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Skyworks unveils PIN diode limiter for microwave apps 2014-07-03
The integrated, single-stage, low-cost PIN diode limiter module from Skyworks addresses the growing need for full receiver low-noise amplifier protection in microwave applications  
ARM-based processors tout industrial connectivity 2014-07-02
The Sitara AM437x processor family from TI offers support for industrial protocols for both automation and industrial drives, and features dual camera for data terminals with bar code scanning.  
DecaWave module allows precise indoor location, comms 2014-07-02
The DWM1000, based on DecaWave's DW1000 CMOS chip, claims to make indoor location and communications more accurate, cost-effective and power-efficient.  
Altera sol'n offers speedier FPGA, SoC design closure 2014-07-02
The Quartus II software version 14.0 includes a rapid recompile feature that cuts compile times by four when making small design changes and a best-in-class PCIe IP solution  
Multi-cell battery monitors boost safety for Li-ion cells 2014-07-01
The bq76920, bq76930 and bq76940 circuits from IT claim to efficiently protect and control 3-15-cell batteries when charging or operating in harsh environment  
OMRON expands contact-type smart sensor portfolio 2014-07-01
The E9NC-T series contact-type smart sensors consist of sensor heads and amplifier units, and can easily transmit data to a programmable logic controller and the like at high speed  
Altium, ICD team up to accelerate PCB design 2014-06-30
The two extensions for stackup and power distribution network planning enable PCB designers to cope with high-speed design challenges.  
ST diodes take on battery chargers, adaptors 2014-06-30
With its lower forward voltage drop and better-managed leakage current, the ST technology increases the current that can flow for a given package power-dissipation capability.  
ROHM debuts novel wearable key device 2014-06-27
The key-shaped device uses sensor synergy and sensor fusion technology, combining sensors from ROHM and Kionix with LAPIS Semiconductor's Bluetooth LE communication IC and sensor hub MCU.  
MCU optimises sound quality appropriate to speaker systems 2014-06-27
ST accomplishes the audio optimisation with HDR sound acquisition and full flexible modulation technologies, which include oversampling, conversion into PWM signal, and precise limitation of delivered power  
Microchip announces first Bluetooth LE module 2014-06-27
The stack-on-board RN4020 module can connect to any MCU with a UART interface, including hundreds of PIC MCUs, or it can operate standalone without an MCU for basic data collection and communication  
Mentor platform affords Inuitive first-pass silicon success 2014-06-27
The Veloce emulation platform cuts project schedules and costs by offering high-performance hardware-software verification, virtualised emulation and in-circuit emulation of complex SoC designs  
ST intros latest MCU design tools 2014-06-27
The STM32 MCU design tools bring the efficiency of the STM32Cube, and the convenience of STM32Nucleo, to projects aimed at STM32 F3 mixed-signal and STM32 F0 entry-level devices  
R&S upgrades oscilloscope with Ethernet interface testing 2014-06-26
A compliance software option allows for BroadR-Reach Ethernet interfaces testing in automotive applications, which can be done with a dynamic range of more than seven effective bits (ENOB  
Micro-display chipset provides HD resolution in HMDs 2014-06-26
The LCoS module and controller from RAONTECH build on the company's low power and high integration technology, delivering 3D HD video data for mobile HMDs and smart glasses.  
Altium unveils platform for design data management 2014-06-26
By centralising design data using the Altium Vault, design teams will be able to achieve significant productivity improvements and reduce potentially costly errors.  
IP portfolio optimises 28HPC for IoT SoC designs 2014-06-26
Synopsys' interface, analogue, embedded memory and logic library IP for TSMC's 28nm HPC process deliver high performance with low leakage and active power in a compact footprint  
Long-lasting rechargeable batteries boast paper-thin width 2014-06-26
With 3.9V nominal voltage, 0.7mA capacity, and thickness of less than 0.25mm, ST's EFL700A39 EnFilm solid-state lithium thin-film battery is perfectly suited for use in ultra-low-profile devices  
R&S delivers RF conformance test system for car-to-car apps 2014-06-26
Rohde & Schwarz helps the automotive industry with its R&S TS-ITS100 test system, designed for the standard-compliant testing of components for vehicle-to-vehicle applications and ITS  
Cadence, QNX team up for in-car active noise control 2014-06-25
QNX ported its QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control (ANC) software to the Cadence Tensilica HiFi Audio/Voice digital signal processing core.  
Pre-verified packet sol'n aimed at networking appliances 2014-06-25
Altera announced that its Interlaken Look-Aside IP core has been tested and is compatible with Cavium's NEURON Search Processor.  
Micronas uses 0.18um CMOS process for BLDC motor controllers 2014-06-25
The XH018 process technology from X-FAB is based upon the single poly 0.18um process with up to six metal layers, with integrated high-voltage and non-volatile-memory modules.  
15Gb/s HMC interface backs Xilinx's UltraScale FPGAs 2014-06-25
The HMC interface for UltraScale devices allows engineers to create 15Gb/s HMC designs for high performance computing, packet processing, waveform processing, and image and video processing.  
DC/DC converters feature PMBus compatibility 2014-06-25
The PMBus interface compatibility in TI's 18V DC/DC converters provides for converter configuration as well as monitoring of key parameters including output voltage and current  
Troubleshooting sol'n improves customer experience monitoring 2014-06-25
The Nemo CEM Observer from Anite gives engineering-level visibility to mobile network data that can be used to detect the root causes of subscriber experience issues typically caused by the network  
Rotating magnetic position sensors boast high accuracy 2014-06-24
The 47 series position sensors from Ams features a breakthrough technology that can produce extremely accurate angle measurements of rotors spinning at high speed  
Agilent outs improved device modelling, characterisation tool 2014-06-24
The suite includes Agilent EEs of EDA's Integrated Circuits Characterisation and Analysis Program (IC-CAP), Model Builder Program (MBP) and Model Quality Assurance (MQA  
10 free math analysis, design tools 2014-06-24
Here are a number of free math analysis and design tools that engineers and do-it-yourselfers can use with their various projects  
Compact PCIe MiniCard operates from -40°C to 85°C 2014-06-23
The DS-MPE-DAQ0804 from Diamond Systems is geared for adding analogue I/O and digital I/O features to embedded applications requiring low cost, small size and/or light weight.  
Pasternack unveils 2W, 40GHz attenuators 2014-06-23
The high frequency, millimetre wave attenuators (part number PE7395-xx) are intended for applications requiring reliable broadband performance ranging from DC to 40GHz.  

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