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Using the T8533/T8534 Quad Programmable Line Card Signal Processor 2003-03-10
This application note provides a detailed description of device operation for the T8534 four-channel voiceband codec.  
Using the DS8007 in smart card transactions 2008-07-28
This article is an example of payment terminal transactions using the DS8007 and the DS5002 secure MCU.  
Using a dual smart card interface 2009-03-04
Read about the general characteristics and different application examples of TDA8020HL/C2, a dual smart card interface IC  
The DS8007 and smart card interface fundamentals 2008-08-29
The real power of smart cards lies in the ability of an MCU to perform data processing functions.  
Smart card interface with the STR71xx 2007-04-27
This application note is a description of a software and hardware smart card interface for the STR71x smart card peripheral. This software and hardware package provides resources to facilitate the development of an application using the smart card peripheral. The software interface comprises of library source files as well as some application template source files  
Smart card interface basics 2009-01-09
Read about the fundamentals of smart cards and know how to communicate with them.  
Serial PC/SC smart card reader app 2009-01-22
Read about a coupler which provides smart cards with all the analogue electrical interface signals.  
SD(HC)-memory card, MMC interface conditioning 2013-06-14
Here's an overview of different ESD protection and EMI filter devices optimised for SD-memory card and MMC interfaces  
PTN3500/PTN3501 provides simple card maintenance and control using I2C 2002-11-08
This application note describes how PTN3500 and PTN3501 function as general-purpose maintenance and control devices using a fully programmable I2C serial to 8-bit parallel port expander and an internal 256x8 EEPROM.  
Power supply connections for CET signal conditioner card 2011-08-12
Read on to learn about the recommended sources for powering CET signal conditioner card  
MT9076 Evaluation Card 2003-08-15
This application note displays a schematic diagram detailing the pin configuration of the MT9076 T1/E1/J1 transceiver.  
Introduction to positron emission tomography (PET) imaging 2010-05-24
This tutorial explains how positron emission tomography (PET) imaging systems generate 3D medical  
Interfacing MCU with a magnetic stripe card reader 2009-01-30
Know how magnetic stripe card reading and decoding can easily be implemented on the DS5250 secure MCU  
Interfacing a PC card to an AT91RM9200-DK 2004-12-02
This app note describes the implementation of a PCMCIA interface on an AT91RM9200 development kit (DK) using the external bus interface (EBI).  
Interface conditioning for SD card, MMC 2010-11-30
Know the various ESD protection and EMI filter devices optimized for SD-memory card and MMC interfaces  
Implement master-slave timing-card redundancy using Maxim timing ICs 2009-08-27
This application note explains how to use Maxim timing ICs to implement dual, redundant timing functions in telecom equipment.  
Employ TDA8034T/AT/BT smart card reader interface 2013-06-04
Learn how to design the TDA8034T, TDA8034AT or TDA8034BT in an application. The general characteristics are presented and different application examples are described in this document.  
Digital Line Card Circuit Protection 2003-04-30
This document presents the SIDACtor solid state overvoltage protection and TeleLink time lag fuse devices that can be used to protect digital line card circuits  
Connect the M16C with a Compact Flash Card 2003-09-19
This application note shows how to connect the M16C microcontroller with a Compact Flash Card  
Card maintenance, control using I2C-bus 2009-05-08
Read about general-purpose maintenance and control devices with integrated 2-kbit EEPROM.  
Approaches to Digital Line Card Design 2003-08-15
This application note is intended to show how the HDLC protocol controller can be used as a D-channel interface in a digital line card comprised of multiple DNICs  
Application of Philips P89LPC932 microcontroller on RF card reader ignition control 2005-06-09
Application of Philips P89LPC932 microcontroller on RF card reader ignition control  
Analog line card circuit protection 2001-06-14
This application note discusses the adequate level of protection that must be designed to ensure reliable operation and regulatory compliance for analog line cards.  
AAT4621EV: Evaluation kit guide for AAT4621 PC card supercap charger 2008-07-24
The AAT4621EV is a fully assembled and tested circuit board designed to demonstrate the features of the AAT4621.  
WonderWare 7.0 application note 2001-09-04
This application note explains the proper configuration of the DataLink device to communicate correctly with the WonderWare 7.0 software.  
Using the DS8007 evaluation kit 2009-01-30
Know how to quickly begin using the evaluation kit for the DS8007 dual smart card interface  
Using square and ramp signal types 2002-05-07
This application note describes the process of using square and ramp signals through the Sample Champion system.  
Use MIFARE App Directory 2009-04-30
Read about the proposed MIFARE Application Directory, its rule and structure together with examples.  
U-Boot debugging with CodeWarrior 2014-05-26
Here are the steps required for U-Boot debugging using the CodeWarrior IDE. U-Boot resides in flash memory on target systems and boots an embedded Linux image.  
T/R switch for IMT-2000 handset applications 2002-10-10
This application note describes a handset T/R switch design that enables its antenna to be electronically connected to either the transmitter or receiver.  

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