2016-09-25 - Toshiba

Photorelays offer up to 3750Vrms voltage isolation

TLP172AM and TLP172GM utilise multi-chip technology and were developed as high spec, pin-compatible versions of Toshiba existing 2.54SOP products.

2016-09-19 - None

EDA tools double design data annually

« Previously: [Your Headline or Caption]   An interesting application area that produces large quantities of data is the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry. At the present rate, the data generated by EDA tools doubles every year, but not all EDA data is equally organised. The process of designing an electronic chip is based on […]

2016-08-31 - Super Micro Computer

Flash server, storage systems deliver speedier virtualisation

Supermicro VSAN ready nodes target high-performance database and big data analytics applications that necessitate a high level of compatibility, reliability and serviceability.

2016-08-12 - Graham Prophet

Designing on-chip optical components for quantum computers

With the prototype chip, the researchers were evaluating the performance of the diffraction gratings and the ion traps.

- Graham Prophet

Surface traps can pave way for quantum computers

According to MIT researchers, built-in optics could enable chips that use trapped ions as quantum bits.

2016-08-01 - Gary Hilson

Production-ready DDR4 PHY delivers 3.2Gbps data rate

Rambus is looking to meet the needs of the Facebooks and Instagrams of the world as their data centre requirements trickle down to the chip companies.

2016-07-13 - Susan Nordyk

ICs eliminate need for external voltage dividers

Both controllers offer a programmable minimum-on-time function to ensure reliable operation over a wide range of switching frequencies.

2016-07-12 - Multicomp

Connectors meet high procurement requirements for RF apps

Over 3,800 connectors from Multicomp are available for dispatch, including AV, circular, I/O, industrial, modular, PCB, RF/coaxial and USB connectors.

2016-07-08 - Cypress Semicondutor

Self-refresh DRAM device reduces number of needed pins

The HyperRAM and HyperFlash solution reduces pin count by at least 28 pins, decreasing design complexity and lowering PCB cost.

2016-07-05 - Gary Hilson

Bringing performance to software-defined storage with NVMe

Typical enterprise storage buyers are accustomed to a somewhat-appliance like experience, but with software-defined storage, customers can use the hardware they want, including SSDS.