2019-08-26 - Kevin Krewell

Hot Chips 2019: The Hottest and Biggest Yet

While Cerebras is building the largest chip ever, other vendors are looking to see how they can disaggregate the larger…

2019-08-22 - Andrew Walker

Blog: AI has a Memory Problem

Artificial intelligence, which allows computers to learn and perform specific tasks such as image recognition and natural language processing, is…

2019-07-12 - Karl Freund

Blog: Google and Nvidia Break AI Records

The two have pulled away from would-be rivals, but at what cost?

2019-07-10 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Xilinx Ships First Versal Devices for AI, 5G

Xilinx kicks off its AI strategy, based on domain specific architecture.

2019-06-27 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Facial Recognition: The Reality

AI is making automated facial recognition for mass surveillance a reality - but at what cost?

2019-06-26 - Rick Merritt

MLPerf Releases Five Benchmarks

MLPerf rolled out an initial suite of five benchmarks to measure inference jobs on servers, PCs, handsets and some embedded…

2019-06-18 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Record-Breaking AI Training Chip Debuted by Habana

Habana Labs chip claims industry-best throughput on ResNet-50 training, includes on-chip RoCE communications for scalability

2019-05-17 - Rick Merritt

Startup Delivers Neural Networks Across Several Architectures

A veteran AI researcher is testing the market for pre-trained neural-network models among embedded developers.

2019-05-13 - Hailey Lynne McKeefry

AI Aids in the Detection of IEDs at Checkpoints

AI technology, combined with an X-ray machine, has the potential to increase the efficacy and efficiency of military checkpoints

2019-05-09 - Ann R. Thryft

Does AI Amplify our own Bias?

Garbage in, serious garbage out. AIs have to be more than just accurate; they have to be fair.