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Xilinx rolls high performance DDR4 memory devices 2014-03-12
The firm boasts the industry's first high performance DDR4 memory solution for All Programmable UltraScale and supports massive I/O and memory bandwidth with dramatic power and latency reduction.  
Oscilloscopes boast excellent analysis capabilities 2014-02-28
The R&S RTE is available with bandwidths from 200MHz to 1GHz, and has an acquisition rate of more than one million waveforms per second that helps users find signal faults quickly.  
SAS-3 repeater targets enterprise server, data center apps 2014-02-03
TI's 8-channel, unidirectional DS125BR800A claims to use up 35 percent less power and double the interconnect reach of current solutions, while managing the link training protocol.  
Agilent intros M8000 series of BER test solutions 2014-01-24
The test instrument helps accelerating insight into the performance margins of high-speed digital devices for computer, consumer, server, mobile computing and data centre products.  
TCXOs boast 10-40MHz carrier frequencies 2013-12-30
Abracon's AST3TQ series of precision temperature compensated crystal oscillators features LVCMOS output, offering ±500ppb frequency stability over -55°C to 95°C.  
Sand 9 unveils piezoelectric MEMS timing product 2013-11-20
The TM651 promises to deliver exceptional activity dip suppression, superior shock and vibration immunity, and outstanding electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection.  
TI's KeyStone SoC for high performance compute systems 2013-11-18
The 66AK2H14 device enables developers designing high-performance compute systems to have access to a 10Gb/s Ethernet switch-on-chip.  
IDT's devices target 100GbE interface apps 2013-10-21
The Universal Frequency Translator devices are capable of generating eight different output frequencies with less than 300fs RMS phase jitter over the standard 12kHz to 20MHz integration range.  
16-lane PCIe 3.0 signal-conditioning retimer 2013-09-12
Touted by IDT as an industry-first, the IDT 89HT0832P is a 32-channel retimer capable of 8Gb/s-per-channel transfers, providing 256Gb/s of communication bandwidth for data-intensive applications.  
12G UHD-SDI reclocker aimed at 4K video 2013-09-06
The LMH1256 from TI allows broadcast video equipment to capture, record and play back 4K video signals at 60Hz over a single link of coaxial cable.  
Full order book runs on single-FPGA platform 2013-09-04
Algo-Logic's low latency order-book is designed using the on-chip memory for customer book sizes with many thousands of open orders, a dozen symbols and reporting of ten L-2 levels.  
Crystek debuts 245.760MHz SAW clock oscillator 2013-08-29
The CCSO-914X-245.760 features -150dBc/Hz phase noise at 10kHz offset and a noise floor of -169dBc/Hz.  
Silicon Labs intros fully SyncE-compliant clock 2013-08-19
The Si5328 is touted by the company as the industry's lowest jitter, lowest power and most frequency-flexible timing solution for high-speed networking equipment based on the SyncE standard.  
Pico Tech unveils 2-channel oscilloscopes 2013-07-03
The PicoScope 9300 Series can perform pre-compliance tests, fault-finding, design, debug and margin testing on serial communications signals such as 10GbE, SONET/SDH STM64 and InfiniBand and PCIe.  
Silicon Labs unveils single-die MEMS oscillator 2013-07-01
The Si50x CMEMS oscillators are geared to replace general-purpose crystal oscillators (XOs) in cost-sensitive, low-power and high-volume industrial, embedded and consumer electronics applications.  
Timing card device for wireless, Ethernet apps 2013-06-26
Microsemi's ZL30162 touts four T0 high quality and highly programmable integrated DPLLs capable of locking up to 11 inputs for applications that require independent transmit and receive timing paths.  
Clock generators tout low jitter down to 180fs 2013-06-20
The solutions from Microsemi target applications such as enterprise routers and switches, storage area network equipment, servers and communications equipment.  
TI rolls 4-channel, 14bit ADC at 250MSPS 2013-06-04
The high-density ADS4449 enables receiver systems to support up to 125MHz of instantaneous bandwidth in extremely small forms such as MIMO base stations and munitions guidance.  
Clock generators aimed at space-constrained apps 2013-05-27
The Si52111 and Si52112 from Silicon Labs target high-volume consumer, embedded, communications and enterprise applications where board space, power consumption and system cost are critical concerns.  
300mW clock generators boast 0.27ps jitter 2013-04-09
Microsemi's dual-channel ZL30240 and single-channel ZL30241 target communications equipment, enterprise routers and switches, storage area network equipment and servers.  
Modulator driver IC geared for 100G apps 2013-03-25
The MAOM-002203 from M/A-COM boasts 0.75W power consumption, low RMS jitter and a typical rise and fall time of 12.5ps.  
TI rolls high-speed data converter SEK 2013-03-15
The HSDC-SEK-10 includes a pattern capture card, pattern generator card, low-jitter clock source, clean 10MHz signal source and a multi-output regulated power supply.  
Direction detection sensor for harsh environments 2013-02-13
Allegro's A1233 is a dual-channel, Hall-effect direction detection sensor IC that provides digital output signals indicating the speed and direction of a rotating target.  
Clock generators tip many frequencies, outputs 2013-02-01
Pericom Semiconductor's family of HiFlex Clock Generators offer multiple frequency outputs with very low jitter, high integration, and high flexibility.  
Generators, detectors test 100G networks 2012-12-28
Tektronix’s PPG3000 series of pattern generators and PED3000 series of bit error detectors give designers a range of data rates, patterns, stresses and output level to address a range of standards.  
PHY ICs can withstand channel loss up to 32dB 2012-12-18
Avago's 28nm CMOS Ethernet and OTN PHY devices can withstand up to 32dB of channel loss and provides hole-free operation from 1 to 28Gbit/s.  
Oscilloscopes tout JEDEC memory tests 2012-12-12
Tektronix's DDRA analysis software brings electrical verification and conformance test support for JEDEC DDR4, DDR3L and LPDDR3 standards.  
Highly integrated AFEs boast high performance, space savings 2012-12-07
TI's analogue front ends (AFEs) provide low power, high performance and space savings for test and measurement, wireless communications and optical networking equipment.  
Digital module tests SoC interfaces at high speed 2012-11-30
Advantest's T2000 8GDM digital module for SoC tests can evaluate test clock and data recovery (CDR), jitter injection, I/O dead band cancellation and multi-strobe operation.  
Switches, sensors improve BLDC efficiency 2012-11-26
Infineon's TLE496x Hall switches operate from 3V to 32V and the TLE5009 and TLE5012B angle sensors measure the orientation of a magnetic field parallel to their package surface.  


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