CAN transceivers meet FD, PN specs

Article By : Microchip Technology

The ATA65XX family with Grade 0 qualified parts includes wake-up capability via CAN bus with dual wake up pattern according to ISO11898-2:2016 for reduced energy consumption and emissions.

Microchip Technology Inc. has launched a family of controller area network (CAN) transceivers that incorporates several automotive Grade 0 qualified parts.

The ATA65XX family has six new devices that support the CAN FD (flexible data-rate) protocol for up to 5Mbit/s communication speed and the new CAN PN (partial networking) standard for improved energy efficiency of vehicles. The devices are fully compliant with the ISO 118980-2/5/6, 11898-2:2016 and the SAE J2962-2 standards. According to Microchip, the ATA6562, ATA6563, ATA6564, ATA6565 and ATA6566 builds the industry’s first automotive Grade 0 qualified CAN/CAN FD transceiver family with an ambient temperature rating of -40°C to 150°C.

The family also provides a CAN PN transceiver including a window watchdog. Microchip added that all devices in the family are approved by major car manufacturers for use without the external common mode choke (CMC) that is required for most CAN transceivers.

All products in the series include wake-up capability via CAN bus with dual wake up pattern according to ISO11898-2:2016. A modern vehicle contains more than 70 electronic control units (ECU) with CAN interface. This feature avoids unwanted power-up sequences, leading to significant energy savings and reduced emissions.

The ATA65XX family is supported by the ATA656x-EK development kit, ATAB6570A development kit and the ATA6563 Click Board, all of which are available.

The ATA65XX transceivers come in SO 8/14 and DFN8/14 packages with wetable flanks, ready for automatic optical solder-joint inspection.

The following products are now available:

  • The ATA6562/63/64/66 is available in an SO8 package or DFN8 package with wetable flanks in 10,000 unit quantities.
  • The ATA6565 is available in a DFN14 package with wetable flanks in 10,000 unit quantities.
  • The ATA6570 is available in an SO14 package in 10,000 unit quantities.

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