2020-07-15- Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Emergence of Neuromorphic Chips to Mimic Human Brain

A neuromorphic chip can mimic the brain to process data effectively, far surpassing existing machines, which struggle to accommodate the…

2020-07-14- Analog Devices, Inc.

ADI Acquires Maxim to Strengthen Leadership in Analog Semiconductor

Chip maker ADI said it has agreed to acquire Maxim in an all stock transaction that values the combined enterprise…

2020-07-13- Dr TV Venkateswaran

Indigenous Indian COVID19 Vaccines Enter Global Race to End the Pandemic

India has emerged as one of the significant vaccine manufacturing hubs in the past years. Indian manufacturers account for 60%…

2020-07-10- Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

GaN Transistors Ready for Launch Into Space

GaN power transistors are an ideal choice for power and RF applications to support extreme space missions with exceptionally high…

2020-07-09- Nitin Dahad

Soitec Strikes Deal with Qualcomm for 5G RF Filters

Soitec's first volume business agreement with Qualcomm targets POI technology in 5G RF filters...


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