2016-08-17 - Sufia Tippu

Project volume hides India’s solar reality

All is not well with the Indian solar industry. When US-based SunEdison declared bankruptcy on April 21, wiping out nearly $10 billion in market value, a pall of gloom descended over the industry.

- Sufia Tippu

Funding conundrum dogs solar industry

A developer would require $1 billion/GW from private and public sources to achieve 175GW by 2022--or $25 billion every year from now until 2022. But where will the money come from?

- Sufia Tippu

Taxing the ‘make in India’ project

You’d think the solar industry’s woes would end with SunEdison’s bankruptcy and difficulties raising capital. What else could go wrong?

2016-08-16 - Vivek Nanda

Growing mobile manufacturing seeds interest in vocational study

As mobile phone manufacturing grows in India, demand is increasing for a labour force well-versed in manufacturing technology. Is the answer vocational studies?

2016-06-28 - None

India PC shipments plummets in 2Q16: Gartner

PC shipments to India totalled about 20.00 lakh (2 million) units in the first quarter of 2016, a 7.4% decrease over the first quarter last year, Gartner said.

2016-05-20 - Apple

Apple to open two iOS app dev’t centres in India

Apple is setting up two facilities that will focus on developing features for its products while also helping home-grown developers create innovative mobile apps.