2020-07-06 - Gartner

Survey Reveals 33% of Supply Chain Leaders Moved Business Out of China by 2023

Tariff costs and resilience concerns are primary reasons to look for alternative locations...

2020-05-18 - TrendForce

TSMC’s US Expansion Plan May be Accompanied by 12-inch Supply Chain

According to TrendForce, TSMC's expansion plan in the U.S. may be accompanied by other actors in 12-inch supply chain too...

2020-05-15 - TSMC

TSMC to Build an Advanced Semiconductor Fab in US

TSMC today announced its intention to build and operate an advanced semiconductor fab in the US...

2020-03-27 - Fendy Wang

Covid-19: More Closures Hit Asia

Our colleagues in China, Taiwan and other regions in Southeast Asia continue to report, from the ground, on the coronavirus's…

2019-06-26 - Susan Hong & Matthew Burgess

The Role of the Distributor in Southeast Asia

Multinational Corporations (MNCs) normally have the ambition to enter emerging markets, but how to start? Should they establish a direct…

2017-07-25 - EE Times India

Tata Power seeks renewable energy boost for Vietnam

The company is currently building the Long Phu 2 thermal power plant, which has a capacity of 1,320MW, in the…

2017-07-20 - EE Times India

Chinese city launches unhackable quantum network

The network has passed more than 50 tests during which it transmitted data with quantum encryption keys among terminals in…

2017-05-18 - Ning Zhang, Wei Zhang

China tightens noose around big data ops

New rules in China will hinder normal operations for big data companies with international presence, including Indian IT companies investing…

2017-02-16 - Ning Zhang

How China’s new security law affects network OEMs

U.S. companies should worry about increasingly complicated requirements under the Chinese Network Security Law. Are there any lessons for India?

2017-01-16 - Rick Merritt

Executives make the case for China’s big chip bet

China, along with private investors, will spend as much as ₹10.67 lakh crore over the next few years growing the…