2019-08-06 - Bill Schweber

Blog: Universal Connectors Not Happening

USB was supposed to take us away from the frustration of so many incompatible barrel-DC connectors, but technical and market reality has prevented that laudable goal from becoming reality.

2019-03-25 - Nitin Dahad

Touchless Control Next for Smartphones

There is a race to market for the first devices with touchless/gesture control. Contenders at MWC Barcelona include LG, Google, and Apple, introducing products featuring human-machine interface (HMI) in 2019.

2019-02-11 - Gary Hilson, EE Times

NVMe Over Fabrics Set to Disrupt Storage Networking

This year is already predicted to be a big one for NVMe-over-Fabric, and NVMe over TCP is expected to be a significant contributor.

2017-08-01 - Synopsys

Synopsys HBM2 IP offers up to 307GB/s bandwidth

Built on Synopsys' HBM and DDR4 IP, the complete DesignWare HBM2 platform enables designers to achieve their memory bandwidth, latency and power objectives.

2017-07-03 - Gary Hilson

NVMe 1.3 adds framework for metadata exchange

The update, which represents one of three core specifications for NVMe, encompasses 24 technical proposals that can be spread across client, enterprise and cloud features.

2017-06-13 - EE Times India

IEEE standard tackles data rates beyond 10Gbps

The IEEE 802.15.3e standard, developed by Japan-based TransferJet Consortium, maintains ease-of-use, while enabling close-proximity transfer of data at rates exceeding 10Gbps.

2017-02-23 - Julien Happich

USB adapter design adds 802.11ad capability to phones

Peraso’s WiGig USB adapter reference design with 802.11ad capability is ideal for streaming 4k video and multi-Gb Wi-Fi networking.

2017-01-30 - Gary Giust, Jayaprakash Balachandran, Bidyut Sen

Define serial-data jitter spec with clock analysis

You can automate the complexity of analysing reference clocks to custom or standard specifications to calculate their contribution to overall system jitter.

2017-01-16 - Julien Happich

Single-cable protocol delivers low-jitter feedback

The BiSS Line is fully compatible with the existing single-cable infrastructure, including cables, connectors and transmission technology.

2016-11-23 - Peter Clarke

Codasip, BaySand roll out RISC-V processor IP

Codix-Bk cores can be customised and optimised to deliver performance improvements, according to Codasip.