  
Fujitsu optical transceivers suit GPON systems 2007-01-23
Fujitsu Ltd and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. have announced the development of the first optical transceiver technology capable of operating across a temperature range of -40°C (-40°F) to 85°C (185°F).  

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