2018-04-05 - Anthea Chuang, EE Times Taiwan

Robot Evolution Benefits Humans

This story was originally published as the cover story in the March edition of EE Times Taiwan

2018-04-03 - Ann R. Thryft

Securing Industrial IoT

While consumer product security is a hot topic at the moment, we take a moment to remember that industrial IoT applications benefit from additional safety nets as well

2018-03-26 - Rick Merritt

Life After 5nm

2nm might not be worth it, thanks to law of diminishing returns

2018-03-23 - Nitin Dahad, EE Times

New Carbon Allotrope May Boost Semiconductors

Gallium nitride and graphene potentially looking old-fashioned compared to protomene

2018-03-21 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

China Drives Fab Tool Spending

Fab tool spending increases for third year in a row thanks to China's investments, first three-year period of sustained increases in spending since mid-'90s

2018-03-19 - Ryan Shrout

Blog: Foundry Pursues Custom Path

SkyWater produces 90nm wafers, and intends to stick to it

2018-03-12 - Rick Merritt

Ex-IBM Man Assumes CEO Position at GlobalFoundries

Sanjay Jha to move elsewhere as Thomas Caulfield takes charge

2018-03-09 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

IC Insights: 104 Fabs Closed since 2009

150mm and 200mm fabs out of fashion, financial crisis effects on manufacturing

2018-03-05 - Alan Patterson

Memory, National Security on Chinese Manufacturing Agenda

$31.5 billion fund to be set up by government to bring semiconductor manufacturing up to speed

2018-03-02 - Rick Merritt

3nm 64-bit CPU Tapeout Expected in 2018

Cadence, Imec hard at work with 3nm process using EUV and immersion lithography