2021-04-14 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

ABB Discusses Drivers and Enablers of Next-Gen Power Systems

Raj Radjassamy of ABB Power Conversion discusses the trends for WBG semiconductors and power management technologies in the context of…

2021-04-13 - India Science Wire

IIIT Delhi to Develop Method to Predict Collision from Space Debris

IIIT Delhi has received research funding from the National Super Computing Mission to work on a project titled "Orbit computation…

- Stephen Las Marias

India Plans to Enter Philippines’ Jeepney, Electronics Manufacturing Industries

India plans to penetrate jeepney manufacturing and electronics manufacturing industries in the Philippines.

2021-04-12 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

RF Energy Harvesting for Wireless Power

To limit the use of batteries for safety issues, an RF energy harvesting system to provide wireless power can benefit…

- Nikhil Kaitwade

Robotics to Drive Digital Revolution in Industrial Sector

Industrial robots are playing increasingly important roles in boosting operational flexibility for large scale manufacturing facility operators.

- John Walko

GSMA Pulling Out All Stops to Make MWC 2021 an In-Person Event

MWC 2021 in June will be an in-person event, though with a limit on the number of attendees. Several major…

2021-04-09 - India Science Wire

Leading-edge Technique Boosts Electric Vehicle Battery Performance

A team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati has developed an advanced technique that can precisely…

- India PIB

India Scaling Up Capabilities in Supercomputing

India is fast emerging as a leader in high-power computing, with the National Super Computing Mission (NSM) boosting its computing…

- George Leopold

Piezo MEMS Market Heats Up

MEMS sensor vendor Vesper Technologies Inc. closed an $8 million funding round this week led by the venture arm of…

2021-04-08 - Gartner Inc.

Global Devices Installed Base to Reach 6.2bn Units in 2021

The number of devices—notebook and desktop PCs, tablets, and mobile phones—in use globally will total 6.2 billion units in 2021,…