2017-02-14 - Shashikant Joshi, Hanumanthaiah Shruti

Debug hard faults in ARM Cortex-M0 based SoCs

As the complexity of programmable system-on-chip architectures and their MCU increases, so do the issues that can occur at each stage of design.

2017-02-02 - Sufia Tippu

Europe queues to fund Indian start-ups

Not to be left behind, the European companies are forming a bee-line to the accelerator activity 'buzzing' in India.

2017-01-31 - Junko Yoshida

Insecurity of things: Is Alexa a double agent?

Despite being intrigued with Amazon Echo and Google Home, *EE Times'* Junko Yoshida remains on the fence when it comes to an actual purchase.

- Xavier Bignalet

IoT: Hype or reality?

Microchip's Xavier Bignalet believes that with IoT the question is not one of hype or reality but of when will the high volumes of sensors and data happen.

- Junko Yoshida

Survey says: Voice’s starring role is here

Why is voice getting popular? Because it’s simple, intuitive and smarter than the average bear.

2017-01-30 - Jim Li

View from China: Can India live its industrial dream?

The problems that China has encountered in development can serve as lessons learned for industrial development in India.

- Jim Li

View from China: Can India turn opportunity into technological strength?

The biggest factor in India's rise is whether the country can seize the opportunity and turn demographic dividend into real technological strength.

- Jim Li

View from China: Why do Chinese co’s invest in India?

India's decision to hike taxes on mobile devices is probably what has prompted Chines mobile phone factory owners to invest in the country.

2017-01-27 - Richard York

How carmakers address vehicle security threat

The future of automotive electronics brings with it many challenges, security amongst them, but is there time for the industry to get it right?

2017-01-17 - Scott Deuty

Secure your ideas with a patent

But some patent trolls or vultures who cut benefits and outsource also like to pay nothing for technology they make billions off.