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Vishay reveals automotive-grade silicon PIN photodiodes 2014-12-30
The VEMD5010X01 and VEMD5110X01 offer high radiant sensitivity with a reverse light current of 48uA and a very low dark current of 2nA for automotive, industrial and medical applications  
High CV tantalum SMD chip capacitors tout undertab terminations 2014-12-30
The F98-AS1 series from AVX targets automotive, commercial, industrial and medical applications, as well as input/output lines of small power supply circuits, portable gaming devices and smartphones  
Broadband RF combiners support 20MHz to 6GHz frequency 2014-12-30
The RF power combiners from Pasternack are offered in 2-way and 4-way configurations and deliver high power up to 600W and operate over a broad temperature range between 55°C to 85°C  
Power management software supports Gridstream network tech 2014-12-29
The Landis+Gyr Power Centre 3.6 allows utilities to support Gridstream-enabled load management devices while gaining from improved user interfaces and more flexible configuration and scheduling options.  
Optical sensors offer touchless gesture capabilities 2014-12-26
The TMG399x devices from ams feature six key sensing functions such as gesture detection and Mobeam barcode emulation geared for smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics.  
Murata debuts 50A digitally-controlled PoL DC/DC converters 2014-12-24
The PoLs can be configured and monitored using industry-standard PMBus commands and support input voltages in the range 4.5-14VDC and provides a configurable output voltage from 0.6-3.3VDC  
Direct conversion receiver platform aimed at radar apps 2014-12-24
The AD-FMCOMMS6-EBZ from ADI is a 400MHz to 4.4GHz receiver (1350-1650MHz with installed filters) supporting the key L- and S-band frequency radar bands.  
200W PIN diode switches tout low insertion loss 2014-12-23
The MASW-011040 and MASW-011041 from MACOM are intended for military and civilian customers who require higher CW and pulsed power operation for land mobile radio applications.  
TTE ensures same day delivery of passive filters 2014-12-23
Promising off-the-shelf convenience by assuring immediate delivery, the 9-pole filters in the LC9S series claim to deliver fast roll-off, an insertion loss of 1dB maximum and 50Ω terminations  
MCU boasts fast arithmetic processing for digital devices 2014-12-22
The ARM Cortex-M4F core-based TMPM440F10XBG from Toshiba features an original programmable servo/sequence controller (PSC) co-processor and NANO FLASH-100 flash memory.  
Arasan reveals successful compatibility testing of IP sol'ns 2014-12-22
A number of devices suppliers with SD 4 cards covering 8-128GB were successfully tested in a Linux based host environment with Arasan digital and analogue IP and software stack  
Software option targets deep capture for radar 2014-12-22
The 89600 VSA signal demodulation and vector analysis software aims at radar and electronic counter measure applications. It examines radar pulses in the time and frequency domains  
LG boosts 4K ULTRA HD TVs with quantum technology 2014-12-19
LG improves colours on 4K LCD screens by adding quantum dot technology to its 4K ULTRA HD TV series. LG's picture colour reproduction rate is up by over 30 per cent.  
PAM-4 PHY devices allow transmission rates of 40/50Gb/s 2014-12-19
The devices from Broadcom support higher data throughput over existing low bandwidth channels across multiple physical media including direct attach cables and optical fibre.  
Altera software cuts design time with Arria 10 FPGAs, SoCs 2014-12-18
The Quartus II software v14.1 allows users to quickly design and deploy solutions that target computationally intensive applications such as high-performance computing, radar and medical imaging.  
Direct conversion receiver dev't platform targets radar apps 2014-12-18
The AD-FMCOMMS6-EBZ from ADI is a 400MHz to 4.4GHz receiver (1350-1650MHz with installed filters) supporting the key L- and S-band frequency radar bands.  
GPS-enabled device tracks equipment, geo-locks content 2014-12-18
The satellite solution integrates GPS functionality with satellite outdoor technology to track the location of subscriber's equipment and to identify subscriber's service issues  
MHL receiver chips back automotive applications 2014-12-18
MHL is the industry standard for mobile AV interface. The technology allows consumers to connect smartphones and other portable electronics to high-definition displays.  
Broadcom offers PHYs for 2.5G and 5G Ethernet speeds 2014-12-17
The next-generation PHYs provide up to five times increase in data rate over Gigabit Ethernet with no interference to prevailing cabling infrastructure  
Royalty-free power module platforms target high-voltage IGBTs 2014-12-15
Infineon announced a royalty-free license of the design to all providers of IGBT power modules in order to make the benefits of the module widely available  
Embedded Linux debugger cuts IoT design time, cost 2014-12-15
The MULTI SDE from Green Hills Software streamlines control and debug of an embedded Linux system such as the Linux kernel, kernel threads, user mode threads and processes and ISRs  
Cadence platform offers 10-fold increase in SoC verification 2014-12-15
The Perspec System Verifier platform automates system-level coverage-driven test development using constraint-solving technology, increasing productivity in SoC verification  
Oscilloscopes able to analyse high-speed CAN FD interfaces 2014-12-15
The R&S RTE and R&S RTO oscilloscopes feature an option that can analyse CAN interfaces supporting the high speed CAN FD bus protocol, which are being used in car and industry applications  
40-100Gb/s interface devices target computing, comm apps 2014-12-15
The latest RapidIO products from IDT promise to reduce latency while improving bandwidth for high-performance computing (HPC), wireless, analytics and embedded applications.  
Bio-derived paint significantly reduces CO2 emissions 2014-12-15
Fujitsu Laboratories developed the innovative paint that can be used to paint the plastic chassis of servers, PCs and other ICT equipment to minimise environmental burden  
ST unveils MCU line-up in compact packages 2014-12-15
The STM32F446 MCUs offer additional options for designers by integrating enhanced ARM Cortex-M4 processing performance, compact 256KB or 512KB on-chip Flash all with 128KB RAM.  
Low-jitter clock generators aimed at cost-sensitive apps 2014-12-12
The initial 5P49V5901 VersaClock 5 offering from IDT features four universal output pairs capable of producing four independent programmable frequencies up to 350MHz  
System design suite helps in SDR prototyping 2014-12-12
The LabVIEW Communications environment enables the entire design team to map an idea from algorithm to FPGA using a single high-level representation.  
Automotive-qualified 600V IGBTs target hybrid, electric cars 2014-12-12
The 24A AUIRGP66524D0 and AUIRGF66524D0 from IR boast low VCE(ON) to minimise power dissipation and maximum junction temperature of 175°C to deliver exceptionally high power density  
GaN transistor targets high-efficiency DC/DC conversion 2014-12-11
Aside from providing increased power density, the EPC2101 also has improved switching speed and thermal performance. The EPC2101 is 6.05mm x 2.3mm, and the development board is 2in by 1.5in.  

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