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element14 announces Raspberry Pi B+ 2014-07-16
Featuring a 40-pin extended GPIO, even more sensors, connectors and expansion boards can be added to the board, allowing users to increase the complexity of their Raspberry Pi projects  
CMOS image sensors target security, surveillance cameras 2014-07-16
The TCM3211PB from Toshiba features large 5.6um pixels, improving low light sensitivity, and incorporates a single frame HDR function that realises high dynamic range of 108dB  
Raspberry Pi B+ enables bigger, better projects 2014-07-16
Advanced power management and enhanced connectivity make it possible to power four USB accessories such as a 2.5in hard drive through the new Raspberry Pi model.  
VeriSilicon unveils latest HEVC video encoder IP 2014-07-16
The HEVC video encoder IP is aimed at applications such as smartphones, feature phones, digital still cameras, tablets, set-top boxes, surveillance cameras and video cameras.  
RC extraction tool certified for 16nm FinFET designs 2014-07-16
The Quantus QRC Extraction Solution from Cadence promises to speed design signoff and offers faster runtime for single and multi-corner extraction.  
Half-bridge power module packs 300A SiC MOSFET 2014-07-16
The CAS300M12BM2 incorporates a low-loss 300A SiC MOSFET switch that is capable of replacing Si IGBTs rated at 600A or more, thereby reducing the number of modules required overall  
Cadence delivers RC extraction solution 2014-07-16
Quantus QRC Extraction Solution supports both system-on-chip and custom/analogue designs and includes a new foundry-certified integrated random-walk field solver called Quantus FS.  
LG Display panel exhibits flexibility, transparency 2014-07-15
The 18-inch OLED panel can be rolled up into a cylinder with a radius of 3cm, and boasts 30 per cent transmittance  
EnVerv intros integrated dual-modem PLC, RF SoC 2014-07-15
The EV8600 combines the company's power line communications technology operating at 10-500KHz and an RF modem operating in the range of 142-1050MHz  
RF rotary joints support 0-18GHz frequency range 2014-07-14
The rotary joints from Fairview Microwave boast a compact design, excellent VSWR, low insertion loss and minimal variation of RF performance during rotation  
MACOM debuts aviation 90W GaN in plastic power modules 2014-07-14
Aimed for pulsed avionics applications in the 960-1215MHz band, the 2-stage, fully-matched GaN surface mount power module scales to peak pulse power levels of 100W in a 14 x 24mm package size  
I'M develops first 8Gb DDR3 components 2014-07-14
The 8Gb components and 16GB modules have been verified to be compatible with processors and microcontrollers from AMD, Cavium, Freescale, Tilera, and many others.  
8-2300MHz coaxial power divider targets satcom apps 2014-07-11
The Model BPR-008-2300-2 from AtlanTecRF is aimed at the transmission of L-Band signals as well as the 10MHz reference frequency  
FPGA kit from Microsemi claims to speed up prototyping 2014-07-11
SmartFusion2 Evaluation Kit allows for simplified development of transceiver I/O-based FPGA designs necessary in today's PCI Express (PCIe) and Gigabit Ethernet-based systems  
Android open source project port supports ARMv8 2014-07-11
The Linaro ARMv8-A reference software stack combined with the ARM Development Platform (ADP) provides the ARM ecosystem with a foundation to accelerate 64bit Android availability on silicon.  
Power transistors bolster converter capacity 2014-07-11
EPC's eGaN FET delivers lower on-resistance, lower capacitance, higher current, and superior thermal performance; this allows power converters to perform with 98 per cent efficiency.  
Emulation sol'ns boost verification of memory products 2014-07-11
Designers can test new devices integrated on their SoC designs, and develop and stress-test their software and hardware with billions of verification cycles by using Mentor's emulation solutions  
TDK extends technical support tools for MLCCs 2014-07-10
The latest DC Bias Model enables designers to simulate DC bias characteristics of MLCCs, even when the DC bias applied to the MLCCs varies  
Probe series delivers measurement from 220GHz-1.1THz 2014-07-10
Recent technology innovation in photonics and nanotechnology is enabling terahertz research, which is being applied in many emerging technology sectors  
NVM IP for car ICs cuts PCB space by up to 75% 2014-07-10
The DesignWare AEON Trim NVM IP for high-voltage processes from Synopsys comes in standard 180nm 5V CMOS and bipolar CMOS DMOS processes without a need for additional masks or process steps  
Wheel speed sensor IC features integrated capacitor 2014-07-10
The A1688 from Allegro MicroSystems is aimed at the automotive market and boasts features such as outstanding pitch deviation accuracy, low jitter and enhanced EMC performance.  
40Gb/s RapidIO switches to boost computing performance 2014-07-10
IDT and eSilicon will jointly design 10xN switches with an optimal combination of high bandwidth, low 100ns latency, and scalability to greater than 4 billion nodes in a network  
Touch interface software to streamline haptic effects 2014-07-09
The UX Design Studio development tool from Aito is targeted at designs for physical user interfaces based on the company's software enhanced piezo (SEP) touch control technology.  
Ideal Power intros 3-port 30kW hybrid converters 2014-07-09
Target application of the device includes grid resilient power, such as backup power for commercial buildings, and remote off grid power, which includes tactical military and diesel-dependent generators  
Cable modem software supports next-gen DOCSIS 3.1 2014-07-09
The M9099 Waveform Creator 2.0 software enables R&D test engineers to build or import a variety of signals, mix them together, and add IQ impairments and noise to simulate real-world environments  
3D NAND gets fabrication boost with etch equipment 2014-07-09
The equipment from Lam Research addresses the need for three of the most critical steps in forming 3D NAND memory cells: stack deposition, vertical channel etching, and tungsten wordline deposition  
Logic devices available in miniature packages 2014-07-08
Diodes unleashed a couple of families of single-gate logic parts in what it says is one of the world's smallest packages, the DFN0808  
Intuitive dev't kit targets motion control apps 2014-07-08
The TMCM-1043-KIT development system is aimed at Trinamic's highly integrated, NEMA 17-compatible TMCM-1043 stepDancer stepper motor module.  
18-channel data logging system offers 100MHz bandwidth 2014-07-08
The DAS1600 offers provision for determining voltage, strain, pressure, temperature and other parameters through utilisation of the series of accompanying measurement boards available  
Low power MEMS mic touts accurate voice recognition 2014-07-08
Knowles announced its latest MEMS microphone that uses three-times less power than other digital MEMS microphones at just 235mA.  

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