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Low-footprint bi-directional MOSFETs minimise power loss 2015-02-04
The DMN2023UCB4 from Diodes boasts a low on-state resistance that cuts power loss while its thin chip-scale packaging enables designers to use the space saved to boost battery capacity.  
Nano power modules aimed at 100mA-2A industrial designs 2015-02-04
TI's 17V, 0.65A LMZ21700 and 1A LMZ21701, as well as the 5V, 1A LMZ20501 and 2A LMZ20502 DC/DC power modules combine high efficiency with high density and cut EMI, even while operating at low power.  
Raspberry Pi 2 touts quad core CPU, 1GB RAM for $35 2015-02-03
The next generation of the four million unit selling Raspberry Pi is six times more powerful than the previous model and boasts of a new quad processor that runs at 900MHz  
Pickering expands PCI, PXI programmable resistor line-up 2015-02-03
According to the company, the solutions feature lower density and lower cost for simulating variable resistors, and 12 resistor channel options having resolution from 0.25Ω to 2Ω.  
Linear Technology develops battery monitor IC for electric vehicles 2015-02-03
Linear Technology unveils its battery monitor IC LTC6804 that boasts of accurate measurements, error-free data transmission, and fault detectability technology that adheres to the ISO26262 standard  
DDR4 memory achieves record 4351MHz overclocking speed 2015-02-02
The HyperX Predator DDR4 memory claims to hold 10 of the top 20 memory clock records, which boasts as having the highest frequency among all existing DDR4 memory  
Positioning modules with embedded antenna boost IoT uptake 2015-02-02
Telit's Jupiter SE868-A and SE868-AS modules promise constellation support, RF optimisation and low-power usage, while the SC872-A offers full functional integration in a single package  
Multiple-output regulator aimed at automotive LCDs 2015-01-30
The A8603 from Allegro MicroSystems operates with fixed switching frequency that can be either programmed or synchronised with an external clock signal between 350kHz and 2.25MHz.  
LG Chem touts world's largest OLED lighting panel 2015-01-30
The 320mm x 320mm OLED light panel is 0.88mm thick and claims an efficiency of 60lm/W, CRI over 90, and has output levels of 800lm with a nominal input of 8.5V at 1,600 mA  
Vishay unveils neutral ground resistors for industrial power systems 2015-01-30
Vishay Intertechnology touts a new series of neutral ground resistors for industrial power systems, the Milwaukee Resistors NGR series, which combine line-neutral and system voltages with temperature performance of +760°C  
Space-saving DC-DC converters tout 93% efficiency at full load 2015-01-29
The high-efficiency ERCW003A6R devices from GE offer high-voltage and high-power applications with up to 3.6A DC output current at a nominal output voltage of 28VDC  
Cadence sol'ns speed up design signoff, compliance check 2015-01-29
The Sigrity Parallel Computing 4-pack and the Sigrity System Explorer promise to accelerate product creation efficiency by increasing signoff-level PCB extraction accuracy.  
Test software improves designer productivity 2015-01-29
The TekScope Anywhere from Tektronix enhances the visualisation, analysis and reporting capabilities found on Tektronix oscilloscopes to Windows-based PCs, tablets and servers.  
Compact power MOSFET drivers support high speed operation 2015-01-29
The MCP14A005X and MCP14A015X from Microchip include low input threshold voltages compatible with low voltage MCUs and controllers, while still maintaining strong noise immunity and hysteresis.  
Atmel debuts touch controllers targeting industrial uses 2015-01-28
Geared for consumer and automotive applications, the maxTouch U family also holds promise for bringing multi-touch and sliding operation to control panels in industrial settings  
LTE-A MIMO channel emulator flaunts added features 2015-01-28
Improvements to the Propsim F32 from Anite allow users to test 3GPP features (Release 13 and beyond) in multi-mode base stations and mobile devices in any band up to 6GHz  
Bosch, Munich University launch accelerator programme 2015-01-27
In a partnership with Munich Technical University, Bosch tapped designers to create applications for an existing laser distance measuring technology  
Latest chip brings 3D gesture recognition to embedded devices 2015-01-27
The $2 GestIC from Microchip Technology is inexpensive enough for smart toys, yet smart enough to control audio systems, security systems, lighting systems and any other embedded application.  
ST partners with Microsemi for electric car charger 2015-01-27
The module for EV supply equipment featuring V2G communication and support for various network and application protocols from Tatung, uses the Le87501 PLC line driver and the ST2100 STreamPlug SoC.  
HDMI protection devices support high-speed 4K signals 2015-01-23
The HDMI2C1 series from ST features active pull-ups on all display data channel (DDC) lines to preserve Ultra-HD signal integrity and reduce dependence on HDMI cable quality.  
Virtual prototyping kits optimise embedded designs 2015-01-23
The VPKs from Mentor target automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), electronic control unit (ECU) networks, medical and industrial, networking, and military and aerospace product development  
PureLiFi ships world's first Li-Fi networking system 2015-01-22
PureLiFi has raised $2.27 million in its latest round of VC funding. The news comes as the company launches Li-Flame, the world's first full wireless Li-Fi networking system  
Digital power controllers target enterprise, storage apps 2015-01-22
The ZSPM1505 and ZSPM1506 from ZMDI are single-phase power controllers optimised for powering auxiliary power rails for FPGAs for routers, gateway, Ethernet switches, cloud storage and NAS devices.  
Microchip controller integrates 3D gesture, touch sensor 2015-01-22
The MGC3030 controller features 3D gesture recognition, touch detection and low-power proximity. It is housed in SSOP28 package and targets cost-sensitive end products  
Trina Solar's Honey modules get upgrades 2015-01-22
Two high-efficiency modules that utilise PERC technology are set to expand Trina Solar's PV portfolio. The Honey Plus and Honey M Plus feature increased CTM ratio.  
Windows 10 steps out of PC mould 2015-01-22
In a demonstration earlier today, Microsoft showed off Windows 10 OS's cross-device compatibility and ease of use in new areas of technology, such as, yes, holographics  
Active heat sink for LEDs boasts long life, low noise 2015-01-21
The LED modules from Fischer Elektronik are aimed at weight-sensitive applications, in which the base is made from a thermotechnically optimised aluminium hollow-chamber profile  
Power amp supports 29-31GHz frequency for satellite comms 2015-01-21
The 4W MAAP-011139 from MACOM claims to offer greater than 27dBm/tone output power, while maintaining third-order intermodulation (IM3) levels of -30dBc  
Sub-threshold design challenges low-power paradigm 2015-01-21
Ambiq's Apollo family of 32bit ARM Cortex-M4F MCUs consume 5-10 times less power than comparable MCUs  
Signalling tester validates emergency messages 2015-01-21
The MD8475A signalling tester provides solution for analysing CMAS. Its latest CAT packages aim to address the ecosystems of North American carriers  

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