2020-10-22 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Using ‘Rubbish AI’ for Smart Sorting Recycling

Sorting recycling with AI object detection algorithms could lead to low-cost commercial system..

2020-10-21 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

CEA-Leti CEO Sees Bright Future for Hardware

Emmanuel Sabonnadière, CEO of CEA-Leti, described Leti’s commitments and actions for a world dramatically altered by Covid-19 pandemic. Not only…

2020-10-20 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Hover-in-place Drones Powered Through High-Voltage Tether

To enable a thinner and lighter tether, power must be delivered from the host ship to the drone at very…

2020-10-16 - John Walko

RF MEMS Switch Startup Raises $44M to Expand Capacity

Menlo Micro, a pioneer in miniature RF MEMS switches, has raised $44 million, which it intends to use to increase…

- PIB Delphi

India Proceeds in Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Research

Hydrogen as an energy source will play a key role in transforming climate-neutral systems over the next few decades...

2020-10-14 - PIB Delphi

MoUs with Academic Institutions to Boost Supercomputing Infrastructure in India

Supercomputing is the key to so many areas like Computational Biology, Molecular Dynamics, National Security, Computational Chemistry, Cyber-Physical Systems, Big…

2020-10-12 - PIB Delhi

CSIR-KPIT Demonstrates Hydrogen Fuel Cell Fitted Car

The heart of the PEM fuel cell technology includes the membrane electrode assembly, which is wholly a CSIR knowhow...

2020-10-08 - PIB Delhi

CeNS Scientists Find New Insights into LEDs Emitting High-Quality White Light

Scientists at CeNS found that though nanocrystals of inorganic chemicals caesium lead halide show the promise of white light emission...

2020-10-06 - PIB Delhi

Scientists Uncover Clue of How First EUV Light Appeared

There are indeed many compelling stories of profound science resulting from India's active international collaborations in the frontier areas with…

2020-09-28 - DST

Low-cost Approach Upscales & Produces highly Conducting Graphene

Scientists of JNCASR of DST develop a new low cost method of upscaling most conductive material‘graphene’ while preserving its single…