2016-05-24 - R. Colin Johnson

Biotech to spawn computers, hints MIT Media Lab founder

Nicholas Negroponte predicts biotechnology will learn how to grow all things in the future, from communications to transportation, as well as computers.

- Rick Merritt

Start-up promises Google-like data centre management sol’ns

DriveScale, formed by three engineers from Sun Microsystems and Cisco Systems, has developed a software and a network adapter that enable the creation of pools of servers and hard drives as needed.

2016-05-18 - Rick Merritt

Next-gen cellular tech to carve smooth path for 5G

IEEE 1914 will pave a way for carriers to deploy hundreds of antennas in field sites and process signals from them on central pools of low cost servers to enable more flexible cellular networks.

- Rich Quinnell

Honeywell to take on IIoT with new business unit

The Honeywell Digital Transformation business reflects the growing interest on the part of industry to gain the increased efficiency and productivity that the Industrial IoT promises.