Advantest Broadens Activities in India

Article By : Advantest Corp.

Advantest has rebranded its subsidiary in India and will expand its support of customer initiatives in the region as investments continue to grow.

Semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corp. has rebranded its subsidiary in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India under the corporate mantle and will expand its support of customer initiatives in the region as investments continue to grow.

Effective June 18, 2021, w2bi Mobile Technologies Pvt. Ltd (WMTI) became Advantest India Private Ltd (AIN), a wholly owned subsidiary of Advantest America Inc. The name change will allow Advantest to promote its brand and naming convention across subsidiaries and around the globe. The company sees this as a critical step toward achieving its strategic goal of supporting customers in regions throughout the world.

In 2013, Advantest America acquired w2bi (W2BI) and its wholly owned subsidiary WMTI, a developer of software exclusively for W2BI. In 2020, Advantest America merged W2BI and WMTI remained a subsidiary of Advantest America. Under its new name, Advantest India Private Ltd will contribute to the development of software for a variety of business units within Advantest, including the SoC business unit.

Dinesh Doshi, former W2BI president and currently a senior vice president with Advantest America, will continue to oversee the India operations to ensure a seamless integration of the management structure and growth strategy for the organization. “We see AIN as a key contributor to Advantest’s overall plan for maximizing growth in the India semiconductor industry,” said Dinesh Doshi. “With key customers expanding their presence in the region, AIN is poised to provide critical engineering resources to this growing sector.”

Doug Lefever, senior executive officer of Advantest Corp. and president and CEO of Advantest America, added, “Customer relationships and business partnerships are key to Advantest’s global success. Our ability to support our customers throughout the world as they expand their engineering operations to maximize efficiencies is central to our long-term goals.”


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