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Digital controllers streamline digital power conversion 2015-05-20
The STNRG devices from ST target high-end industrial applications as well as outdoor equipment such as solar-power converters, EV charging stations and industrial switched-mode power supplies.  
Linear position sensors take on hazardous areas 2015-05-20
MTS Sensors introduces the T-series linear position sensors, a new family of SIL 2 compliant magnetorestrictive sensors that are corrosion-resistant and ideal for applications in hazardous environments  
Power supply boasts output up to 1.8kW 2015-05-19
The μMP16 from Artesyn claims to provide a power density of 22.9W/in3 and efficiency of up to 91 per cent, geared for T&M systems, and medical and industrial equipment  
Diodes cut conduction losses, increase efficiency 2015-05-18
Available as die in wafer form, the "H" and "U" series devices offer ultra-low forward voltage and reverse recovery charge to reduce losses and increase efficiency  
-40V P-ch Power MOSFET targets automotive apps 2015-05-18
The TJ200F04M3L from Toshiba claims to deliver an improved design that is capable of minimising conduction losses and will conform to the AEC-Q101 automotive standard qualification requirements  
AVX intros high-voltage automotive-grade capacitors 2015-05-14
The SV series features radial leads that enable the mechanical decoupling of the MLC chip from the board, and provide the maximum mechanical stress relief necessary for harsh automotive applications  
Smart motor driver boosts industrial automation 2015-05-13
The 14mm x 11mm system-in-package integrates control circuitry and complete power stage for driving the motor. It powers applications requiring up to 10A and 85V  
Mentor brings down cost for high-end PCB design platforms 2015-05-13
At $5,000 the pricing on Mentor's PAD Standard is likely to have a bomb-shell impact on the mid-range PCB design tool market, where the average pricing has ranged from $10,000 to $15,000.  
Halogen-free resistors boast up to 500V operating voltage 2015-05-11
The RCV e3 series resistors can replace multiple standard devices of the same size to save placement cost and board space in power supplies, battery chargers, vacuum tubes and converters  
Elmos driver chip targets 48V vehicle power systems 2015-05-11
Elmos developed the E523.52 driver chip for brushless DC motors, which features a 16bit microcontroller and circuitry optimised for 48V split-voltage automotive onboard power systems.  
500Mbaud demodulator chip extends satellite broadband access 2015-05-08
The 500Mbaud high-symbol-rate (HSR) STiD135 from ST allows significantly more efficient bandwidth usage and increased throughput in satellite Internet provisioning when deployed with transponders  
RTOS from Mentor targets connected embedded devices 2015-05-08
The Mentor Embedded Nucleus real time operating system process model for ARM Cortex-M based cores has expanded to offer application Dynamic Linking and Loading (DLL) capabilities for devices.  
Bosch unveils video camera-based emergency brake system 2015-05-06
If the camera detects other vehicles ahead in the same lane, the system prepares for an emergency braking, and in the case the driver does not react, the system automatically goes on full emergency brake  
Watch out for XeThru technology 2015-05-05
Novelda, provider of impulse radar solutions, is seeking to move up the food chain by investing $12 million into its XeThru technology to develop more modules as well as a next-generation radar IC  
Resistor networks flaunt improved ESD, moisture protection 2015-05-04
The Vishay Dale Thin Film AORN series boasts low TCR tracking of ±5ppm/°C, tight ratio tolerances to ±0.05 per cent, and long-term ratio stability of 0.015 per cent after 1,000 hours at 155°C  
Broadcom's ultra HD systems now NAGRA NOCS3 certified 2015-04-30
Ultra high definition STB solutions from Broadcom are now receiving NAGRA NOCS3 technology support, protecting service providers' investment in consumer devices such as set-top boxes  
Campus networking products from HP support 802.11ac Wave 2 2015-04-30
In addition to the HP 5400R zl2 switch series v3 modules that use HP's sixth-generation networking silicon, the company unveiled the HP Network Visualiser SDN App as the latest addition to its SDN App Store  
Radio modules, swarm API target location-aware services 2015-04-30
Offering significant extensions, the swarm API version 2.1 from Nanotron supports the ability to extract precise individual positions from a completely mobile swarm of radio devices in real-time  
MEMS tire pressure monitors to herald advent of smart tires 2015-04-30
Freescale uses standard inexpensive surface machining to realise a tire pressure monitor that uses capacitance to be much more accurate than the bulk-machined or surface machines tire pressure sensors.  
Marvell's multimedia SoC sol'n brings Ultra HD to STBs 2015-04-28
The ARMADA 1500 Ultra features a quad-core 14K DMIPS ARM A53 CPU, 8-core GPU, carrier-grade security and modern power management techniques aimed at PayTV operators and set-top box makers.  
Is MEMS ready for Moore's Law? 2015-04-28
The Internet of Things will embed information technology infrastructure deeply into the physical world. MEMS will dominate that interface, but the details on how this will evolve are still hazy  
PCB fabrication tips: Tools you need to know 2015-04-28
In this roundup, we feature some of the prominent methods of making your own circuit boards that will help to alleviate some of the issues that entail the manufacturing process  
1A buck converter from ams operates from 2.7V to 5.5V 2015-04-23
The AS1382 boasts a wide input voltage range, high efficiency and low stand-by current to support designs involving mobile phones, portable media players and wearable devices.  
4Mb asynchronous SRAMs guarantee data reliability 2015-04-23
The devices from Cypress ensure data reliability in various industrial, military, data processing, medical, consumer and car applications, without the need for additional error correction chips  
Pasternack rolls out ultra-broadband portable bench top RF amps 2015-04-23
The bench top amplifiers offer up to 60dB small signal gain with high dynamic range, low noise figure of 5dB and output P1dB compression power ranges from 10dBm to 22dBm  
Aluminium capacitors boast capacitance up to 47,000μF 2015-04-23
The 256 PMG-SI capacitors from Vishay are available in 17 case sizes down to 20mm x 25mm and support voltages from 16V to 100V for various audio, industrial and general power supply applications  
Embedded flash MCUs target automotive safety apps 2015-04-23
ST's single-chip 32bit automotive-MCU SPC58NE product line is aimed at engine management, transmission, anti-lock braking, electric power steering, active suspension and ADAS.  
Goepel electronics unveils optical, X-ray systems line-up 2015-04-22
The PILOT Connect interface system has the capability to collect and manage the operating data of the connected systems, as well as merge all test data onto a repair and verification station  
RF receivers operate from 3.5V to 5.5V 2015-04-22
The 6mA RF receivers from Micrel are aimed at remote keyless entry (RKE), garage door openers, home automation and other low-power, low data rate applications.  
Software re-defines standard for simulation app design 2015-04-22
Comsol has released the ver. 5.1 of its Multiphysics software to deliver what it claims is the first integrated software environment that supports creation of multiphysics models and simulations as well as building and sharing of simulation apps  

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