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DECT 6.0 software upgrades cordless voice module 2007-05-28
The upgraded version of SiTel Semiconductor's CVM with the DECT 6.0 version offers solid security standards, ensuring private conversations and better range than 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz phone systems.  
MOS image sensor withstands severe weather 2007-05-28
Matsushita Electric Industrial has developed a robust and lightfast image sensor that has digital microlenses and photonic colour filters made up of inherently fade-resistant and quite robust inorganic materials.  
Telematics MCUs integrate auto control 2007-05-25
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has introduced a microprocessor that acts like glue that pulls all diverse systems into an automobile together into an integrated digital engine on wheels.  
ArchPro launches multi-voltage verification tool 2007-05-24
ArchPro's MaVeric software verifies a multi-voltage design through an architecture-based, multi-voltage profiling and "Electrically Accurate" verification.  
Material elminates polariser from OLEDs 2007-05-23
OLED-T patented contrast-enhancing layer is made by depositing a new material, the Super K Layer, by vacuum evaporation between the electron transport and cathode structure during production.  
Low-power ICs offer real-time image processing 2007-05-23
Fujitsu's image processing ICs offer sharp, high-quality, real-time image processing in digital SLR and other high-end cameras.  
Magma, Rio collaborate to enhance flip chip design 2007-05-18
Magma has integrated Talus Vortex and Blast Fusion physical design systems with Rio Design Automation's RioMagic package-aware chip design software.  
Kit provides access to low-power design techniques 2007-05-17
Cadence low-power methodology kit increases accessibility of low-power IC design techniques.  
LED lab analyses assemblies 2007-05-16
Optek Technology's in-house visible LED lab makes an accurate assessment of single to complex power LED assemblies using an array of equipment.  
Portable DAQ offers 100MBps recording speed 2007-05-16
GE Fanuc developed the DaqScribe portable digital data recorder for very high-speed data recording in a wide range of environments.  
Class-D stereo amplifier cuts size, power consumption 2007-05-15
Rohm has developed the BD5421EFS Class D stereo amplifier LSI that provides 90 per cent efficiency at low heat generation.  
AC motor suits corrosive environs 2007-05-09
Baldor's all-stainless AC motors suit chemical processing environments and manufacturing plants as well as outdoor applications.  
Anritsu unveil all-band optical component tester 2007-05-07
Anritsu Instruments has developed an all-band optical component tester that uses the latest high-speed sweeping method to monitor the output power and wavelength of the four tunable laser sources.  
Agilent launch fixed, mobile WiMAX tester for CPE 2007-05-07
Agilent Technologies developed a WiMAX manufacturing test system that enables the highest possible measurement throughput in high-volume environments.  
IBM unveils thin-client workstations 2007-05-03
IBM previewed a power-saving, thin-client workstation system designed for traders in financials services and computer-assisted design engineers,  
MOSFETs cut server, notebook power 2007-04-26
NEC's new MOSFETs reduces heat generation from Li-ion batteries and improves power service to chipsets and CPUs in notebook PCs and servers  
Motherboard includes HDTV support 2007-04-19
Lanner said customers can take advantage of the onboard HDTV support in its new EM-9765 motherboard to create more exciting and visually spectacular signage solutions.  
Mini-ITX motherboard draws <30W power 2007-04-09
Lanner Electronics has announced a mini-ITX embedded motherboard that promises guaranteed performance for graphics-intense digital signage and panel PC applications.  
Atmel touts lowest-power 32bit flash MCUs 2007-04-02
Atmel announced what it claims as the industry's lowest power family of 32bit flash MCUs based on its AVR32 UC3 core.  
Vistec designs photomask CD measurement system for 45nm 2007-03-15
Vistec's new SEM-based CD measurement system is designed for the 45nm technology node photomask production and the 32nm process development.  
Xilinx touts most advanced non-volatile FPGA solution 2007-03-15
Built on Xilinx's 90nm Spartan-3 Generation low-cost FPGA fabric, the Spartan-3AN FPGA platform is touted to be the industry's most advanced non-volatile FPGA solution.  
LED driver supports all energy-saving programmes 2007-03-13
ST's new LED driver has auto-power-saving features that enable it to save power without external intervention, thus supporting all energy-saving 'programmes.  
Magnetic sensor promises high reliability 2007-03-13
Alps Electronics said its new switching output-type device uses a magnetic sensor that can sense over a wider area and with higher reliability compared to other magnetic elements.  
Samsung hard drive cuts boot time in Vista 2007-03-12
It's a little late for the Vista launch, but Samsung Electronics still aims to take advantage of the new Microsoft OS. The company announced it has begun shipping its long-awaited hybrid flash/hard drive to computer and other equipment makers.  
MEMS switch delivers 26GHz operation 2007-03-06
MEMS switch maker TeraVicta Technologies is announcing a 26.5GHz spdt MEMS switch, claimed to be the world's fastest. The 26.5GHz spdt switch measures 3.25-by-4.5-by-1.25mm and is aimed at DTV, satellite communications and phased radar applications.  
VIA unveils digital media IGP chipset 2007-03-02
VIA Technologies Inc.'s CN896 digital media IGP chipset is certified Vista-ready by Microsoft, providing OEMs with a flexible platform for power-efficient embedded and desktop systems. The VIA CN896 digital media IGP chipset supports the VIA V4 front-side bus up to 800MHz.  
Industrial CPU motherboard features self-stacking bus design 2007-02-28
Arista Corp. has developed a PC104-A2512 industrial CPU motherboard for industrial computing applications.  
Kyocera to release 'smallest' SAW duplexer 2007-02-22
Kyocera Corp. has developed a small, lightweight SAW duplexer with a built-in matching circuit featuring improved attenuation and isolation characteristics.  
IR components enable wireless connectivity 2007-02-22
Avago Technologies has added three highly integrated, high-speed infrared components to its product line. The ASDL-7021 is an LSI FIR/VFIR controller in a 48-pin TFBGA package that measures 1.2-by-4-by-4mm.  
W-CDMA PA increases talk time by 25% 2007-02-21
Leveraging Anadigics' HELP3 technology, the AWT6221 W-CDMA power amplifier reduces average current consumption by 75 per cent, which translates to up to 25 per cent increase in talk-time.  

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