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Dev kit enables fast multi-camera calibration in vehicles 2015-02-25
The logiOWL IP in the logiADAK 3.0 Automotive Driver Assistance Kit is based on the Zynq All Programmable SoC, which improves design accuracy, reduces costs, and decreases time on final test  
Cloud service protects Android apps from malware, hackers 2015-02-25
MyTAM is a fully hosted cloud service that securely loads apps into the Trusted Execution Environment. This provides security for applications that need to store personal data.  
Tester targets seamless infotainment system experience 2015-02-25
Göpel Electronic introduced a system that tests the engine control unit communication, haptics, mechanics and image processing to ensure seamless interface experience with infotainment systems.  
Bluetooth Smart sol'ns streamline wireless IoT designs 2015-02-25
The Blue Gecko solutions from Silicon Labs include ultra-low-power wireless SoC devices, embedded modules and Bluegiga's software development kit and Bluetooth Smart software stack.  
Silicon Labs unveils integrated MCU, wireless dev't tool 2015-02-25
The latest Simplicity Studio combines the best features of the original platform and supports Silicon Labs' 8bit EFM8 MCU family, EZR32 sub-GHz wireless MCUs and EM35xx Ember ZigBee wireless SoCs  
ARM starter kit brings smart devices to the cloud 2015-02-25
The IoT Starter Kit consists of an ARM mbed-enabled development board from Freescale, powered by an ARM Cortex-M4 based processor, together with a sensor IO application shield  
4DSP touts high-performance PCI Express card 2015-02-24
Adapted from the Kintex UltraScale-based PC820 FPGA carrier card, the 4DSP PC870 flaunts advanced DSP capabilities, serial connectivity options, 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM, and a PCIe Gen3 interface  
1/8th brick DC-DC converters support 9-36VIN range 2015-02-24
The UWE-12/10-Q12xx-C series from Murata is geared for high reliability industrial, transportation and telecommunications equipment requiring 12VDC from a source of 12V, 24V or 28VDC  
SMT rotary position sensors from Murata boast 1% linearity 2015-02-24
The low-profile SVK3 series rotary sensors have a resistance of 10kΩ, provide an effective angle of rotary movement of 333.3 degrees and can withstand the automotive temperature range  
Embedded video engine devices support higher resolutions 2015-02-23
The FT81xQ devices from FTDI Chip boast higher resolution, increased speed and memory, split IO power supplies and additional commands to simplify designs.  
Integrated proximity, ambient light sensor saves power 2015-02-23
Vishay unveiled the VCNL4040, a compact proximity and ambient light sensor that features Filtron technology, an IR emitter, photo detectors, a signal processing IC and a 16bit ADC.  
Cypress SoCs incorporate BLE IP from Mindtree 2015-02-23
Mindtree announced that its BlueLitE Bluetooth intellectual property has been integrated into the PSoC 4 BLE and PRoC BLE SoC products from Cypress Semiconductor to enable next-gen IoT.  
Atmel unveils device for smart, secure systems 2015-02-20
The ATECC508A employs secure hardware-based cryptographic key storage and cryptographic countermeasures, which are more secure than software-based key storage.  
Artesyn outs OCP platform for network functions virtualisation 2015-02-19
The Centellis OCP platform combines servers, storage and top-of-rack switches, and improves density, flexibility, scalability, manageability and ease of deployment versus traditional rack servers  
LED resistors target portable battery-powered apps 2015-02-19
The LED1625 offers a 1W power rating and a resistance range from 0.3Ω to 10Ω, while the LED221 features power ratings to 8W and a resistance range from 0.5Ω to 500Ω, indicated VPG.  
Simplify IoT designs with Internet-on-a-chip Wi-Fi modules 2015-02-19
TI's Wi-Fi CC3100 and CC3200 modules boast low power consumption for battery operated devices with a low power radio and advanced low power modes that can run on two AA batteries for more than a year  
LTE module cuts cost of transitioning from 2G to 4G 2015-02-19
The Telit LE910 V2 device is a single-mode LTE module, with no fallback in 3G and 2G networks, intended for regions where the 4G technology has reached penetration rates above the 90 per cent  
Hall-effect speed/direction sensor touts hysteresis detection 2015-02-17
Allegro describes A1232 as a highly sensitive, temperature stable, magnetic sensing device aimed at ring magnet-based speed and direction systems in harsh automotive and industrial environments  
Arasan unveils MIPI CSI-2 Total IP sol'n 2015-02-16
The Total CSI v1.3 IP solution comprised of both transmitter and receiver digital controllers, and the C-PHY-D-PHY combination analogue interface, promises to offer advanced sensor performance  
Zytronic debuts capacitive rollable touch film 2015-02-16
The flexible film uses the company's multi-touch projected capacitive technology (MPCT), and is aimed at retail and other digital signage applications that require large, eye-catching interactive displays.  
SDK for Renesas MCUs supports automotive Ethernet 2015-02-16
Synopsys announced that its Virtualiser Development Kit for Renesas' RH850 MCU family now offers support for Ethernet AVB and CAN-FD automotive network peripherals.  
Multi-sensor dev't tool aids in car safety applications 2015-02-13
Vector's new multi-sensor development tool, vADASdeveloper, lets developers create, debug and test multi-sensor applications, features object recognition by image processing of sensor data  
Rad-hard mixed-signal ASICs target space apps 2015-02-13
Atmel's ATMX150RHA delivers up to 22 million routable gates, includes non-volatile memory blocks and supports 2.5/3.3/5V and high-voltage (25-45-65V) I/Os with pre-qualified analogue IP.  
FlexEnable, Merck bring shatterproof plastic displays 2015-02-13
In a partnership with Merck and other display technology experts, FlexEnable introduced bendable plastic LCDs, which are ten times thinner, lighter and cheaper than glass-based displays  
Mentor rolls out broad line-up for embedded industrial automation 2015-02-11
The Mentor Embedded multi-platform solution promises to enable industrial automation equipment manufacturers to develop more feature-rich, power-efficient, safe and secure systems.  
Pluggable network adapters enable compact designs 2015-02-11
The Blackfin RJ 10/100/1000Base-T to PCI-Express devices offer a complete modular network adapter interface implemented in an extremely small and light weight configuration  
Step-down LED drivers geared for TV LED backlight 2015-02-11
The MAP3511 and MAP3512 from MagnaChip enable the optimisation of TV backlight power circuits by reducing system cost and increasing system efficiency  
Cellular module aimed at in-building smart meters 2015-02-10
The CDMA450 from Telit targets applications in areas where CDMA450 coverage exists as a commercial mobile network operation or where it can be licensed to be developed as a private network  
CAD software speeds up design of industrial machinery 2015-02-10
The latest version of the FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution iCAD SX makes possible parallel design of large-scale equipment comprised of thousands of steel parts and conduits  
Vishay rolls automotive-grade, high-current inductors 2015-02-10
The Vishay Dale IHLP-4040DZ-8A supports continuous operating temperature range to 180°C, has a low profile of 4mm and offers a range of inductance values from 0.47µH to 47µH  

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