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Daimler uses power chips from Hitachi Automotive Systems 2014-12-05
Hitachi Automotive Systems revealed that it is supplying compact, high-output inverters and DC/DC converters to Daimler AG for its first plug-in hybrid vehicles  
JESD204B-compatible clock IC targets GSPS data converters 2014-12-04
The AD9528 from ADI has an on-chip VCO that tunes from 3.6-4GHz, with the input receivers and oscillator providing both single-ended and differential operation.  
Li-ion battery protection MOSFETs aimed at mobile devices 2014-12-04
The IRL6297SD devices are available as 20V and 30V devices in N- and P-channel configurations. Designed with a maximum gate drive from 12Vgs  
Calypto unveils 3rd-gen high-level synthesis platform 2014-12-04
The Catapult 8 with the configurable hierarchical design architecture is built on a completely revised architecture that expedites design and verification closure, pushing widespread adoption of HLS  
GNSS location hub for smartphones supports Galileo 2014-12-04
The BCM4774 from Broadcom simultaneously supports GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS and BeiDou satellite systems, and boasts increased memory that can significantly cut power consumption.  
Low-power IC aims at Bluetooth Smart devices with NFC Tags 2014-12-04
The TC35670FTG chip incorporates two kinds of communication functions geared for small devices such as sensors and low-power, health-tracking wearables  
Multi-core processors optimised for cloud, data centres 2014-12-03
The ARMv8 ThunderX CN88xx devices from Cavium provide workload-optimised SKU's targeting compute, storage, networking and secure compute segments.  
Wideband IF receiver subsystem supports signals up to 160MHz 2014-12-03
ADI's AD6676 uses highly-programmable continuous-time bandpass sigma delta ADC topology that combines highly-programmable analogue filtering functionality with high dynamic range conversion.  
3A step-down regulator boasts remarkable space savings 2014-12-03
The LTM4623 from Linear Tech is packaged in a small footprint, enabling it to be mounted on the backside of the PCB that frees up space on the topside for components such as memory and FPGAs  
Clock translator ideal for 100G coherent optical networks 2014-12-03
The ITU-T G.8251-compliant OTN ZL30169 integrates a digital phase locked loop, analogue PLL and EEPROM into a 5 x 5mm 32-pin QFN package to support increasing bandwidth requirements.  
Super-junction MOSFETs tout 650V breakdown voltage 2014-12-02
The MDmesh M2-series devices claim to provide greater robustness and the latest package options in order to boost power density for home electronics, low-energy lighting and solar micro-inverters  
Symtavision, Lauterbach to dovetail products for added safety 2014-12-01
The integration of Lauterbach's Trace32 software development suite with Symtavision's SymTA/S and TraceAnalyzer timing design tools promises a higher degree of safety for automotive real-time functions  
CoM with ARM Cortex A9 processor runs up to 1.2GHz 2014-12-01
The eSOMiMX6 from e-con Systems is a system-on-module that includes eMMC Flash with capacity ranges from 4-64GB and 64bit LVDDR3 with capacity as low as 256MB to as high as 2GB.  
Timing modules yield <20ns accuracy for multi-GNSS upgrade 2014-11-28
The NEO-M8T and LEA-M8T precision timing modules from u-blox offer high sensitivity (-157dBm signal acquisition) with assisted GNSS that allows quick start-up even inside structures with limited sky-view.  
Semtech unveils TVS device for automotive ESD protection 2014-11-28
The RClamp0531TQ safeguards sensitive components, which are linked to high-speed automotive data lines from over-voltage caused by ESD.  
1.2kV IGBTs target industrial, solar power apps 2014-11-28
The IGBTs from ST are intended for hard-switching circuits operating at up to 20kHz, and flaunts increased maximum operating temperature of 175°C and short-circuit withstand time of 10us at 150°C  
Micron expands memory products to IoT, connected car 2014-11-28
The company introduced a family of multi-chip package products for embedded applications, and an automotive product line addressing on-board storage and data requirements of features such as infotainment and collision avoidance  
Advantest boosts T2000 tester with PMU32E module 2014-11-27
The PMU32E has been added to Advantest's T2000 product line. Designed for testing SoC functions, it boasts of higher memory capacity and faster operating speed  
Differential amps deliver AC performance to DC-coupled apps 2014-11-26
TI's fully differential amplifiers improve performance in radar and test and measurement equipment, and wireless base stations  
Debug toolkit offers analysis tools for entire DDR design cycle 2014-11-26
The solution from Teledyne promises to offer a complete physical layer analysis of DDR2/3/4 and LPDDR2/3 signals and includes various time saving industry firsts to simplify DDR testing  
Power module integrates IEGT, SiC diode 2014-11-26
Housed in a 140mm x 190mm package, the 3.3kV, 1.5kA module promises to save energy, space and weight, as well as reduce acoustic noise in high-power switching inverter and motor control designs  
ARM Cortex MCUs aimed at car radios, industrial control apps 2014-11-25
The STM32F091 ARM Cortex-M0 MCU line-up promises to address the resource constraints faced by similar devices aimed at cost-sensitive applications by offering large on-chip memories.  
High-density virtualised video processing at a lower cost 2014-11-24
The integrated Artesyn SharpStreamer hardware and Vantrix software solution targets virtualised ultra high-density media processing for multiscreen delivery such as encryption and ABR packaging.  
Controller IP core supports HMC 2.0, 1.0 data rates 2014-11-24
The IP offers a low latency and a flexible user interface, supporting data rates of up to 480GB/s, and designed to be compliant with both hybrid memory cube 2.0 and 1.0 standards  
LED colour-temperature can be tuned from cool to warm white 2014-11-21
The device features LEDs packaged behind concentric layers of phosphors offering different colour temperatures of white, which can be tuned depending on how much of warm or cool you choose to light up  
LED matrix manager enables adaptive car headlamps 2014-11-21
TI's fully integrated LED matric manager IC cuts board space by 73 per cent and controls up to 96 high-brightness LEDs in innovative headlamps  
Wireless power transmitters support WPC, PMA standards 2014-11-21
Featuring an integrated 32bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor, the family of transmitters offers a high level of programmability and flexibility while consuming ultra-low standby power to meet Energy Star requirements  
Differential amps eliminate the need for baluns 2014-11-20
TI unleashed a couple of fully differential amplifiers (FDAs) that claim to offer DC-coupled applications with best-in-class AC performance to enhance system capabilities and performance  
USB2.0 hub links car infotainment systems to smartphones 2014-11-19
The USB84604 UCH2 from Microchip boasts the company's FlexConnect technology and an upstream port that supports both USB2.0 and High Speed Interchip (HSIC) connectivity.  
Xilinx rolls IDE for OpenCL, C and C++, targets data centres 2014-11-19
The SDAccel combines an architecturally optimising compiler together with libraries, development boards and the first complete CPU/GPU-like development and run-time experience for FPGAs.  

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