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Serial buffer enables DSP-intensive wireless services 2006-11-22
Integrated Device Technology Inc. has unveiled its 10G serial buffer, the industry's first Serial RapidIO-based memory solution.  
Tuner chip brings digital TV to PC notebooks 2006-11-21
Microtune Inc. has announced a tuner chip that brings quality digital TV to PC notebooks, portable TVs, tuner sticks, portable DVD players and other small devices that demand both high performance and lower power.  
Motion-SPM devices ease inverter motor drive designs 2006-11-21
Expanding its Smart Power Modules (SPM) portfolio, Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced three Motion-SPM devices available in 29-by-12mm SMD packages—the FSB50325S (250V), FSB50250S (500V) and FSB50450S (500V).  
Ceramic capacitor prevents short-circuit failures 2006-11-20
AVX Corp. has designed a ceramic capacitor that eliminates the risk of short-circuit failure. Terminated with the company's Flexiterm technology, Flexisafe capacitors absorb shock and prevent internal cracking due to board flexure and temperature cycling damage.  
Power management unit includes buck-boost converter 2006-11-16
National Semiconductor Corp. has claimed developing the first flexible power management unit (PMU) with an integrated buck-boost converter to its family of digitally programmable, multiple-output power management devices.  
Intel processors raise performance bars 2006-11-16
Intel Corp. has introduced the Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 and Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor families that promise "immense speed and responsiveness" for general-purpose servers and workstations and for digital media creation, high-end gaming and other market segments that require very high performance levels.  
Ciranova rolls out solution for p-cells 2006-11-16
EDA start-up Ciranova Inc. said that it will roll out a solution for the creation and reuse of parameterized IC layout cells (p-cells). As a result, both new and legacy p-cells can be read by any tool based on the OpenAccess database  
Vectron unveils 'smallest' OCXO for telecom, wireless apps 2006-11-15
Vectron International has announced the smallest oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) for telecom, wireless and data communications applications.  
Digital media IGP chips support PCIe, DDR2 memory 2006-11-15
Designed to work in conjunction with its carbon-free VIA C7-D processor for corporate desktops, VIA Technologies Inc. has developed the VIA CN800 digital media integrated graphics processor (IGP) chipset that supports PCIe and DDR/DDR2 memory.  
SMD chip resistor withstands high-sulphur conditions 2006-11-14
Stackpole Electronics Inc. has introduced an SMD chip resistor series that operates under high-sulphur conditions primarily found in automotive and industrial applications.  
Power switch suits DC/DC converter apps 2006-11-14
Expanding its broad portfolio of power switch solutions, Fairchild Semiconductor has announced its 100V, 200V and 220V N-channel UltraFET devices available in ultra-compact (3-by-3mm) MLP.  
20-pin flash MCUs include high-speed timers 2006-11-06
Atmel Corp. has rolled out three 20-pin tinyAVR flash MCU devices with high-speed timers targeting battery chargers, sensor end-points and motor control applications. The new devices are pin-compatible, differing only in the size of their flash, EEPROM and SRAM memories.  
DSP core complies with CEVA-X ISA 2006-11-03
CEVA said its new CEVA-X1641 is the first Quad-MAC DSP core in the scalable CEVA-X family and is designed specifically to run highly computational intensive tasks that require substantial data throughput and high memory bandwidth.  
'Combo' ballast IC delivers higher efficiency 2006-10-26
STMicroelectronics's L6585 is said to integrate a power factor correction stage with a half-bridge controller and all the relevant drivers and logic for an electronic ballast IC and also delivers higher efficiency and ultimately makes for fluorescent lamps that shine brighter.  
MCU-transmitter RF IC features sensor interface 2006-10-20
Atmel Corp. has released its highly-integrated and low-power ATA6285 and ATA6286 microcontroller-transmitter ICs with sensor interface for tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) sensor gauge systems.  
Software solution enables rapid prototyping of automotive apps 2006-10-19
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the RAppID ToolBox, a software solution that supports on-target, rapid prototyping for Freescale's 32-bit MPC5500 automotive microcontroller (MCU) family.  
Atmel launches driver-ICs for automotive high-temp apps 2006-10-18
Atmel Corp. has announced the availability of three driver ICs for high-temperature applications.  
NXP unveils platform for audio playback 2006-10-16
NXP Semiconductors has announced the Nexperia System Solution 5211 for the delivery of advanced and affordable MP3 capability to mobile handset users.  
Oscilloscopes suit data network analysis apps 2006-10-09
Tektronix Inc. has introduced its DSA8200 Digital Serial Analyser sampling oscilloscope, new remote sampling electrical modules and enhanced IConnect software, making it a suitable solution for serial data network analysis applications.  
TAEC's new MCUs suit storage, industrial apps 2006-10-06
Toshiba has announced the expansion of its embedded MCU product line with the addition of two 16bit MCUs and a 32bit MCU based on SuperFlash technology.  
Display controller includes MDDI-compliant audio controller 2006-10-06
California Micro Devices has unveiled a dual display and audio controller for wireless handsets that incorporates the VESA Standard MDDI link, which is fully compatible with QUALCOMM's MSM chipset solutions.  
ARM7 Flash MCUs target battery operated apps 2006-10-06
STMicroelectronics has extended its STR7 range that promises 54MIPS (at 60MHz) performance while providing outstanding low power modes.  
MaxAir vent panels provide greater airflow 2006-10-03
Laird Technologies has introduced its newly patented MaxAir vent panels product line to provide greater airflow and EMI protection for electronic enclosures and cabinets used in the military and telecommunications industries.  
ST develops AC switches for home apps 2006-09-21
STMicroelectronics has introduced a generation of Alternating Current Switches (ACST) to control the numerous AC loads employed by appliance applications.  
1.8-inch HDDs deliver 134Gb/in² areal density 2006-09-20
Toshiba Storage Device Division's (SDD) 1.8-inch HDDs deliver an increased areal density of 134Gbits per square inch and offer improved media rates of 356.8Mbps, said to be the best in their class today.  
Z-One-compatible linear regulators suit power apps 2006-09-13
Power-One Inc. and Micrel Inc have jointly announced a Z-One-compatible solution for low-current applications.  
TI platform targets multiple end equipment 2006-09-12
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has developed a converged platform running on a single DSP and targeting multiple end equipment including video telephony, IPSTB, media centres and portable multimedia players.  
Multirate video relocker supports SDI data transmission 2006-09-12
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a multirate video reclocker which is the smallest and lowest to support SD/HD serial digital interface data transmission.  
Toshiba 8bit MCU core ups processing speed 2006-09-08
The latest 8bit MCU core from Toshiba is said to be capable of processing one instruction cycle in a single clock cycle, enabling faster processing at lower frequencies.  
AMD upgrades Athlon desktop dual-core line 2006-09-08
AMD recently unveiled its dual-core Athlon 64 X2 5200+ desktop processor, which is designed for use in commercial desktop PCs.  


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