2022-07-11 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Today and Tomorrow of Quantum Computing

Quantum computing will become a central pillar of any serious computing architecture. Just like the CPU and GPU, the quantum processor unit will be a critical component of any data center...

2022-06-07 - ICRA

Indian Data Centers to See Five-fold Increase in Capacity

Overall, 3,900–4,100MW of data center capacity are likely to get added in the next five years in India.

2022-06-01 - PIB India

Param Ananta Supercomputer Commissioned at IIT Gandhinagar

The Param Ananta Supercomputing Facility will greatly benefit IIT Gandhinagar's R&D activities in multidisciplinary domains of science and technology.

2022-05-30 - PIB India

Param Porul Supercomputer Inaugurated at NIT

The Param Porul supercomputing facility is established under Phase 2 of the NSM.

2022-05-27 - IDC India

India Public Cloud Services Market to Grow at 24% CAGR for 2021-2026

The Indian public cloud services market registered a revenue of $4.6 billion for 2021 and is forecast to reach $13.5 billion by 2026.

2022-03-10 - PIB India

India Startup and Digital Economy On Track for Strong Growth

Microsoft has announced plans to establish its India Data Center region in Hyderabad to help accelerate the country’s digital momentum.

2022-03-04 - Sameh Yamany, Viavi Solutions

Hyperscalers and 5G: Collision or Collusion?

5G-hyperscale convergence holds a lot of promise for businesses, cities, and consumers. But engineers must collaborate to deliver on that promise.

2022-02-25 - IDC India

India Cloud Predictions for 2022 and Onwards

By 2024, 40% of organizations in India will implement dedicated cloud services either on-premises or in a service provider facility.

2022-02-23 - PIB India

India Evolving as Frontrunner in High-Power Computing

The National Supercomputing Mission was launched to enhance India's research capacities and capabilities by connecting them to form a Supercomputing grid.

2022-02-07 - India Science Wire

IISc Commissions 3.3-Petaflop Supercomputer

The Param Pravega is one of the most powerful supercomputers in India, and the largest in an academic institution.