2022-03-14 - India Science Wire

AI-based App Aid Screening and Monitoring of Lung Diseases

The technology promises to offer a rapid, affordable, easy-to-use, and point of care solution.

2022-03-02 - Amrita University

Amrita University Launches Wearable Device for Home Monitoring of Glucose, BP

The wearable, six-in-one device developed by Amrita University is an excellent replacement for a bedside monitor.

2022-01-07 - Tata Elxsi

Tata Elxsi Recognized as Leader and Specialized ER&D Service Provider by Zinnov

Tata Elxsi has been ranked in the 'Leadership Zone' across multiple sectors in the Zinnov Zones for ER&D Services – 2021 ratings.

2021-12-21 - Suki

Suki Reduces Primary Care Physician Documentation Burden

Suki is an affordable, voice-enabled AI Assistant that continually learns, integrates with the EHR, and can be used as a mobile or desktop solution.

2021-12-06 - India Science Wire

New Devices for Hearing-Impaired, People with Motor Disabilities

Researchers from IIT-Madras are developing new wearable devices that will assist people with hearing impairment and cerebral palsy, and other motor disabilities.

2021-11-16 - Nitin Dahad

Man vs. Technology: Who Wins in Health Tech?

A medical scare prompts a reappraisal of health technology. For now, at least, smart technology can't match the experience of humans.

2021-10-22 - ACN Newswire

Universities, DENSO Develop Biosensor to Detect COVID-19

Three Japanese universities and Denso have succeeded in developing a biosensor for detecting coronavirus.

2021-10-13 - India Science Wire

Biomoneta Technology Promises to Eliminate Airborne COVID-19 Virus

Biomoneta has developed an air decontamination technology that promises to eliminate airborne COVID-19 virus with 99.9999% efficiency in any closed setting.

2021-10-08 - India Science Wire

Facility Established to Help MedTech Startups

India has set up a national facility to specifically address the commercialization gaps faced by the developers of microfluidics technologies and medical devices.

- Stephen Las Marias

Powering the Wearables of the Future

Wearable healthcare devices continue to add more clinical sensing capabilities, allowing more comprehensive remote patient monitoring solutions.