2018-07-31 - Rick Merritt

OLED Displays Fold in Smartphones – Literally

Bendable OLED displays ready for mass market in 2019

2018-07-26 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Qualcomm-NXP Deal Falls Through

Chinese antitrust authorities say no

2018-07-22 - Sufia Tippu

Ailing HTC Dials out of Indian Mobile Market

End of the road in India for Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer

2018-07-18 - Nitin Dahad, EE Times

STMicroelectronics Take Control of Danish GUI Firm

Draupner Graphics' TouchGFX technology warrants wallet opening action by STM

2018-07-16 - Sufia Tippu

Musk Likely to Visit India

Not-A-Flamethrower, Tesla and SpaceX man sets 'early next year' target

2018-07-12 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Capital Equipment Makers Capitalizing

Frantic semiconductor production pace requires ever-increasing amounts of equipment

2018-07-10 - Rick Merritt

Memory Continues to Drive Semiconductor Record Sales

$500 billion mark in sight for 2019, but what are the trade war implications?

2018-07-06 - Jonas Klar, EE Times Asia

UMC Takes Control Over MIFS

Goes from 15.9 to 100 percent ownership in Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor

2018-07-03 - Sufia Tippu

Indian Defence Ministry Issues New Rules For Start-Ups

But it's not smooth sailing yet

- Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Semiconductor Sales Soar Sustainedly

May 2018 sees more chip sale records being crushed, as industry streak hits 14 months of growth