2016-05-18 - CUI

15W, 25W isolated DC-DC converters tout up to 91% efficiency

CUI's PRD15 and PRD25 series devices feature input voltage up to 75VDC and target applications such as MCUs, datacom, telecom, remote sensor systems and portable electronics.

2016-05-18 - Dylan McGrath

Chip suppliers struggle as semiconductor sales drop

IC Insights revealed that eight of the top 10 semiconductor suppliers saw posted annual declines in Q1 sales compared with 1Q15, with several seeing sales fall by 25% or more.

2016-05-18 - R. Colin Johnson

Diamond chips oust saphhire for semicon ICs

Startup Akhan Semiconductor expects to announce a diamond semiconductor IC in a consumer product by next year, which promises to be faster, use less power, and thinner and lighter than silicon.

2016-05-18 - Craig Wiley

Exploring Embedded DisplayPort

DisplayPort is the A/V interface developed and deployed by the personal computer industry through collaboration within VESA, providing display resolutions of 4K and beyond.

2016-05-18 - Analog Devices

Compact switch promises more power-efficient RF designs

The ADRF5130 from ADI is specified at 0.7GHz to 3.5GHz frequency band with typical 0.6dB insertion-loss, isolation of 50dB and linearity of 68dBm aimed at cellular radio systems.

2016-05-18 - Puga Sankara

Robots: Spotlight on the hidden face of automation

Recently, Google-parent Alphabet has listed Boston Dynamics for sale, which has been developing robots at the core of its business.

2016-05-18 - Spectrum

Academic tools for teaching waveform generation, analysis

Spectrum announced an education tool that features the SBench 6 software, which is an advanced programme that provides a GUI for control of PC based instrumentation such as digitisers and AWG.

2016-05-18 - Sckipio

Telcos get edge over cable rivals

The dynamic bandwidth allocation is the world's first solution that vows to deliver up to 1.5Gbps in upstream and downstream performance by allocating bandwidth in each direction in real time.