2020-07-09- Nitin Dahad

Soitec Strikes Deal with Qualcomm for 5G RF Filters

Soitec's first volume business agreement with Qualcomm targets POI technology in 5G RF filters...

2020-07-08- Majeed Ahmad

A New AI Chapter: Federated Learning

The federated learning approach, introduced by Google in 2017, provides a viable alternative to the traditional machine learning designs performed…

2020-07-07- John Walko

UK and India Join Hands For Space Opportunity

A consortium led by the UK government and Indian conglomerate Bharti Enterprises has won the hugely competitive auction for satellite…

2020-07-06- Subra Chandramouli

Debunking Myths About Cloud Native Servers

Are data centers, service providers, and chip vendors ready for a cloud native world? There are common myths that may…

2020-07-03- Colin Barnden

Automated Vehicle: An Elephant in the Room?

There is an elephant in the AV room, although most reporters pretend not seeing one. I’m an analyst not a…

2020-07-02- Majeed Ahmad

Federated Learning Demands More AI Hardware

EPFL’s David Atienza explains federated learning technology’s software and hardware aspects and how it’s going to fast-track the AI tasks…


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