2020-06-02 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

COVID-19: What It Means for Electronics Market

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted markets all over the world, and the electronics sector is no exception. Despite the…

- India Sciense Wite

COVID-19 Testing Lab Inaugurated in CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat

A COVID-19 testing laboratory has been established in the Jorhat campus of the North East Institute of Science and Technology…

2020-06-01 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Europe Taps Supercomputers to Fight Pandemic

Some of the top supercomputers in Europe have been pledged to help tackle Covid-19 by joining the Covid-19 high-performance computing…

2020-05-29 - Jyoti Singh

Researchers Culture Coronavirus Paving Way For Drug Testing and Vaccine Development

Researchers at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) have cultured the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) from patients’ samples, paving way…

- Nick Wood

Battle of Lightweight WAN: What Makes LoRa Special?

Technically the various WAN technologies are variations with trade-offs between range, power consumption and data rate. So what makes LoRa…

- Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Deep Learning Software Accelerator to Speed AI Deployments

DeepCube provides a software-based inference accelerator that allows an efficient implementation of deep learning models on intelligent edge devices...

2020-05-28 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Deploying Sensors and Data Analysis to Fight COVID-19

Governments, health-care professionals, and industries scrambling to address the Covid-19 pandemic have some powerful allies: big data and predictive analysis…

- Charlie Cheng

Specialized Accelerators Enable Vector Processing on RISC-V

Demand for special purpose domain specific accelerators can benefit from using RISC-V vector extension with high-bandwidth memory system.

- Jyoti Singh

CSIR-IIIM, RIL to Develop New COVID-19 Diagnostic Test

India’s CSIR-IIIM has partnered with Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) to develop and scale up a new RT-LAMP-based diagnostic kit, to…

2020-05-27 - PIB Delhi

Aarogya Setu Goes Open Source

India said it will publicly release the source code for the Android version of its contact-tracing app Aarogya Setu on…