2022-11-23 - India Science Wire

Indigenous 3D Bio-printer to Print Human Tissues

An indigenous state-of-the-art 3D Bio-Printer 'Mito Plus' launched by Indian Tech Startup Avay Biosciences has been found to be helpful in printing human tissues.

2022-11-18 - PIB India

India Producing Medical Devices at a Third of Cost

India is among the top five countries in the world manufacturing life-saving high risk medical devices, but the cost of its devices is about one-third of those manufactured by the other four countries.

2022-11-10 - Smiths Interconnect

Smiths Interconnect Custom Grid Array Technology Targeted at Medical Applications

Smiths Interconnect's Custom Grid Array technology offers a contact layout using spring probe and target contacts to deliver the same RF performance as cabled coaxial solutions, with improved signal integrity.

2022-09-15 - Confederation of Indian Industry

Preventive Healthcare to Drive Growth of the MedTech Sector

The medical technology industry is seen as India’s future with huge growth potential reaching $50 billion by 2025.

2022-08-18 - India Science Wire

Researchers Develop Portable Disinfection Device

Indian scientists have developed a portable disinfection device based on electrostatic technology.

2022-07-13 - Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Researchers Develop AI Tool for Personalized Cancer Diagnosis

IIT Madras researchers have developed an AI-based tool, "PIVOT", that can predict cancer-causing genes in an individual.

2022-07-01 - Frost & Sullivan

How Digitalization of Medical Devices Can Boost Productivity in Med-tech

The global medical devices industry is undergoing a major transformation in business models, technology adoption, and care delivery approaches.

2022-06-29 - Praveen Jayakumar

IISc Researchers Develop GPU-based Machine Learning Algorithm to Discover Human Brain Connectivity

A new GPU-based machine learning algorithm developed by IISc researchers can help scientists better understand and predict connectivity between different regions of the brain.

2022-04-06 - Social Alpha

SBI Foundation, Social Alpha Select Top 4 Startups from Assistive Technology Challenge

Tinkertech, Cureous Labs, Urvogelbio, and Quarkbitz are the four winning startups at the recent Techtonic: Innovation in Assistive Technology.

2022-04-04 - India Science Wire

S&T Ministry to Support Startup in Medical Implants

TDB will support a Visakhapatnam-based startup company for the development and commercialization of a range of medical implants and robotic surgical instruments.