2021-04-16 - Siemens India

Siemens Partners with Switch Mobility on E-Mobility Projects in India

Siemens and Switch Mobility are partnering to jointly address the need of commercial electric vehicle (EV) customers and execute E-Mobility…

2021-04-14 - Junko Yoshida

Nvidia Targeting “Multi-trillion-dollar” Transportation Ecosystem

The AV market is more promising than potent, but that did not stop Jensen Huang from touting Nvidia's plan to…

2021-04-02 - Nitin Dahad

Safety Pool: Globally Accessible Database of Virtual Road Scenarios for AV Testing

A new globally accessible database of virtual road scenarios has been launched as a public initiative to enable autonomous vehicle…

2021-03-26 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

CEA-Leti Working on OPAs to Develop Cost-effective and Compact LiDARs

CEA-Leti has been working on optical phased arrays (OPAs) to produce cost-effective and compact LiDARs.

2021-03-25 - India Science Wire

Geliose Mobility Unveils Hope

Geliose Mobility's Hope electric scooter is Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled for data analytics and fleet management applications.

2021-03-24 - Nitin Dahad

eSync specification v2.0 improves automotive OTA cybersecurity

The eSync specification v2.0 expands on data gathering while extending the cybersecurity for over-the-air (OTA) software updates for automotive electronics.

2021-03-23 - Henry Claussnitzer

Smart-factory Strategies to Strengthen European Automotive Industry

Smart-factory strategies will help European automotive companies assert themselves against strong competition.

- Nitin Dahad

Flex Logix Adds Fresh Capital to Scale AI Inferencing Business

Flex Logix will use its latest round of funding to ramp up AI inferencing chip production, and to build its…

2021-03-22 - Nitin Dahad

Paragraf’s Graphene Hall Effect Sensor Enables Accurate EV Battery Cell Mapping

The new graphene Hall effect sensor from Paragraf directly measure magnetic field to better map EV battery cell.

2021-03-19 - Jacopo Alaimo and Filip Geuens

The Future of Automotive LiDARs

The "solid-state" definition has been used to classify different types of LiDARs leading to some confusion also within the LiDAR…