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Solving cable losses 2009-03-24
Kniw how to utilise the cost savings of high-loss cables without compromising the full performance capabilities.  
Solve thermal issues in portable apps 2008-12-03
Read about current switching regulators to know how basic thermal skills are sufficient to avoid any thermal issue.  
Solve the design challenges of Li-ion battery-powered apps 2009-07-15
Here are guidelines for portable electronics designers who are interested in taking advantage of using the MCP73871 in their projects.  
Solve flickering in TFTs 2008-12-09
Know the different causes of flickering and avoid it using various techniques in TFT panel and driver IC design.  
Solve ECU validation issues with EMC simulation 2013-07-02
Combining tools can result to a more straightforward validation of electromagnetic compatibility.  
Solutions for single-device PWM waveform generator 2014-01-24
Know the ways to implement a single-device standalone analog PWM waveform generator.  
Solution for interfacing with Hall-effect sensors 2009-05-20
Here's an overview of Hall-effect sensors, particularly the use of two-wire, Hall-effect digital switches in automotive and industrial applications.  
Solution for designing a 400W fixed-off-time controlled PFC pre-regulator with the L6563S, L6563H 2010-09-14
A third approach is proposed that couples the simplicity and affordability of transition mode operation with the high-current capability of FF-CCM operation.  
Solid state overvoltage protector for ac line 2000-12-11
Solid state overvoltage protector for ac line  
Soldering recommendations for the ceramic vertical mount package 2010-06-15
This application note describes soldering recommendations for the ceramic vertical mount package (CVMP). The CVMP can be mounted either vertically or lying flat.  
Solder, mount LGA sensor to PCB 2009-02-10
Here's a guideline for effectively soldering and mounting MEMS based sensors which are sensitive to PCB reflow process.  
Solder reflow guidelines for Pb-Free packages 2012-12-28
Here are the guidelines on reflow soldering, inspection and rework process for Pb-free packages.  
Solder reflow attach method for RF devices 2009-06-01
Here's a guideline for solder reflow mounting of high power RF transistors and ICs in over-moulded plastic packages.  
Solder mask recommendations for FBGAs 2008-10-09
This document offers recommendations for solder masks used with FBGAs and escape considerations for traces.  
Solar microinverter on MC56F82xx/MC56F82xxx DSCs 2013-12-19
Read about a solar microinverter solution developed together with Future Electronics.  
Solar cell and module testing 2010-06-18
The explosive growth in the solar industry has intensified the need for solar cell and module test and measurement solutions.  
Software start up, optimisation for automotive MCU 2014-07-03
Here's a discussion on a recommended software start up procedure for Freescale Semiconductor's MPC5744P 32bit Power Architecture automotive microcontroller.  
Software initiated NV cycles generation for Cypress nvSRAM devices 2010-02-08
This application note explains the timing sequences of different nvSRAM control signals to initiate a reliable non-volatile cycle.  
Software drivers for the M29Fxx flash memory 2010-03-02
This application note provides library source code in C for the M29Fxx flash memory using the flash software device driver interface.  
Software code and endian effects 2011-03-04
This document describes the endian (little endian and big endian). Using sample programs, it also describes precautions which should be taken when writing software.  
Soft touch connectorless logic analyser probes 2011-04-04
The Agilent E5300A Series and E5400A Pro Series soft touch probes are touted to meet the demand for accuracy and reliability while providing a connectorless attachment to your device.  
SoC Sobel filter implementation with Vivado 2013-01-28
Find out how to generate the Sobel edge detection filter in the Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC.  
SMPS EMC and layout guidlines 2011-03-28
Here's a guide to assist in the design and layout of a switch mode power supply printed circuit board as used in adaptors and lighting applications.  
SMPS design using PIC16F785 2008-09-22
Learn the typical buck topology intelligent switching mode power supply design with PIC16F785.  
Smart codec features in TMS320DM365 2010-03-12
This application note presents features that have been incorporated in the TMS320DM365 H.264 codec, which makes use of external input/feedback from the system to improve the overall end-user video quality.  
Small, wide input voltage range LM2842 keeps LEDs cool 2009-12-30
HB LEDs are becoming more attractive as the manufacturers of such devices are making great strides in increasing the lumens per watt that they can produce which improves the efficiency.  
SLIC protection for classical, new networks 2009-04-23
Read about the two types of subscriber line interface circuits and their uses.  
Sleep mode in PSoC 2009-03-30
Read about the sleep mode operation and other power savings techniques for PSoC.  
Slave transmission/reception through serial interface IICA 2012-03-09
Understand slave transmission and reception implemented via the serial interface IICA.  
Single-ended, regulation-only, mag-amp design using a CoreMaster E1000S core 2001-09-07
Single-ended, regulation-only, mag-amp design using a CoreMaster E1000S core  

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