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Crystal oscillators target advanced comm apps 2014-05-08
Micrel's MX55/57 FUSION crystal oscillator clock (XO) solutions claim to offer industry-leading phase jitter performance of 170fsrms (12kHz to 20MHz  
ANSYS unveils FinFET-ready platform 2014-05-08
The 2014 version of RedHawk promises greater performance, capacity and coverage, as well as sign-off accuracy to address the challenges faced by the increasing complexity of FinFET-based designs  
Timing devices target smart grid, industrial automation apps 2014-05-07
The 8V89316 and 8V89317 from IDT are low-jitter Ethernet PLLs used to frequency synchronise switches and routers via the Ethernet physical layer to improve the reliability of IEEE 1588-based clocks  
Toshiba announces 4K HDMI dual-DSI converter chipset 2014-05-07
The TC358870XBG claims to enable direct 4K HDMI video input to LCDs with MIPI dual-DSI interface, allowing small, high-resolution mobile displays to be used in consumer and industrial applications  
Metering chips keep accuracy down to standby-power levels 2014-05-07
The STPM32, STPM33 and STPM34 ICs from STMicroelectronics promise to help cut revenue losses and ensure consistent billing for even the most frugal customers.  
Solid tantalum chip capacitors target mil/aero systems 2014-05-06
The Hi-Rel series of TANTAMOUNT surface-mount solid tantalum moulded chip capacitors from Vishay combines a built-in fuse for fail-safe operation with high capacitance and voltage ratings  
DC-DC converter modules aimed at wireless power amps 2014-05-06
Applications of the latest devices from Artesyn Embedded Technologies include micro and macro cell, NodeB/eNodeB and remote radio head (RRH  
20nm FPGAs from Xilinx boast PCI Express compliance 2014-05-06
The Kintex UltraScale FPGAs, with integrated Endpoint blocks for PCI Express enabling high performance applications, passed rigorous electrical, protocol and interoperability tests.  
Clocking, flexible fabric support boost MicroTCA system design 2014-05-06
The UTC004 from VadaTech has a 40GbE option that promises a 4x boost in performance from today's 10GbE solutions and also provides PCIe Gen 3, SRIO Gen 2, and a crossbar switch (CBS) option  
Mixed-signal FPGA supports 1.8-5.5V power supplies 2014-05-05
Claimed by Silego as the world's smallest mixed-signal FPGA, the SLG46110V contains two ACMPs, four LUTs, six combination function macrocells and various counter/delay/flip-flop macrocells.  
Mobile SoCs promise to boost security, performace 2014-05-02
AMD's low-power chip code named Mullins and a mainstream chip Beema are intended to boost security and performance while lowering power consumption for mobile devices.  
Vector network analyser offers 24 test ports 2014-05-02
The R&S ZNBT from Rohde & Schwarz allows users to characterise devices under test with multiple test ports and enables production lines to maintain high throughput.  
Analog controllers geared for DC/DC power-conversion apps 2014-05-02
The latest devices from Microchip boast a step-up PWM-controller and low-side MOSFET driver architecture, with a mid-voltage LDO and fully-functional MCU integrated into a small, high-density package.  
Microsemi FPGA lineup aimed at defence, aerospace markets 2014-05-02
The military-grade SmartFusion 2 SoC FPGA and IGLOO 2 FPGA families claim to offer the industry's lowest power, best-in-class security, highest reliability and the greatest number of product options  
AFE reference design targets 3-phase power monitoring apps 2014-05-02
The Petaluma subsystem reference design from Maxim provides eight high-speed, 250Ksps, 16bit simultaneous-sampling analogue input channels that accept ±10V input signals.  
Diodes amp claims to reduce component count 2014-04-30
Able to drive dual 4Ω speakers at 3W per channel from a 5V supply, the amplifier aims to provide designers with simple two key up/down volume control and high-quality sound reproduction.  
Touchscreen controllers boast hover operation 2014-04-30
The mXT106xT2 family from Atmel support both mutual-capacitance and self-capacitance sensing, support hover operation in which the user's finger can be up to 20mm above the touch surface  
NXP debuts 10A, 45V Schottky barrier rectifiers 2014-04-30
The small form factor combined with a high electrical performance make the PMEG45U10EPD and the PMEG45A10EPD suitable for next generation smartphone and tablet power adapters.  
Humidity, pressure sensors aimed at mobile devices 2014-04-30
The HSHCAL Series comprises capacitive digital humidity sensors in a package measuring 2 x 2 x 1mm, while the HSPPAD pressure sensor range comes in a slightly larger package measuring 2.5 x 2.5 x 0.8mm  
PV couplers housed in small-size SO6 packages 2014-04-29
Toshiba's TLP3905 and TLP3906 expand on application areas by upgrading the operating temperature up to 125°C (max) and the isolation voltage up to 3.75kVrms (min).  
GLT flaunts design flexibility with curved light guides 2014-04-28
The non-linear light extraction technologies are aimed at overhead lighting and wall sconces to car interior/exterior lighting, as well as white goods and consumer electronics devices.  
60V MOSFETs offer ultra-low Rds(on) for industrial apps 2014-04-28
The devices in IR's StrongIRFET MOSFET portfolio target light EB inverters, DC motor drives, Li-Ion battery pack protection and switched mode power supply secondary-side synchronous rectification  
Buck converters support fast-changing loads 2014-04-28
Based on an adaptive constant on-time control algorithm, the 5A-rated AP65550 from Diodes quickly reacts to rapid changes in load conditions, guaranteeing a minimal drop in output voltage  
Soft-termination MLCCs boast high flex cracking resistance 2014-04-28
TDK said its commercial grade MLCCs are available in case sizes from EIA 0402 (1 x 0.5mm) to EIA 3025 (7.5 x 6.3mm) and with a range of capacitance values on a par with its other commercial grade MLCCs  
Novel electro-optical material system targets photonic devices 2014-04-25
Lightwave Logic unveiled the Perkinamine Malachite that the company said is a powerful and durable nonlinear organic electro-optical material that will be used in photonic device development  
LPDDR4 IP sol'n aimed at mobile, graphics-intensive SoCs 2014-04-25
The DesignWare LPDDR4 IP solution from Synopsys supports all key LPDDR4 features, including up to 3200Mb/s performance and features to reduce power consumption.  
20bit SAR ADC boasts power, space savings 2014-04-24
Maxim Integrated's MAX11905 enables 1.6Msps throughout with no latency and settling time limitation, and achieves 98.3dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and -123dB THD.  
Suite for Artesyn's ATCA systems claims to cut time to market 2014-04-24
The System Services Framework (SSF) is a complete system management suite for Artesyn ATCA systems that is also open to third party application.  
Rectifiers geared for car, telecom apps 2014-04-24
Vishay Intertechnology introduced eight 2A and 3A FRED Pt Ultrafast recovery rectifiers in the compact, low-profile SlimSMA (DO-221AC) eSMP series package  
SPD EEPROM device geared to work with next-gen DDR4 SDRAM 2014-04-24
The 34AA04 from Microchip Technology is designed for the price-competitive consumer products market and is capable of operation across a broad voltage range (1.7-3.6V  

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