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PLX expands PCIe product line with 110ns switches 2007-01-19
PLX Technology Inc. has expanded its PCIe product line with third-generation switches that claim 110ns latency, the lowest power consumption and flexible port configurations.  
UWB antenna optimised for WiMedia Alliance BandGroup 1 2007-01-18
Omron Corp. has announced a surface-mounting polymeric antenna, the WXA-N2SL, the third model in its line-up of polymeric antennas for UWB communications.  
Airoha touts most integrated MIMO RF IC 2007-01-03
Airoha Technology Corp. has announced launched the most integrated 802.11n Multi-Input, Multi-Output (MIMO) RF IC, called AL8160.  
Zetex launches IF switch for LNBs design 2006-12-29
Zetex Semiconductors has launched a 4:2 IF switch which is the first to feature integrated gain and control functions  
Renesas launches 'first' PFC control IC 2006-12-27
Renesas Technology Americ, Inc. has announced the R2A20112, critical-mode power factor correction (PFC) control IC for AC/DC power supplies, the first device of its type to implement interleaved operation.  
'Smallest' high-speed 1.8V UARTs run at 5Mbps 2006-12-27
NXP Semiconductors has announced a high-speed, high-performance 1.8V UART family that supports the VLIO bus specification from Marvell as well as Intel and Motorola bus interfaces.  
CRM PFC controller ICs offer THD level 2006-12-20
Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced critical conduction mode (CRM) PFC controller ICs designed to meet stringent standby power and harmonic regulations affecting ballast, notebook adaptors, LCD TVs and LCD monitors.  
Low offset bus buffer improves I2C reliability 2006-12-20
Linear Technology introduces the LTC4307, a I2C bus buffer with low offset and stuck bus recovery that significantly increases the reliability of systems utilising the I2C bus.  
Control processor IC features advanced stall-detection 2006-12-18
The Magellan 55110 from Performance Motion Devices is a single-axis motion control processor IC with advanced stall detection features. Designed specifically for step motor applications, the chip alerts the user to a stall condition (lost steps) if motion is obstructed, or there's a system failure.  
Mathworks' RF Toolbox includes signal integrity capability 2006-12-15
The Mathworks is rolling out the RF Toolbox 2, which adds time-domain capabilities to this Matlab add-on package. As a result, the company said, engineers can significantly reduce the time needed to develop I/O circuitry for high-speed digital systems  
UMLP-packaged USB 2.0 switch suits audio, car apps 2006-12-14
Fairchild Semiconductor has launched a USB 2.0 switch that maximises board real estate and downloading performance in compact and sophisticated electronics.  
Synthesis tool suffices CMP design rules 2006-12-13
The latest synthesis tool from Blaze DFM Inc. inserts dummy fill patterns into a design layout and is said to optimally meet complex CMP design rules without requiring complicated scripts. It uses Blaze DFM's timing and power-analysis engines to maintain power and performance requirements while fill shapes are being added.  
Vishay expands opto portfolio with 3-lens package 2006-12-13
Vishay Intertechnology is broadening its optoelectronics portfolio with a new device integrating a Remote Control receiver and an IrDA transceiver into a single, 3-lens, surface-mount package for the PC market  
Power MOSFET reduces conduction losses 2006-12-08
STMicroelectronics has introduced the first member of a new power MOSFET family. The new family allows customers to drastically reduce conduction losses and increase efficiency.  
NXP releases FlexRay transceiver for automotive apps 2006-12-07
NXP has announced the availability a FlexRay transceiver touted to be the world's first—the TJA1080. The transceiver, together with NXP's fail-safe system basis chips, is now used in the new BMW X5, the first series production car with a FlexRay system.  
Freescale expands 16bit automotive MCU portfolio 2006-12-06
Freescale Semiconductor has expanded its family of 16bit automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) with FlexRay technology and flash memory scaling to 512K.  
Clear Shape announces DFM analysis solution 2006-12-04
Clear Shape Technologies Inc. has announced OutPerform, claimed to be the first complete and silicon-correlated electrical DFM analysis and optimisation product.  
Mixer IC suits freq-down converter 2006-11-30
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has announced a mixer IC suitable for use in the frequency-down converter in specific extremely low-power radio equipment. The NJM2288 consists of a mixer, a local amp and a bias circuit. It converts RF signals received by antenna and local signals from local oscillator circuit into IF signals.  
BI Tech develops RoHS-complaint resistor network 2006-11-29
TT electronics BI Technologies Electronic Components Division has released a RoHS-compliant SCSI termination resistor network.  
ST, Ball-IT introduce wireless motion controller 2006-11-28
STMicroelectronics and Ball-IT Oy have announced a novel MEMS-based wireless motion-control device which can operate as a free-hand personal computer mouse, compass, measuring tape, pedometer and a 3D-object controller.  
Clear Shape solution predicts silicon shapes 2006-11-28
Clear Shape Technologies has announced InShape, claimed to be the first model-based full-chip Design Manufacturability Checker that predicts accurate silicon shapes.  
Samsung develops 'thinnest' mobile LCD screen 2006-11-27
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd announced that it has developed the thinnest reported LCD panel. The company says that this LCD panel is no thicker than a credit card, and is 0.07mm thinner than the panel previously reported to be the world's slimmest.  
Freescale intros BLDC motor driver for office apps 2006-11-27
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor driver IC designed to help drive small motors reliably with reduced board space.  
IDT unveils 'first' 10G serial buffer 2006-11-27
Integrated Device Technology Inc. (IDT) has unveiled a 10G serial buffer, touted to be the industry's first Serial RapidIO-based memory solution.  
Decoder LSI consumes low power 2006-11-24
Rohm Co. Ltd has recently completed development of the BU8844FV ADPCM decoder LSI featuring high-quality voice generation and low current consumption specifically developed for home electronic appliances.  
Serial buffer enables DSP-intensive wireless services 2006-11-22
Integrated Device Technology Inc. has unveiled its 10G serial buffer, the industry's first Serial RapidIO-based memory solution.  
Tuner chip brings digital TV to PC notebooks 2006-11-21
Microtune Inc. has announced a tuner chip that brings quality digital TV to PC notebooks, portable TVs, tuner sticks, portable DVD players and other small devices that demand both high performance and lower power.  
Motion-SPM devices ease inverter motor drive designs 2006-11-21
Expanding its Smart Power Modules (SPM) portfolio, Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced three Motion-SPM devices available in 29-by-12mm SMD packages—the FSB50325S (250V), FSB50250S (500V) and FSB50450S (500V).  
Ceramic capacitor prevents short-circuit failures 2006-11-20
AVX Corp. has designed a ceramic capacitor that eliminates the risk of short-circuit failure. Terminated with the company's Flexiterm technology, Flexisafe capacitors absorb shock and prevent internal cracking due to board flexure and temperature cycling damage.  
Power management unit includes buck-boost converter 2006-11-16
National Semiconductor Corp. has claimed developing the first flexible power management unit (PMU) with an integrated buck-boost converter to its family of digitally programmable, multiple-output power management devices.  

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