2020-05-08 - Nitin Dahad and Barb Jorgensen

Imagination May Face Wider Risk of IP Sales to China

Imagination Technologies’ now-defunct plan to add four Chinese investors to its executive board has touched a raw nerve in the…

2020-05-07 - TrendForce

Smartphone Production to Drop by 16.5% YoY in 2Q20

TrendForce has revised down its forecast of yearly smartphone production volume to 1.24 billion units, an 11.3% decrease YoY, given…

2020-02-21 - Barbara Jorgensen

Covid-19: Companies Prepare for Fallout

We surveyed high-tech companies around the world to find out what they are experiencing in the supply chain right now.

2020-02-10 - George Leopold and Junko Yoshida

Wuhan: Manufacturing Hub Fights its Next Battle

The beleaguered Chinese manufacturing hub faces a virus-borne existential crisis.

2020-02-04 - Junko Yoshida

Blog: Is It Really Business as Usual?

It’s not just in Wuhan. Also in Shenzhen, all shops and restaurants are closed except some supermarkets and pharmacies.

2019-12-13 - Junko Yoshida

China’s Belt & Road Initiative Propels Qualcomm

China’s leading smartphone vendors such as Oppo, Vivo and Xioami aren’t just pursuing the Chinese market. Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon…

2019-11-25 - Junko Yoshida

Is China’s ‘Big Fund’ on the Right Track?

In addition to the Big Fund, the Chinese government might also want to pursue vertical integration models to fast-track self-sufficiency…

2019-11-08 - ASPENCORE


Innovation eventually turns into the creation of differentiation; Connection keeps everything in control. A chance to have a look at…

2019-09-10 - Junko Yoshida

Beijing Invests in Hong Kong’s Neighbour, Shenzhen

Beijing sees Shenzhen as a "testing ground" for reform and a "window" opening to the world, which has helped China…

2019-08-14 - Momo Zhong

Over 30 Tech Billionaires Made in China

A new Nasdaq-style board was launched in the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It might presage how China's stock markets look in…