2022-07-15 - RattanIndia Enterprise Ltd

RattanIndia’s Drone Company TAS Approved for PLI Scheme

TAS has been shortlisted for the PLI Scheme for Drones and Drone Components.

2022-07-12 - Syed Alam

How to Enable Sustainable Semiconductor Manufacturing

Sustainability doesn’t just apply to shrinking carbon footprints. The sustainability imperative provides a unique opening for semiconductor companies to improve manufacturing and create new products and services.

2022-06-21 - Emily Newton

Finding the Best Process for Prototype Manufacturing

A prototype-to-production process is a great way for businesses or inventors to run real-world tests on new designs before committing to large-scale manufacturing.

2022-06-06 - ICRA

PLI Scheme’s Success Indicates Government is On Track to Enhance India’s Manufacturing Capex

India's Production-Linked Incentives scheme seems on track to revive the country's manufacturing capex.

2022-06-03 - Chip 1 Exchange

Is India the Next Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Hub?

India is poised to become a major player in global electronics and semiconductor manufacturing.

2022-05-20 - PG Electroplast Ltd

PG Technoplast Opens Flagship AC Manufacturing Facility in Ahmednagar

PG Technoplast has formally inaugurated its flagship AC manufacturing facility in Supa, Ahmednagar.

- PIB India

Zet Town Inaugurates Wearables, IoT Device Manufacturing Facility in Noida

Zet Town's new facility comprises 16 manufacturing lines with advanced testers and innovation lab for the development of hearables, wearables and IOT devices.

2022-05-18 - Centum Electronics Ltd

Centum Adeneo Becomes Centum T&S

Centum T&S is a major player in the aeronautics, space, automotive and rail transport, defense, medical, industrial, energy and telecoms markets.

2022-04-22 - Majeed Ahmad

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Intel and the Great Semiconductor Fab Game

Find out where Intel stands in its bid to compete with fab business behemoths TSMC and Samsung.

2022-04-20 - EPIC Foundation

EPIC Foundation to Set Up Electronics City in Delhi

EPIC Foundation has signed MoU with the Government of Delhi for setting up an Electronics City and working with other states for developing electronics product design and manufacturing ecosystem.