Susan Hong

2020-04-20 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Intel, Udacity Team Up to Train Edge AI Developers

Intel is sponsoring an online course to help address the shortage of AIoT developers...

2020-04-17 - IDC

Work-at-Home Triggers Demand Jump for Laptops and Tablets Across Europe

Initial feedback on the 1st quarter across Europe suggests a spike of a third in YoY demand for notebook PC and tablets, as COVID-19 lockdowns have led companies to equip employees to work at home or remotely...

2020-04-17 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Apple & Google to Turn Your Phone Into a Covid-19 Tracker

The two are collaborating on a technique for tracing the movements of infected persons while still respecting the privacy of those not suspected of spreading the disease or in danger of getting it...

2020-04-17 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Do AI and Neuromorphic Computing Compete?

Both AI and neuromorphic computing run neural networks, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that they will go head-to-head.

2020-04-16 - Brian Dipert

Dead USB Powerbank Teardown

A failed mobile power pack begs for a thorough perusal of its batteries and other internals...

2020-04-16 - WitsView

Samsung Speeds Up Effort to Shutter Large-Size LCD Production Lines

As Samsung speeds up effort to shutter large-size LCD production lines, Korean manufacturers’ market share of large-size panel capacity by area projected to fall below 10%, says TrendForce...

2020-04-16 - Peter AJ van der Made, BrainChip

Keyword Spotting: Making an On-Device Assistant a Reality

A natural language approach processes sound, images and data in event-based hardware...

2020-04-15 - Gartner

Survey Reveals Remote Working Likely Continue Post-Pandemic

Gartner HR survey reveals 41% of employees likely to work remotely at least some of the time post coronavirus pandemic...

2020-04-15 - Nitin Dahad

What Will Imagination Do Next?

Imagination loses CEO and it gets one step closer to full control from China. Former Imagination CEO Hossein Yassaie decries...

2020-04-15 - Fendy Wang

Blog: Coming Back to Life after Lockdown in Hubei

After 64 days quarantined in Hubei, I finally got the good news: I could return home to Shenzhen! This is the story of my “post-epidemic” flight home...