Automotive tech tunnels up to 6Gbps of video, data

Article By : STMicroelectronics

HDBaseT Automotive allows for daisy-chaining and multistreaming to simplify and optimise in-vehicle connectivity.

STMicroelectronics has collaborated with Valens to introduce HDBaseT Automotive, a technology that optimises in-vehicle connectivity by enabling the transmission of reliable 6Gbps high-throughput infotainment, road safety and automotive-control content over a low-cost infrastructure with near-zero latency.

Under the partnership, Valens, as the inventor of HDBaseT and founder of the HDBaseT Alliance, brings the technology and expertise to accomplish the goal of commercialising HDBaseT-enabled vehicles, while STMicroelectronics will contribute its extensive design and manufacturing experience and know-how in compliance with the strict automotive quality and reliability requirements.

HDBaseT Automotive enables the tunnelling of up to 6Gbps of video, audio, data and USB, with native networking capabilities over a single unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable for up to 15m. The technology also allows for daisy-chaining and multistreaming, to simplify and optimise in-vehicle connectivity, according to Valens.

[STMicro HDBaseT block (cr)]
__Figure 1:__ *HDBaseT Automotive enables the tunnelling of up to 6Gbps of video, audio, data and USB.*

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