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Efficient monolithic buck converter reduces switching jitter 2016-03-31
Ultralow DCR current sensing in Linear's LTC7130 not only minimises jitter in low-current applications but also improves current limit accuracy and maximises efficiency in high-current applications.  
SupIRBuck's PMBus connectivity allows for design flexibility 2016-03-23
With their full PMBus capabilities, Infineon's Digital PoL DC-DC regulators allow run-time control, fault status and telemetry.  
Network test system validates base station performance 2015-10-07
The TM500 and E500 Multi-RAT Network Test Solution from Cobham Wireless validates the capacity of mobile base stations across three types of overlaid radio access technology: 4G, 3G and 2G.  
Test software improves designer productivity 2015-01-29
The TekScope Anywhere from Tektronix enhances the visualisation, analysis and reporting capabilities found on Tektronix oscilloscopes to Windows-based PCs, tablets and servers.  
Digital power controllers target enterprise, storage apps 2015-01-22
The ZSPM1505 and ZSPM1506 from ZMDI are single-phase power controllers optimised for powering auxiliary power rails for FPGAs for routers, gateway, Ethernet switches, cloud storage and NAS devices.  
Low-jitter clock generators aimed at cost-sensitive apps 2014-12-12
The initial 5P49V5901 VersaClock 5 offering from IDT features four universal output pairs capable of producing four independent programmable frequencies up to 350MHz.  
JESD204B-compatible clock IC targets GSPS data converters 2014-12-04
The AD9528 from ADI has an on-chip VCO that tunes from 3.6-4GHz, with the input receivers and oscillator providing both single-ended and differential operation.  
Clock translator ideal for 100G coherent optical networks 2014-12-03
The ITU-T G.8251-compliant OTN ZL30169 integrates a digital phase locked loop, analogue PLL and EEPROM into a 5 x 5mm 32-pin QFN package to support increasing bandwidth requirements.  
Debug toolkit offers analysis tools for entire DDR design cycle 2014-11-26
The solution from Teledyne promises to offer a complete physical layer analysis of DDR2/3/4 and LPDDR2/3 signals and includes various time saving industry firsts to simplify DDR testing.  
Wireless power transmitters support WPC, PMA standards 2014-11-21
Featuring an integrated 32bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor, the family of transmitters offers a high level of programmability and flexibility while consuming ultra-low standby power to meet Energy Star requirements.  
PCIe clock IC takes on consumer, embedded apps 2014-10-02
The Si50122 is the first clock generator to incorporate CMEMS technology. The internal CMEMS resonator provides a stable frequency reference to the device's CMOS clock circuitry.  
Online tool creates clock tree block diagrams in minutes 2014-09-18
Silicon Labs' new Clock Tree Expert tool enables embedded developers to generate sophisticated, streamlined clock tree block diagrams within minutes, simplifying system design.  
SerDes tech clocks at 57.5Gb/s using NRZ signalling 2014-09-10
Credo aims to make the SerDes available as both IP and fully manufactured ASIC devices that can be used on line cards, in optical modules, in active copper cables, and next-gen compute ASICs.  
Clock-tree-on-a-chip delivers <100fs RMS jitter performance 2014-08-01
The chip integrates clock generators and jitter attenuators, providing an I2C-configurable platform significantly reducing BOM cost and design complexity.  
Wheel speed sensor IC features integrated capacitor 2014-07-10
The A1688 from Allegro MicroSystems is aimed at the automotive market and boasts features such as outstanding pitch deviation accuracy, low jitter and enhanced EMC performance.  
Xilinx Vertex 7 dev board supports 16K TCP & UDP accelerators 2014-07-04
Intilop's development board features pre-ported and tested 10G TCP & UDP accelerators (TCP & UDP Full Offload Engines) that implement from 2-16 thousand simultaneous TCP & UDP connections.  
10G TCP, UDP accelerators flaunt 95% throughput 2014-06-17
Intilop offered its 6th generation 10G TCP & UDP accelerators that claim to deliver 16 thousand simultaneous TCP & UDP connections and bandwidth of more than 1.1GB/s per port.  
Clock translator aimed at optical, networking comms apps 2014-05-23
The AD9554 from ADI is a multi-service adaptive quad-channel clock translator with clock multiplier that offers jitter cleanup and synchronisation for many systems such as synchronous optical networks.  
Crystal oscillators target advanced comm apps 2014-05-08
Micrel's MX55/57 FUSION crystal oscillator clock (XO) solutions claim to offer industry-leading phase jitter performance of 170fsrms (12kHz to 20MHz).  
Timing devices target smart grid, industrial automation apps 2014-05-07
The 8V89316 and 8V89317 from IDT are low-jitter Ethernet PLLs used to frequency synchronise switches and routers via the Ethernet physical layer to improve the reliability of IEEE 1588-based clocks.  
Clocking, flexible fabric support boost MicroTCA system design 2014-05-06
The UTC004 from VadaTech has a 40GbE option that promises a 4x boost in performance from today's 10GbE solutions and also provides PCIe Gen 3, SRIO Gen 2, and a crossbar switch (CBS) option.  
Xilinx rolls high performance DDR4 memory devices 2014-03-12
The firm boasts the industry's first high performance DDR4 memory solution for All Programmable UltraScale and supports massive I/O and memory bandwidth with dramatic power and latency reduction.  
Oscilloscopes boast excellent analysis capabilities 2014-02-28
The R&S RTE is available with bandwidths from 200MHz to 1GHz, and has an acquisition rate of more than one million waveforms per second that helps users find signal faults quickly.  
SAS-3 repeater targets enterprise server, data center apps 2014-02-03
TI's 8-channel, unidirectional DS125BR800A claims to use up 35 percent less power and double the interconnect reach of current solutions, while managing the link training protocol.  
Agilent intros M8000 series of BER test solutions 2014-01-24
The test instrument helps accelerating insight into the performance margins of high-speed digital devices for computer, consumer, server, mobile computing and data centre products.  
TCXOs boast 10-40MHz carrier frequencies 2013-12-30
Abracon's AST3TQ series of precision temperature compensated crystal oscillators features LVCMOS output, offering ±500ppb frequency stability over -55°C to 95°C.  
Sand 9 unveils piezoelectric MEMS timing product 2013-11-20
The TM651 promises to deliver exceptional activity dip suppression, superior shock and vibration immunity, and outstanding electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection.  
TI's KeyStone SoC for high performance compute systems 2013-11-18
The 66AK2H14 device enables developers designing high-performance compute systems to have access to a 10Gb/s Ethernet switch-on-chip.  
IDT's devices target 100GbE interface apps 2013-10-21
The Universal Frequency Translator devices are capable of generating eight different output frequencies with less than 300fs RMS phase jitter over the standard 12kHz to 20MHz integration range.  
16-lane PCIe 3.0 signal-conditioning retimer 2013-09-12
Touted by IDT as an industry-first, the IDT 89HT0832P is a 32-channel retimer capable of 8Gb/s-per-channel transfers, providing 256Gb/s of communication bandwidth for data-intensive applications.  

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