2020-05-20 - DRAMeXchange

New Video Cards and Gaming Consoles to Elevate Graphics DRAM Demand

Both NVIDIA and AMD are planning to release new GPUs in 3Q20, and both Microsoft and Sony are releasing new…

2020-02-07 - Gary Hilson

Legacy DRAM Shows Promise at the Edge

Etron rejuvenates DRAM for edge IoT applications and Lattice Semiconductor sees its potential.

2019-03-08 - Dylan McGrath

DRAM Prices Continue to Plummet

Contract prices for PC DRAM are on pace to decline by 30% in the first quarter.

2019-01-21 - Junko Yoshida

Novel DRAM Tapped for Edge AI

Etron Technology pitched its new “Reduced Pin Count” (RPC) DRAM as ideal for miniaturized wearable devices and end-point AI subsystems.

2017-10-16 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

DRAM Capacity Crunch Expected to Persist in 2018

With suppliers planning only limited capacity and demand on the rise, DRAMeXchange says price declines unlikely.