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Kyocera to release 'smallest' SAW duplexer 2007-02-22
Kyocera Corp. has developed a small, lightweight SAW duplexer with a built-in matching circuit featuring improved attenuation and isolation characteristics.  
IR components enable wireless connectivity 2007-02-22
Avago Technologies has added three highly integrated, high-speed infrared components to its product line. The ASDL-7021 is an LSI FIR/VFIR controller in a 48-pin TFBGA package that measures 1.2-by-4-by-4mm.  
W-CDMA PA increases talk time by 25% 2007-02-21
Leveraging Anadigics' HELP3 technology, the AWT6221 W-CDMA power amplifier reduces average current consumption by 75 per cent, which translates to up to 25 per cent increase in talk-time.  
Atmel integrates MCU, LIN SBC in one package 2007-02-15
Atmel Corp. has announced the availability of the ATA6602 and ATA6603 multi-chip modules, extending the company's current broad IC family for LIN applications.  
PWM control IC targets DC/DC buck apps 2007-02-14
International Rectifier has introduced the IR3651, a synchronous PWM control IC designed for high performance synchronous DC/DC buck applications with an input voltage range up to 75V.  
D-wave releases quantum processor 2007-02-13
D-Wave Systems Inc. is demonstrating the first commercial quantum computer—a supercooled, superconducting niobium chip housing an array of 16qubits.  
RMI launches midrange processor family 2007-02-13
Raza Microelectronics Inc. has announced the XLS processor family, a midrange to entry-level, price-optimised family positioned below the XLR processor family.  
SMK develops ultra small memory card 2007-02-09
SMK Corp. has developed its microSD card connector for microSD (TransFlash) cards that are attracting the industry's attention for being an ultra small memory card.  
BGA header offers better electrical performance 2007-02-08
FCI has expanded its AirMax VS connector system by offering a BGA attachment option for backplane headers. By combining FCI's proven BGA technology with its shieldless high-speed connector design, the AirMax VS vertical BGA headers offer improved electrical performance.  
Avago Tech intros green auto focus auxiliary flash LED 2007-02-08
Avago Technologies has introduced a high-brightness green auto focus auxiliary flash LED to assist the auto focusing function in digital still cameras used in low ambient light conditions.  
ChipX develops standard-cell ASIC alternative 2007-02-08
Offering an alternative to standard-cell ASICs, ChipX has introduced a line of so-called Embedded Array products built around structured ASIC libraries. Also known as a structured ASIC fabric, ChipX' Embedded Arrays are based on a 130nm process from UMC.  
Boston-Power Li-ion battery offers longer lifespan 2007-02-05
Boston-Power Inc. debuts a Li-ion battery for notebook computers that promises a faster charge time and a lifespan three times that of existing batteries.  
Power Metal resistors offer improved resistance stability 2007-02-02
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has announced a surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor that offers improved resistance stability during operation with a maximum resistance change of 0.5 per cent through a 2000hr workload.  
Cadence develops 'first' complete low-power solution 2007-02-02
Cadence Design Systems has announced that it has developed a low-power solution, the industry's first fully integrated flow for logic design, verification and implementation of low-power chips.  
Broadcom develops GbE switches for network security 2007-01-25
Broadcom Corp. has announced a new generation of multi-layer GbE switches designed to improve enterprise network security through a highly scalable and easy-to-manage security infrastructure.  
Fujitsu optical transceivers suit GPON systems 2007-01-23
Fujitsu Ltd and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. have announced the development of the first optical transceiver technology capable of operating across a temperature range of -40°C (-40°F) to 85°C (185°F).  
PLX expands PCIe product line with 110ns switches 2007-01-19
PLX Technology Inc. has expanded its PCIe product line with third-generation switches that claim 110ns latency, the lowest power consumption and flexible port configurations.  
UWB antenna optimised for WiMedia Alliance BandGroup 1 2007-01-18
Omron Corp. has announced a surface-mounting polymeric antenna, the WXA-N2SL, the third model in its line-up of polymeric antennas for UWB communications.  
Airoha touts most integrated MIMO RF IC 2007-01-03
Airoha Technology Corp. has announced launched the most integrated 802.11n Multi-Input, Multi-Output (MIMO) RF IC, called AL8160.  
Zetex launches IF switch for LNBs design 2006-12-29
Zetex Semiconductors has launched a 4:2 IF switch which is the first to feature integrated gain and control functions  
Renesas launches 'first' PFC control IC 2006-12-27
Renesas Technology Americ, Inc. has announced the R2A20112, critical-mode power factor correction (PFC) control IC for AC/DC power supplies, the first device of its type to implement interleaved operation.  
'Smallest' high-speed 1.8V UARTs run at 5Mbps 2006-12-27
NXP Semiconductors has announced a high-speed, high-performance 1.8V UART family that supports the VLIO bus specification from Marvell as well as Intel and Motorola bus interfaces.  
CRM PFC controller ICs offer THD level 2006-12-20
Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced critical conduction mode (CRM) PFC controller ICs designed to meet stringent standby power and harmonic regulations affecting ballast, notebook adaptors, LCD TVs and LCD monitors.  
Low offset bus buffer improves I2C reliability 2006-12-20
Linear Technology introduces the LTC4307, a I2C bus buffer with low offset and stuck bus recovery that significantly increases the reliability of systems utilising the I2C bus.  
Control processor IC features advanced stall-detection 2006-12-18
The Magellan 55110 from Performance Motion Devices is a single-axis motion control processor IC with advanced stall detection features. Designed specifically for step motor applications, the chip alerts the user to a stall condition (lost steps) if motion is obstructed, or there's a system failure.  
Mathworks' RF Toolbox includes signal integrity capability 2006-12-15
The Mathworks is rolling out the RF Toolbox 2, which adds time-domain capabilities to this Matlab add-on package. As a result, the company said, engineers can significantly reduce the time needed to develop I/O circuitry for high-speed digital systems  
UMLP-packaged USB 2.0 switch suits audio, car apps 2006-12-14
Fairchild Semiconductor has launched a USB 2.0 switch that maximises board real estate and downloading performance in compact and sophisticated electronics.  
Synthesis tool suffices CMP design rules 2006-12-13
The latest synthesis tool from Blaze DFM Inc. inserts dummy fill patterns into a design layout and is said to optimally meet complex CMP design rules without requiring complicated scripts. It uses Blaze DFM's timing and power-analysis engines to maintain power and performance requirements while fill shapes are being added.  
Vishay expands opto portfolio with 3-lens package 2006-12-13
Vishay Intertechnology is broadening its optoelectronics portfolio with a new device integrating a Remote Control receiver and an IrDA transceiver into a single, 3-lens, surface-mount package for the PC market  
Power MOSFET reduces conduction losses 2006-12-08
STMicroelectronics has introduced the first member of a new power MOSFET family. The new family allows customers to drastically reduce conduction losses and increase efficiency.  

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