Arctech India Wins Awards for Team and Tech Excellence

Article By : Arctech

Arctech's Indian subsidiary has won three awards from SolarQuarter in recognition of their accomplishment in the region.

Tracking, racking, and BIPV solutions provider Arctech’s Indian subsidiary has won three awards from SolarQuarter in recognition of their accomplishment in the region. The three awards are Company of the Year – Tracker (International) in the category of Excellence Company Awards, Project Team of the Year in the category of Team Excellence Awards, and Expert of the Year in the category of Individual Leadership Awards.

These awards have proved that Arctech has firmly held the leading position in the solar tracker industry in India. Arctech is the key technology partner for the biggest developers in the region, where it has a portfolio of 2.4GW across the region by the end of 2021.

“We are getting stronger as a team and will continue to strengthen our portfolio in the region,” said Gail Chen, General Manager of East Asia and India at Arctech.

The company had its debut Indian project in 2015. The company completed the delivery of its 420MW solar structure to Tamil Nadu, India, the 780MW DC project. It was followed by the 172MWp Solar Power Plant commissioned by Renew Power in the state of Telangana, India. Now, Arctech has established a solid customer foundation with international well-acclaimed partners including Adani, Renew Power, O2 Power, NTPC, Ayana, L&T, SWL, and Vikram, among others.

Last year, despite the pandemic disruption in India, Arctech struck a deal with one leading Indian developer to supply 1.7GW of 1P SkyLine trackers to two projects in Rajasthan. In particular, the 860MW AEML solar power plant is the largest bifacial tracker power generation project in India.

Wood Mackenzie’s annual report shows that Arctech has maintained strong momentum in India in 2020. According to the report, Arctech topped the ranking in the Asia Pacific region with a 35% market share, aided by the unparalleled leadership in the Indian solar market. The company has maintained its position as the leading tracker supplier in the region for three consecutive years.

This year, as the company launched SkyLine II, the latest offering of its “Sky series” tracker.

“India is like the second home base for Arctech,” Gail said. The team is celebrating its fifth anniversary and its new success of being the top Solar Tracker Supplier (cumulative shipments) in India as of June 2021 by The Market Share Leaderboard report from Mercom.

The company built its business development staff at the India office five years ago as it anticipated an immense growth in solar development in the country. Now, the team of 30 has provided engineering and manufacturing support for Arctech’s local operations, with a possibility of acting as an extension to the headquarter in China and supporting the global business. The company also intends to source materials for its tracking systems from within the country.


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