Keysight Unveils Design/Test Platform Integrating Simulation, Design, Test Workflows

Article By : Keysight

The new PathWave software platform accelerates innovation and product development, according to Keysight.

India, Jan. 31, 2018 – Keysight Technologies, Inc., provider of hardware, software and services for electronic product design, test, and optimization, today unveiled PathWave, the industry’s first software platform that integrates design, test, measurement and analysis. As a result, PathWave enables customers to accelerate innovation and product development from concept through manufacturing and deployment.

PathWave is based on Keysight’s proven expertise to ensure consistency, accuracy and measurement integrity. The software platform provides customers with flexible and immediate access to the design and test tools they need, when they need them. The interoperability of the design and test tools and advanced data management significantly speeds the product development cycle, eliminating the need to re-create individual measurements and test plans at each discrete stage of the process.

“Most product development lifecycles are disconnected, presenting design and test challenges at every stage which slows innovation and product introductions,” said Jessy Cavazos, Industry Director, Test & Measurement, Frost & Sullivan. “As a leader in design and test, Keysight is applying their unique expertise to unify the design and test workflow throughout the product lifecycle with a consistent user experience and common data formats that accelerates innovation and allows customers to deliver products with speed and quality.”

PathWave Key Features

Open. PathWave connects and integrates all design and test resources:

  • Provides open APIs which allow for simplified and rapid customization
  • Easily integrates best-in-class technology, including 3rd party software and hardware
  • Quickly connects compatible hardware to speed test workflows and enhance productivity
  • Scalable. PathWave offers flexible computing power that scales to meet varying workloads:

  • Operates locally, in the cloud, or both to accelerate design and test computations
  • Processes test data across the workflow, locally or in the cloud
  • Saves transition time between development phases in your design and test workflow
  • Predictive. PathWave provides powerful analytics tools for faster troubleshooting:

  • Quickly delivers comprehensive data analytics to identify trends and troubleshoot issues
  • Monitors the utilization and health of each test resource for improved productivity and
  • scheduling

  • Captures and analyzes big data for faster, more effective workflow processes

    “We all recognize the many societal benefits offered by technology, from cloud computing, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, to augmented reality, and various types of mobile platforms,” said Jay Alexander, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Keysight Technologies. “But gaining the full value of these new technologies requires deep expertise across the whole design and test workflow, plus the measurement expertise to effectively implement them. Keysight is committed to continuously complementing emerging technologies with solutions that help our customers overcome barriers to innovation and establish efficient workflow processes.”

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