C-DOT, VVDN and WiSig Partner on 5G Open RAN Solutions

Article By : PIB India

The collaboration aims to leverage the technical competencies and complementary strengths of Indian R&D and industry in the design, development, manufacture, and deployment of cost-effective 5G products and solutions.

The Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT), WiSig Networks Pvt Ltd, and VVDN Technologies Pvt Ltd have signed an agreement for collaboration in the area of Open RAN based radio network for 5G solution.

C-DOT is the premier R&D center of India’s Department of Telecommunications. It has indigenously designed various cutting-edge telecom technologies including 4G solution, and is keenly working in the area of 5G. WiSig is an upcoming startup engaged in the business of developing, marketing, and offering various communications solutions including 5G mobile communication products and solutions. VVDN is a leading product engineering and manufacturing company in various technology domains including 5G, networking and Wi-Fi, IoT, and cloud storage services.

This collaboration aims to leverage the technical competencies and complementary strengths of Indian R&D and industry in evolving a mutually productive alliance leading to indigenous design, development, manufacturing and deployment of cost-effective 5G products and solutions. This engagement will augment the indigenous Intellectual Property  and create new avenues for wider adoption and monetization of home-grown 5G products and solutions.

Dr. RajKumar Upadhyay, Executive Director of C-DOT, emphasized the key role of synergistic engagement amongst various technology stakeholders in developing all-encompassing indigenous products and solutions in an effective and expeditious manner. “Today, we have taken a  big step  towards development of indigenous 5G  technology with the involvement of  Indian partners for addressing the needs of the country and exploring apping the export market. He further remarked that R&D and industry complement each other and reiterated C-DOT’s firm commitment for promoting indigenous design & development of 5G technology in line with Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Gati Shakti’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’,” he said.

“VVDN is deeply committed to enable the 5G ecosystem in India. This collaboration between C-DOT, VVDN, and WiSig is another step towards making India ‘Atmanirbhar’ in the field of telecom. VVDN will work with  CDOT and WiSig in O-RU design, which includes indigenously developed hardware and software. VVDN’s design, development, manufacturing and testing capabilities in the 5G space makes it a  preferred partner. It is another proud moment for VVDN,” said Shri Puneet Agarwal, CEO, VVDN Technologies.

“WiSig is delighted to be part of this initiative led by C-DOT to build indigenous 5G network infrastructure equipment. WiSig has been pioneering the development of indigenous 5G technology since last five years which can be seen in WiSig’s contributions to 5G standardization at 3GPP, TSDSI and ITU consultations,” said Prof. Kiran Kuchi, founder of WiSig Networks. “WiSig has contributed to development of Pi/2 BPSK modulation scheme which is now mandatory in the 5G standard and have also developed a significant portfolio of 5G standard essential patents. Through this initiative WiSig Networks will offer world’s leading, trusted and  advanced massive MIMO and other stacks  running on   multiple competitive  platforms in terms of stability, reliability and performance. Our RAN solutions will address the needs of public telecom networks, trusted and critical networks as well as private networks.”


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