5G Will Prove Transformative for Enterprise

Article By : Jane Sandwood

A huge number of benefits and transformative trends are emerging from the opportunities created by 5G.

Mobile technology’s latest and most powerful connectivity tech, 5G, is being implemented worldwide at varying levels. According to LiveScience, the technology has brought with it several crucial talking points for the wider technology sphere; for example, the sub-millisecond latency required for artificial intelligence (AI) and automated machines that has most recently been promised. Business network administration perhaps will have more to learn from the roll out of the technology than any other new trend.

(Source: Photo by NASA on Unsplash.com)

Outsourced tech and development is king
The rapid release of 5G and other big tech stories of the year show that development is continuing at a rate of knots and shows no signs of letting up. Tech-focused business aside, it’s arguable that companies can’t — and shouldn’t try to — keep up. Already, according to U.K. HR experts HRNews, in-house checking systems are damaging productivity.

Outsourcing work to managed services is more viable today than it has been in the past, according to industry experts CoreTech. Expertise is the key facet of this change, and 5G is influencing this with its key benefits; technologies such as network slicing are powerful but only in competent hands. Businesses looking for a security boost and flexible networking will make best use of new tech through outsourcing.

Understanding consumers and the technology behind social media
The use of 5G has enabled a greater level of media interaction, and businesses have already adapted. Facebook has been instrumental in the development of the haptic Tasbi wristband, which allows users to perceive digital objects despite being unable to touch them physically. This technology will arrive sooner rather than later and — in the fully connected world — the superior latency offered by 5G will be crucial.

Businesses have something to learn and react to here; as Forbes noted, consumers of all types are ultra-connected. 5G is effectively creating yet more avenues for connectivity innovation, and businesses should heed this wisely. Resting on the laurels of voice activation and cross-compatibility is likely to be folly.

A greater bottom line
According to Digital Trends, 5G will have much deeper benefits than simply what appears on the screen. Public infrastructure will be able to easily co-opt the technology and use it to pre-empt flooding, improve surveillance, and enhance health care through things like augmented reality (AR) facilitated physical therapy and precision surgery.

What this adds up to is a healthier and fitter society that will be safer and have more money in its collective pockets. Businesses that are able to keep their finger on the tech pulse and drive investment into innovation will find their culture rewarded richly in this manner. Put simply, a more affluent and healthier population means more sales, which is something every business can get behind.

5G might seem like the next, and most basic, step in wireless connectivity. But there’s a lot more to it, with a huge number of benefits and transformative trends emerging from the opportunities 5G creates. Businesses looking to flourish in this environment need to do so today, whether that be from outsourcing tech, investing in marketing, or looking forward to servicing a healthier population.

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