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Data management suite streamlines PCB design flow 2014-07-25
Mentor's data management solution for Xpedition provides a flow-wide information hub that manages design projects of any size, and facilitates exchange of data among internal, external, and global teams  
Li-ion cell controller geared for tablets, smartphones 2014-07-25
The LC05111CMT from ON Semi uses analogue circuit technology, MOSFET technology and advanced packaging expertise to incorporate controller and driver functions in a single circuit  
Cadence unveils OrCAD solutions for PCB design process 2014-07-25
The OrCAD PCB products, which include Engineering Data Management, Library Builder, and Documentation Editor, target emerging electronic product design challenges  
Power modules to ease inverter design for EVs 2014-07-24
The J1 power modules from Mitsubishi are aimed at electric and hybrid vehicles, and meet the demand of EV/HEV inverters in compact and large vehicle, not just mid-sized models  
Mini Card allows wireless voice comms in critical networks 2014-07-24
The PX4 from MEN Micro delivers embedded computing and I/O solutions for mission-critical industrial, mobile and harsh environment applications.  
1W IR image sensor features 12um pixels 2014-07-24
BAE Systems introduced an uncooled vanadium oxide infrared image sensor with VGA resolution that claims to allow system integrators to reduce optics sizes by 50 per cent.  
Bourns designs power inductors with iron powder core 2014-07-24
Using iron material for inductor core results in high saturation current and shielded construction for low magnetic radiation  
Switchcraft intros sealed connector line-up 2014-07-24
The EN2 connectors can be used in any sealed data transmission, military or industrial GPS location devices, instrumentation, medical and marine applications, transportation and other industrial applications  
Spansion bares PMICs for office automation, network systems 2014-07-24
The new product uses the common I2C communication interface to enable switching to an optimum voltage according to the SoC operation mode and process conditions while maintaining the output.  
FPGAs boast exceptional functional density in small package 2014-07-23
The LFE5UM-85 is the latest member from the ECP5 family from Lattice geared for high-volume small cell, microserver, broadband access and video applications.  
Dimmable LED driver cuts flicker, stroboscopic effects 2014-07-23
The OMNIDRIVE Electronic Dimmable LED Driver from Elemental LED claims to improve dimming LED lighting by ensuring smooth dimming and increasing compatibility with dimming control systems.  
IDT boasts world's smallest 2W wireless power receiver 2014-07-23
The IDTP9026, aimed at wearable devices, promises a high level of integration and lower external component count than competitive products, enabling designers to cut board area and BOM  
Wireless power receiver cuts cost, minimises board area 2014-07-23
The IDTP9026 eliminates the need for many passive components traditionally required, helping OEMs cut costs while reducing overall application area without sacrificing performance.  
SDHC card runs wireless transfer of stored files 2014-07-22
The memory card from Toshiba functions as a stand-alone Wireless LAN access point, adding wireless functions to various devices and allowing general Wi-Fi devices to access its contents.  
Capacitors endure 2,000 temperature cycles without failure 2014-07-22
The Vishay AY2 capacitors achieve an unmatched level of performance, withstanding more than 2,000 temperature cycles without a single failure, twice the AEC standard  
Dev't boards give wireless access to Raspberry Pi, Arduino 2014-07-22
A total of seven SparqEE boards are available to order exclusively from RS, including the CELLv1.0, a tiny cellular development board that implements a 2G+3G chipset to provide wireless worldwide  
Storage cards bolster security functions 2014-07-22
The PS-100u PE and PS-100u DP storage cards are the first solutions to provide a secure boot medium as well as an editable area for storing user data within a single micro SD card.  
Startup offers multi-levelled user access cloud sol'n 2014-07-22
The ModBerry device is equipped with a 700MHz Broadcom processor, along with 512MB of RAM and 4GB NAND flash storage  
TI bares small DC/DC converters for wearable devices 2014-07-21
The tiny 3MHz modules rely on a fully integrated, 9bump MicroSiP package, which incorporates a switching regulator, inductor, and input/output capacitors.  
Camera driver achieves less than 3ms auto focus settling 2014-07-21
The ON Semi driver with closed auto focus system delivers low power consumption and space saving for smartphone modules.  
Colour sensor controls LED light from mobile interface 2014-07-21
MAZeT demonstrated the accurate colour control of LEDs using a smartphone or tablet as a remote control through the use of its True Color sensor  
Development solution takes on heterogeneous architectures 2014-07-18
The Mentor Graphics embedded development solution for heterogeneous multi-core systems adds several new features that can execute natively or with a hypervisor.  
Zero-drift amp features self-correcting architecture 2014-07-18
The MCP6N16 from Microchip boosts DC performance by enabling ultra-low offset, low-offset drift, and superior common-mode and power-supply rejection, while reducing the adverse effects of 1/f noise  
System on Module cuts time, risk of systems design 2014-07-18
The NI System on Module gives design teams the customisability of a SOM without the increased time and risk of developing custom software  
Capacitive touch panel IP targets HMI apps 2014-07-18
Renesas said the IP achieves high-touch sensitivity five times better compared to its R8C/3xT MCUs, as well as high-noise immunity allowing the technology to pass strict noise tests.  
Lattice FPGAs promise to improve smart device performance 2014-07-18
In addition to programmable fabric, the iCE40 Ultra FPGA family also contains a suite of hard IP cores that make smart devices smarter while reducing power consumption  
LTE smartphone SoC boasts 2K display support 2014-07-17
The MT6795 from MediaTek is set to be the first 64bit, LTE, True Octa-core SoC targeting the Android device space, with speed of up to 2.2GHz, to hit the market  
CommAgility outs AMC based on high-density Virtex-7 FPGA 2014-07-17
The AMC-V7 is intended for LTE wireless front-end systems requiring multiple 10G CPRI links at up to rate option 8, as well as various high-performance FPGA applications.  
NTC chip thermistors from Ametherm operate up to 150°C 2014-07-17
The devices claim to deliver highly repeatable performance for temperature monitoring and compensation in hybrid circuits for ICs in robotic assemblies and military telecom systems  
CCD image sensor boasts improved light sensitivity 2014-07-16
The KAI-08051 from ON Semi is geared for demanding imaging applications such as intelligent traffic, surveillance, medical imaging and industrial inspection.  

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